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Description: This property is for use with the Item, Weapon, Armor, and Shield templates to indicate if there are any ambiguous material, color, or symbol tags. Including the parameter ATag= in the template will set this property as true.
Type: boolean

There are currently 71 items in this property, 71 of which are incomplete, and 3 of which are outdated.

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A bag of plump marshmallows. +true  +
A decanter of sparkling Elven summerwyne +true  +
A green armure cloak clasped by a small platinum feather charm +true  +
A pitcher of cold Ilithi peach tea +true  +
A trio of covellite bangles inset with damaryn pearl cabochons +true  +
Amethyst-hilted skinning knife with a blackened steel blade +true  +


Black silk armband embroidered with the symbol of the Sewer Rat Gang +true  +
Blue and green wool kilt fastened with a bronze starfish +true  +
Blue linen sash embroidered with a green lion +true  +
Broken coal heart +true  +


Cerulean padded silk mask with gold stitching +true  +
Coal Be'ort tear rose +true  +
Coal Saemaus' kiss rose +true  +
Copper necklace embellished with an openwork pendant +true  +
Copperwood maul with a head shaped like a snarling bear +true  +
Crooked coal mouse +true  +


Dark spidersilk thigh pouch embroidered with crushed insects +true  +
Darkly stained backpack with a broken unicorn clasp +true  +


Elegant glitter-dusted beard of curly birch shavings +true  +
Emerald-tinted scale mail wrought to resemble a dragon's hide +true  +
Engraved silver-white greatsword +true  +
Etched stone claw sharpener +true  +


Finely polished full plate armor with gold filigree etching +true  +
Flamboyant crimson mage's robe appliqued with silver-spangled comets +true  +
Flower spider crafted from copper +true  +
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