PrEcIouS DeLigHtS (1)

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PrEcIouS DeLigHtS
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406
Owner Iszanua
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[PrEcIouS DeLigHtS]
Dark, grey metallic plating covered with rust-colored stains makes up the floor of this cramped, narrow room. A pile of wooden crates makes up the western wall, giving the room the feel of a hallway turned into a room. Stretching high overhead, the ceiling above is poorly lit by flickering lights, casting sporadic shadows over everything. You also see a narrow shelf with some stuff on it, a dark steel table with some stuff on it, a stained rug with some stuff on it and a thin iron door. Obvious exits: east, west.

On the narrow shelf
Item Price Done
necrotic warrior doll 451   No
amalgamated fleshreaper doll 451   No
multicolored shambler doll 451   No
patchwork abomination doll 451   No
gaunt mutilated oaf doll 451   No
fluffy draugen doll 451   No
greyish ghoul doll 451   No
skeletal ravager doll 451   No
Rakash zombie doll 451   No
Prydaen zombie doll 451   No
On the steel table
Item Price Done
hideous Sahfra doll 902   No
serene Klusarlaik doll 902   No
snarling Klusarlaik doll 902   No
waxy Tachid doll 902   No
grey-eyed Lyras doll 902   No
cold-eyed Khurek doll 902   No
serene Tallis doll 902   No
sour-faced Raenilar doll 902   No
stern-looking Vorclaf doll 902   No
On the stained rug
Item Price Done
fuzzy brown bear doll 451   No
bristle-back peccary doll 451   No
fuzzy bobcat doll 451   No
angry asaren celpeze doll 451   No
fluffy malchata doll 451   No
beady-eyed mammoth doll 451   No
tawny arzumos doll 451   No
snarling blood wolf doll 451   No
grey armadillo doll 451   No

[PrEcIouS DeLigHtS]
Crates are stacked floor to ceiling in this narrow hall, blocking the path west. A small space similar to a child's fort is made from the wooden boxes, marred on the inside with childlike scrawlings done in colorful displays that depict macabre scenes of death and battlefields. Tucked into the corner is a broken doll, its limbs torn off at the sides and its head missing. You also see a shattered crate with some stuff on it, a rusty steel skippet with some stuff on it, a filthy rug with some stuff on it and an elegant scrap of carpet with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the shattered crate
Item Price Done
fine suede doll boots embroidered with golden ivy 1,082   No
black leather doll boots polished to give a lustrous shine 992   No
sturdy leather doll pants stitched with a number of false pockets 902   No
black satin doll trousers studded with tiny silver buttons 902   No
thin leather doll belt set with an oversized golden buckle 721   No
layered cotton doll tunic dyed with dark blue hues 721   No
fine satin doll robe embroidered with elemental symbols 902   No
long steelsilk doll greatcloak patterned with whorls of smoke 3,608   No
elegant firesilk doll cape lined with heavy black satin 2,255   No
black doll hat with a wide silver-trimmed brim 721   No
On the steel skippet
Item Price Done
black doll shoes with bright silver buckles 1,353   No
silver doll slippers crafted from lustrous satin 1,443   No
lightly flared doll skirt silkscreened with a repeating flower pattern 902   No
ruffled linen doll blouse with finely ironed creases 902   
knit doll's sundress made of flower-printed cotton 721   No
floor-length satin doll robe with long belled sleeves 1,443   No
fine grey silk doll scarf with tied rope frills on both ends 1,172   No
thin silver doll necklace hung with a small teardrop crystal 1,804   No
small spidersilk doll bonnet tied with white ribbons 1,804   No
elegant silver doll gown trimmed with Elven lace 2,255   
On the filthy rug
Item Price Done
elegant male Adan'f doll with green scales and a bulky build 4,510   No
porcelain male Kaldar doll with a stoic expression on his face 4,510   No
lupine male Rakash doll with his head set as if in mid-howl 4,510   No
fluffy male Prydaen doll with piercing yellow slitted eyes 4,510   No
hardened clay male Gnome doll with short greying hair 4,510   No
ceramic male Halfling doll with a mischievous look on his face 4,510   No
earthenware male Dwarf doll with a scruffy beard down to his knees 4,510   No
elegant male S'Kra Mur doll with a long tail 4,510   No
porcelain male Human doll with clasped hands 4,510   No
well-painted male Elothean doll with a serene look on his face 4,510   No
porcelain male Elf doll painted with silver ivy over his arms 4,510   No
earthenware male Gor'Tog doll with a determined expression 4,510   No
On the scrap of carpet
Item Price Done
earthenware female Gor'Tog doll with a stocky build and muscular arms 4,510   No
porcelain female Elf doll with a slim build and long flowing hair 4,510   No
well-painted female Elothean doll with closed almond-shaped eyes and red lips 4,510   
porcelain female Human doll painted with a serene expression 4,510   No
elegant female S'Kra Mur doll with a long slender tail 4,510   No
earthenware female Dwarf doll with her long hair tied in a single thick braid 4,510   No
ceramic female Halfling doll with a button nose surrounded by freckles 4,510   No
hardened clay female Gnome doll painted on one arm with silver gears 4,510   No
fuzzy female Prydaen doll with a long flowing mane 4,510   No
serene female Rakash doll with long flowing hair 4,510   No
porcelain female Kaldar doll with a determined expression 4,510   No
elegant female Adan'f doll with smooth black scales 4,510   No

[PrEcIouS DeLigHtS]
Long claw marks mar the metallic walls of this narrow hallway, revealing newer silvery metal beneath the blackened steel. Blocking the passage east is a crude barrier made of chairs and overturned tables, tangled together in a mesh of steel and wood. Crudely covering the ensemble is a woolen blanket with a giant smiling doll painted on it. You also see a small metal table with some stuff on it, a small linen cot with some stuff on it and an ironwood carton with some stuff on it. Obvious exits: west.

On the metal table
Item Price Done
lustrous platinum doll case set with an ornate golden lock 9,020   No
polished silverwood scroll case stained with a starburst pattern 6,314   No
ironwood doll case etched across the lid with a square scrollwork pattern 3,608   No
rusted iron doll case marred with claw marks and scratches 451   No
dark rosewood doll case set with a polished silver lock 4,510   No
white linen doll sack covered with colored glass gems 6,314   No
rough burlap doll sack with a smiling face crudely inked on the side 451   No
smooth spidersilk doll sack lined on the interior with dark blue velvet 9,020   
silver satin doll sack printed with a variety of flowers 2,255   No
large doll sack embroidered with several small colorful dresses 2,706   No
On the linen cot
Item Price Done
half-finished satin doll dressed in a flowing black spidersilk robe 2,706   
dark dragon doll with crystal eyes and satin wings reinforced with wire 2,706   No
floppy-armed rag doll with a stitched smile and bright yellow yarn hair 902   
overstuffed teddy bear doll with large black eyes and a button nose 3,608   No
finely-stitched doll that appears to be cobbled together from various races 9,020   !!
plush calico kitten doll with a blue satin ribbon tied around the neck 3,608   No
playful-looking sand sprite doll dressed in a long flowing seaweed robe 1,804   No
fluffy plush malchata doll stitched with silken antennae 2,706   No
burly snakeskin Vigther doll wielding a small chamberpot 4,510   
soft cotton Adan'f doll covered with an elegantly stitched scale pattern 1,804   No
On the ironwood carton
Item Price Done
spidersilk worry doll crafted to resemble a bottle of passionfruit vodka 7,216   
crude cotton worry doll crafted to resemble a vela'tohr plant 1,804   No
colorful silk worry doll crafted to resemble a swimming piranha 2,706   No
turtle-shaped worry doll with a soft green satin shell 2,706   No
Prydaen worry doll made with white velvet and dressed in a mistsilk sarrak 2,706   No
spider-shaped worry doll made of plush velvet 2,706   No
plush velvet worry doll dressed like a smiling clown with star-shaped eyes 2,706   
vacant-eyed worry doll dressed in a long ruffle-necked dress 1,804   No