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Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime
Relatives Haerviu

You are Sir Pulchris Tomorian, a Human Paladin. You have a square face, almond-shaped grey eyes and a classical nose. Your golden brown hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn loose. You have tanned skin and an athletic build. You are tall for a Human. You are an adult.

You are holding a steel fauchard in your right hand. You are wearing a visored helm, a heavy hooded coat of black bear fur with gilded toggles, a tattered purple blindfold, a large spidersilk sack, a steel backtube, a lumium lamellar hauberk, a braided gold armband twined around a soulstone, a platinum cambrinth armband in the shape of a sinuous adder, a target shield, a blued-steel wrist knife with a golden gryphon-shaped hilt, a dark hide-bound book, some faded pants and some soft leather boots.


Pulchris is the firstborn son of his family. Until the age of seven they were quite prosperous in the milling industry on Therengia but when Outcasts marched through the province they lost most of their holdings.

His parents, though good people, had inherited their prosperity from their parents and had little idea how to make a living on their own. Unable to deal with the stress of four sons and a wife to feed his father left shortly after they returned to Therengia and Pulchris took up the mantle of provider for his family.

During the years that followed and through a combination of odd jobs, compromise and hard work on the one mill they had retained, he kept his family fed and sheltered. Having heard or seen of the Paladins almost every day of his life he joined their ranks after his brothers came of age and could help with running the mill.

Spurred on by his father's complete lack of moral fiber he excelled in the lower ranks of the Paladin guild but was disenchanted with the guild as a whole when he saw how political it had become. After several demerits from Sir Cleworth for insubordination he turned his back on the politics of the guild and embraced the teachings.

He made the move to Crossing in order to better serve the people of Kermoria and has been there since. He was recently surprised to find that his youngest brother, Haerviu had also joined the Paladins and was fast on his way to surpassing him in the martial disciplines.


Haerviu, his youngest brother, is ten years his junior and already equal to him in guild standing.

Has never paid for anything (he sends all of the money he earns back to his mother) and instead relies on the generosity of the people he helps. As such his gear is a bit eclectic.

Believes that swearing fealty to a noble is to forsake the essence of what it means to be a Paladin.

Disdains politics.

Has served as a mediator in several conflicts.