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Description: A property for declaring the maximum reach of a weapon. Ranged weapons need not be listed, and a throwing weapon is to use the maximum melee range it has
Type: string
Allows Value: melee, pole, ranged

There are currently 553 items in this property, 8 of which are incomplete, and 76 of which are outdated.

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Abassi (crafted) +melee  +
Adze (crafted) +melee  +
Akabo (crafted) +melee  +
Allarh (crafted) +melee  +
Alpine shortbow (crafted) +ranged  +
Arzfilt (crafted) +melee  +
Awgravet ava (crafted) +pole  +
Awl pike (crafted) +pole  +


Back-sword (crafted) +melee  +
Balanced tonfa (crafted) +melee  +
Ball and chain (crafted) +melee  +
Bar mace (crafted) +melee  +
Bar mace (crafted)/2HB +melee  +
Bar mace (crafted)/HB +melee  +
Bardiche (crafted) +pole  +
Baselard (crafted) +melee  +
Bastard sword (crafted) +melee  +
Bastard sword (crafted)/2HE +melee  +
Bastard sword (crafted)/HE +melee  +
Battle axe (crafted) +melee  +
Battle bow (crafted) +ranged  +
Battle longbow (crafted) +ranged  +
Battle shortbow (crafted) +ranged  +
Belaying pin (crafted) +melee  +
Bludgeon (bone) +melee  +
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