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Re: Zoluren Clan Shop Updates · on 04/15/2015 10:41 AM CDT 7499
To address many of the comments being made here..

>>Why do I think it happened? Crafting.
Tangentially related. You may also notice that several dye shops got their options adjusted when dyes for crafting were released. No different than the Hair Salon in Leth closing up when Empath Shifting was out. (Let's ignore right now that shifting is "illegal.") BTW, I have zero plans to touch dye shops. They are not on my approved list for shop changes.

>>Crossing stuff is fine to use for F2P
Currently, yes, but it will be getting updated to better tiers and profiles with this project, which will improve the quality of stuff F2P can get.

>>Why are you getting rid of catalogs and customization.
As I stated, some catalogs are leaving, not all of them. Is it something of a nerf to lose them in a few shops? Yes, but it's one that was considered before this project ever began.

>>Big projects versus smaller ones.
TEVESHSZAT's post covers this pretty eloquently. It's 100% true that the bigger it is, the longer it takes, the more complex it might be, and the more time in testing we may spend on it before releasing it. A lot of the stuff I've been cranking out lately have been smaller projects on my approved list. I have 2-3 bigger projects that I'm working on. Being able to take a break from them to do a smaller one is ideal, and it also gives you all something new.

>>the fluff and containers don't matter.
Sizing of containers changed to match current templates rather than being dinky small stuff of yore. Fluff wear slots were adjusted to be more friendly, like more current templates. If that doesn't matter to you, I'm sure it matters to someone else.  :)

>>The point I'm making is that this update that Naohhi worked on was approved and thought important when other things remain broken or unusable. Lets be real, how many people are going to use the new weapons and armor anyway and give up their crafted gear?
These updates are not intended for people that are already using crafted gear, or even for users that can afford such.

>>Was it really a wise undertaking to give the go ahead to this project when other things could have been done considering the amount of time Naohii herself said this would take?
This project has been open for more than a year. I haven't devoted a LOT of time to it recently, because it's a drain and it's easier to work on other things. Having a project approved and prioritizing it are important distinctions.

>>Is there something else she could work on that would have a more reaching impact and would be a better use of her time and skill?
That's for me to determine, and if I asked myself that every time I felt the urge to work on something like.. a new shop or new items for a shop(HE, GF, or otherwise), a culture faire, helping another gm with an event, a new verb, updates to an existing verb, a new hunting area, or updates for a race.. I probably wouldn't have done any of the projects I've pushed out in the last year.


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