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Description: A property for declaring a combat item has a weapon type.
Type: String

There are currently 15467 items in this property, 5328 of which are incomplete, and 6862 of which are outdated.
  • Use Light Edged, Medium Edged, Heavy Edged, Twohanded Edged, Light Blunt, Medium Blunt, Heavy Blunt, Twohanded Blunt, Slings, Short Bow, Long Bow, Composite Bow, Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Short Staff, Quarter Staff, Staves, Polearms, Light Thrown, and Heavy Thrown for weapon pages.
  • Use Light Armor, Chain Armor, Neutral Chain, Brigandine, Brigandine Armor, Neutral Plate, and Plate Armor for armor pages.
  • Use Small Shield, Medium Shield, and Large Shield for shield pages.
  • Use Arrow, Bolt, Rock, Dart for ammo pages.
  • Use Brawling, with the subtypes of Hands, Feet, Elbows, Knees, and Parry for brawling weapon pages.
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Polearms  +, Heavy Thrown  +
Rock  +
Polearms  +, Heavy Thrown  +
Polearms  +, Heavy Thrown  +
Polearms  +, Heavy Thrown  +
Arrow  +

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{ "type": "PROPERTY_CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA", "constraints": { "type_constraint": "_txt", "allowed_values": [ "Light Edged", "Medium Edged", "Heavy Edged", "Twohanded Edged", "Light Blunt", "Medium Blunt", "Heavy Blunt", "Twohanded Blunt", "Slings", "Short Bow", "Long Bow", "Composite Bow", "Light Crossbow", "Heavy Crossbow", "Short Staff", "Quarter Staff", "Staves", "Polearms", "Light Thrown", "Heavy Thrown", "Light Armor", "Chain Armor", "Neutral Chain", "Brigandine", "Brigandine Armor", "Neutral Plate", "Plate Armor", "Small Shield", "Medium Shield", "Large Shield", "Arrow", "Bolt", "Rock", "Dart", "Brawling", "Hands", "Feet", "Elbows", "Knees", "Parry" ] } }