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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

Played by Kittn.


You see Sister Prishe, an Elven Cleric.
Prishe has pointed ears, sullenly glowing blue-white eyes and a small nose. Her snow-white hair is long and thick, and is worn arranged in ringlets. She has copper skin.
She is tiny for an Elf.

Without glowy ring
You see Sister Prishe, an Elven Cleric.
Prishe has pointed ears, thick-lashed milky blue eyes and a small nose. Her snow-white hair is long and thick, and is worn arranged in ringlets. She has copper skin.
She is tiny for an Elf.

Current Outfit
She is wearing a cambrinth ankle cuff inlaid with topaz scorpions to spell URREM'TIER, a tarnished silver armband inlaid with black cambrinth scorpions, a bone and cambrinth ring set with a reclining onyx jackal, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a black crystal choker accented with dyed black gryphon feathers, some torn silk tights with blackwork embroidery, a belted kidskin baldric tooled with sinuous maiden's tress vines, a braided spidersilk backpack, a tightly-knit indigo dress with a flared skirt, a series of silver and lapis lazuli bangles, a pale silver prayer bead chain, an albredine crystal ring, a silver and moonstone ring and some fitted black thigh boots with claw-shaped bone clasps up the sides.

She wields a short hafted halberd, and light crossbow.

Prishe at a Glance

  • Though she has mellowed out a bit over the years, the "temple brat" still shows through from time to time, especially when she desires something or feels an injustice has been done.
  • At other times she can be quite enigmatic and silent, her thoughts introverted when she usually wears her feelings on her sleeves.
  • She does not speak about her past, even though she knows the truth of it by now. She'll change the subject, if applicable or flat up refuse to talk. Often followed by stalking off muttering something about not being able to trust the living.
  • Still young in the Elven sense, she has nevertheless witnessed much after coming to live with the Clerics - Wars and betrayals that have further deteriorated her opinion of the living.
  • In spite of this, she is quite open to others - as long as they don't dig too deep.
  • She is Ship's Mate of the White Raven.
  • She resides in the Temple still, usually taking her rest in Urrem'tier's shrine in the Eyes of the Thirteen, or in the gardens of the Riverhaven Temple when her duties call her there.
  • A profound homesickness makes it impossible for her to bear rides on most unfamiliar craft such as ferries and other vessels. She endures such with much pacing.
  • She is a follower of Urrem'tier, with her focus on Eylhaar.
  • She does not know and has never bothered to look for her parents.


 8 Moliko, 344 ~ Salvaged From the Ilaya Taipa hall of records: 

... On this day a feast was had aboard the ship of Merchant Lord and Lady (here, the family name has been scratched off, leaving an awkward blank) to celebrate the birth of their first child - a baby girl...

She was named Purishsu. Translated to common, it meant Happiness across the waters. Born into a noble family boasting a long line of successful merchants and dignitaries, it seemed she would enjoy a pampered existance. Indeed, before she had reached her first birthday, likely candidates for husbandry had been lined up and the delicate matters of marriage arrangement already on the table.

As she grew, she was indeed quite spoiled. First born, and female, her mother and father gave the child anything she desired. By the age of five, she knew well that all she needed do was pout or shriek to get what she wanted, and she did so often. From the elegant streets of Aesry, to the teaming markets of Crossing, she followed her mother and father on their dealings dressed in ribbons and lace and silks. They flaunted her as they visited noble Elven houses - especially those with unwed sons of good stock. To them, she was perhaps the most precious piece of merchandise they ever had to offer.

In spite of being spoiled rotten, the girl had a fairly lonely existance. With no peers her own age, many of her whiney tantrums were outcries for attention from those obligated to give it.

 354 - War Begins

At the age of 10, Purishsu had matured very little due to her spoiled existance in the lap of noble luxury. She was growing into a charming looking girl- her darkened skin and pale hair caught the eyes of many would-be suitors. Her parents kept their options open, however, waiting for the best deal. Some say they even had their eyes on a certain mountain prince, whose halls they had graced on rare occasion.

But everything came crashing down around them when the Gorbesh struck.

Marooned in Crossing, the family sought shelter in the Trader's guild. Taking residence there, rather than risking their ship on the hostile waters. Not understanding the gravity of the situation - what is war to a 10 year old? - Purishsu caught a terrible case of cabin fever. Her shrieks and demands to be let outside to play echoed throughout the gilded halls until one day an irritated guildling gave the spoiled brat what she asked for, and took the child out with his caravan, allowing her to hide in the cart so that her parents wouldn't see. It was perhaps the first time she'd ever been silent since she had learned to speak.

That day ended with the child near death in the infirmary under the care of overworked empaths reeling from the wounds of war. As devastating as this was to the parents, the worst news (to them) yet was to befall their ears, as the healer in charge of Purishsu's care took the mother and father aside. It was then that they discovered that their daughter was barren. She would never bear children.

That quickly, the child lost all value. The future they had banked on slipped through their fingers. Worse yet, if word got out that they produced sterile offspring, there would be no hope for any future dealings.

And so they did what any noble elven family would do. They left the half-dead child there, and sailed quickly away from Crossing - deciding the war-churned waters weren't half as dangerous as the uncertain future of raising a barren first-born daughter.

 The Temple Brat

After recovering from her wounds, the empath attempted to take the abandoned child as his own, only to quickly become frustrated with her spoiled ravings. He left her in the care of the long-suffering monks of the Temple. Due to still-healing wounds, she had introduced herself (quite loudly) as Prishe - the mispronunciation earning her the name that she would go by for the rest of her life. But to most who worked and visited the temple, she was known as the Temple Brat for her obstinate and spoiled behavior and the way she insisted her rich mother and father would come back for her any day.

But of course they never did.

And so she was raised into womanhood by the clerics, who accepted her - begrudgingly, into their fold. Her pride made her difficult to deal with, and so disillusioned with life in general, she took to identifying more with the mystery of death - something that never befell her kind naturally. Esuin eventually marked her, noticing her fascination with Urrem'tier and Eylhaar in particular, and offered her training in the ways of the Cleric, promising her the power over that which she finds most curious - Death itself.

Visual Reference - Picture of Prishe