Q'tahhl's Tail Adornment

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Q'tahhl's Tail Adornment
Event Theren Festival 1
Owner Q'tahhl
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Jewelry shops, Container shops, Cambrinth shops, S'Kra Mur shops, Prydaen shops, Rakash shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Q'tahhl's Tail Adornments, Foyer]
The sound of cutting and grinding flows through the tent. Apprentice S'Kra jewelers bustle about, checking on stock and unpacking crates. Large oil lamps brightly illuminate the displays, detailing the expert craftmanship of each item. You also see a tent flap, a polished stand with some stuff on it, a polished counter with some stuff on it, a polished case with some stuff on it and a hardwood sign.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

Welcome to my custom-made tail adornments! 
When ordering my fine bands, please see the clerk at the appropriate display. 
With all the commotion going on, clerks may get confused when ordering. 
(Buy number tailband on type of display) There will be no refunds and no credit! 

On the polished stand
Item Price Done
bronze tailband etched with a pair of crossed scimitars 1,145   
thick copper tailband etched with a war hammer 973   
polished brass tailband etched with an anchor 1,275   
On the polished counter
Item Price Done
carved bone tailband bound in silver 5,000   No
multi-colored coral tailband fastened with a tiny shell clasp 4,073   No
carved hhr'lav'geluhh bark tailband bound in twine 3,000   
cured leather tailband embossed with a coiled serpent 3,500   No
reinforced ceramic tailband painted with a playful shadowling 1,200   No
On the polished case
Item Price Done
double-linked heavy iron tailband 1,000   No
double steel-spiked tailband fastened with copper clasps 2,500   No
gleaming silver plate mail tailband fastened with a gold clasp 5,000   No
tiny-linked ring mail tailband lined with leather 3,000   No

[Q'tahhl's Tail Adornments, Fine Bands]
This section of the tent is adorned with plush pillows and displays. S'Kra clerks help waiting customers choose the band suited for them. In the corner, a S'Kra jeweler delicately replaces a gem on one of the bands. You also see a glass stand with some stuff on it, a glass display with some stuff on it and a glass case with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west, northwest, southwest.

On the glass stand
Item Price Done
stunning gold tailband accented with freshwater pearls 21,024   No
intricately carved black diamond tailband bound in platinum 125,034   No
carved emerald tailband inlaid with a tiny gold arrow tip 90,348   No
gold wire-wrapped tailband accented with swirls of purple alexandrite 35,308   No
On the glass display
Item Price Done
black pearl tailband inlaid with an hourglass-shaped ruby 45,245   No
white pearl tailband inlaid with a dolphin-shaped sapphire 35,387   No
On the glass case
Item Price Done
sparkling Yavash-red ruby tailband bound in silver 180,984   No
shadowy Katamba-black opal tailband bound in silver 161,345 ?   No
fluid Xibar-blue sapphire tailband bound in silver 170,853   No

[Q'tahhl's Tail Adornments, Leather Wares]
A few S'Kra tanners add final touches to various tail straps. The smell of cured leather permeates this section of the tent. Several strips of leather dry on a heated stone furnace behind one of the tables. You also see a hardwood shelf with some stuff on it and a hardwood rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

On the hardwood shelf
Item Price Done
double-strapped dark leather tail pouch 810   No
double-strapped grey leather tail pouch 810   No
double-strapped red leather tail pouch 810   No
double-strapped black leather tail pouch 810   
On the hardwood rack
Item Price Done
dark leather tail sheath 1,013   No
grey leather tail sheath 1,013   No
red leather tail sheath 1,013   No
black leather tail sheath 1,013   No

[Q'tahhl's Tail Adornments, Exotic Wears]
This section of the tent is devoted to exotic and magical enchantments. Behind the counter, a S'Kra artificer works diligently to enhance a band she is crafting. Several clerks carefully display some of Q'tahhl's finer works. You also see an ebon display with a black cambrinth tailband on it, an ebon case with a golden sunburst tailband on it and an ebon table with an ice-blue diamond tailband on it.
Obvious exits: east, northeast, southeast.

On the ebon table
Item Price Done
ice-blue diamond tailband etched with the sigil of water 82,500   No
On the ebon case
Item Price Done
brilliant golden sunburst tailband etched with the sigil of light 35,173   No
On the ebon display
Item Price Done
black cambrinth tailband etched in gold 65,100