Pudgy red-nosed clown

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Pudgy red-nosed clown
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Location: Crossing (Ranik Map 1c)
Type: merchant

This merchant is Premium - the Amusement Pier is not accessible to standard players.


The clown wears a tightly curled wig in an improbable shade of blue, baggy checked pants, a bright red shirt adorned with gaudy yellow polkadots and a big green bow around his neck. After such a coordinated fashion statement, his painted face with its bulbuous red nose is almost ordinary! He carries with him a large barrel filled with colorful pebbles, with a sign which reads "Raffle, just 100 copper kronars!"

A pudgy red-nosed clown bounces merrily, tapping his barrel with a white-gloved hand. "Yes indeed, we're running a raffle today! Just 100 copper kronars, and you can draw a pebble from my barrel here. Pull the gilded pebble and you've won yourself one of the top prizes, a special item you won't find anywhere else! I've also got some lovely items so you can juggle, and unique trinkets! Toys, jewelry, and food -- all these and more can be found just for 100 copper kronars! But be wary, for if you pull a black pebble from my barrel, I keep your pebble and give you only my thanks!"

Possible Prizes

(not verified yet)