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Zamidren Book (Long Log) · on 5/28/2009 1:22:46 AM 4109
Here is the log of a chat with Zamidren Book for any who want to read. I wasn't expecting him to come out. :)

[North Turnpike, Farmland]
Stone gives way to ruddy brick where the field-fencing wall adjoins the high walls enclosing the monastery complex. A reddish patch on the monastery wall resolves into a bricked-up doorway. At just about human eye-level, one of the bricks protrudes noticeably from the rest.
Also here: Gardener Travalon.
Obvious paths: north, southeast.

You knock on the bricked-up door.

>exam door Bricks and mortar fill the space once occupied by an arched doorway. The bricks are placed carefully and crafted to fit the shape of the arch.

Travalon chuckles.

You grin.

Travalon asks, "Hope the person will hear your knocking?"

You say, "Knocking on the gate got me nowhere either."

You say, "Well, ya never know."

(Marsais knocks on the brick a bit louder. Wincing, he quickly snatches his hand away.)

You quietly say, "Ow."

You clear your throat.

Travalon asks, "You've got one of those gweths, why don't you just ask for him and hope?"

You say, "Erm."

You say, "I should..."

You say, "I thoughtcasted him."

The bricked-up doorway slowly swings open. Zamidren steps through quietly, just as it slams shut behind him.

You rub your neck.

You babble unintelligibly for a while.

You say, "Oh hello."

You bow to Zamidren. > Zamidren says, "No need, my children."

You say, "Er sir."

You see Zamidren Book, a Human. Zamidren has a round face with frown lines around his mouth, deep-set stormy grey eyes and a straight nose. He has thinning white hair, with dark skin and a stout build. He is average height for a Human. He is mature for a Human. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a thin silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a thin silver jadeite gwethdesuan, some reading spectacles, a twisted horn torque, a worn leather satchel, a hard-sided black leather case, a brown tunic cinched with a golden mesh belt, some course wool leggings and some simple leather sandals.

Travalon glances at a bricked-up doorway.

You say, "Ah I hope I wasn't disturbing you."

Zamidren asks, "How is it I can help you this morning?"

You clear your throat.

You say, "Well i'm a big fan of your books."

Zamidren raises an eyebrow.

You say, "I mean."

You clear your throat.

Zamidren says, "I fear I haven't a quill with me..."

You say, "Oh, I do, but that's not why I was trying to find you."

You say, "I mean an autograph would be nice."

You cough.

Travalon quietly says, "I'm just strolling around, no need for autographs here."

You say to Zamidren, "Erm, I was hoping you had come across some knowledge or a way to stop Lyras."

Travalon raises an eyebrow.

You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs.

Zamidren chuckles softly. > Zamidren takes a seat near a bricked-up doorway. > Zamidren says, "Would that I had that answer, it would be in the hands of the masses already, my son."

You nod to Zamidren.

You say, "Aye, I was afraid of that sir."

You sigh.

You take a visored chain helm off your head.

Student Legian just arrived.

You say, "Oh, i'm Marsais and this is Travalon."

Legian bows.

Zamidren says, "Lesser scourges.. those I have defeated. Handily, in most cases." > Travalon asks, "You believe his order knows something that Tallis does not?"

You ask Zamidren, "Did you make it to the Barrier with your friend Dwarath?"

Zamidren says, "The High Priestess has yet to ask my aid."

Zamidren gives you a slight nod.

You blink.

You say, "Well, the people of the lands would welcome it sir."

Travalon says, "Oh, I see you have already spoken before. I'll just listen."

Travalon flashes a quick grin.

Zamidren says, "No need to remain an idle listener, my son."

Travalon says, "Then when I have a question I will ask."

Travalon beams at Legian!

Legian quietly says, "I have a query."

Zamidren says to you, "I will approach the High Priestess when I have something of import. Beyond mere conjecture."

You nod to Zamidren.

Zamidren asks, "Yes, my son?"

Zamidren raises an eyebrow in Legian's direction.

Legian says, "It pertains to some recent events."

Legian says, "The... creature called Klusarlaik."

Zamidren says, "The servant of the Devourer." > Zamidren gives a slight nod.

Travalon takes a seat.

A shimmering mirror of shadows appears momentarily in the air above, briefly revealing Vansiil's face.

Legian says, "Just this day past she was slain, and through a moon mage was gated past the Temple's defenses."

Legian says, "And brought inside that holy place."

Legian says, "The people there aside from healing and attempting, through more conventional means, to resurrect it."

Legian says, "They prayed for it.... soul."

Zamidren says, "It hadn't one to pray for."

Legian asks, "My query is, does such a thing have any remnant of a soul left?"

Legian nods.

You notice as a sapphire-eyed black panther sniffs the ground.

Zamidren says, "However..."

Zamidren says, "However..."

You stroke your goatee in thoughtful contemplation.

Legian kneels down.

Zamidren says, "Dwarath taught me early in our journies that prayer is a powerful tool against the scourge. Even moreso against their constructs."

Legian nods.

Travalon furrows his brow.

You say, "This creation seemed to retain some of her old self. A will even that fought again Lyras."

Zamidren says, "He.. was much more devout than I in those days."

Legian asks, "Would Lyras, it's creator, have a full knowledge and control of the construct's words and actions?"

Zamidren asks Legian, "Would the Devourer be able to fool us into thinking that the creation did indeed still have a soul?"

Travalon asks, "I'm sorry, is Dwarath another monk here at the monastery?"

You sigh.

Legian says to Zamidren, "Not "us" as I would been more content to keep that vile thing out of the temple, but were that the case she certainly did fool many of us, and likely gained much knowledge of the working of the Temple's defenses."

You say, "We had to try something."

Legian mutters something into the air about and how to subvert them.

Zamidren says to Travalon, "No, he is not a member of the order here. But a very good friend and member of the Paladin's guild."

Travalon says, "Ah, thank you."

Zamidren gives Legian a slight nod.

Zamidren says, "I understand the concern."

Zamidren says, "It is the most powerful of its kind that we've ever encountered. The extent of its powers... they elude us all, quite honestly."

Legian nods.

Zamidren says, "Is it a reasonably theory? Most certainly so."

Zamidren says, "However, do keep in mind..."

You say, "There is something else behind Lyras. The prydaen elders say that she picked it up when she crossed

the Barrier."

Zamidren says, "A very carefully created 'Risen'... can contain very convincing shadows of the original personality."

You frown.

Legian nods.

Travalon says, "If the creature was dead, or undead-dead, or whatever it is that you want to describe it's unmoving state perhaps the protection treated it as any other dead person entering the grounds and allowed passage. Perhaps things are not so dire, but then again maybe they are."

Zamidren says, "It is not something that seems to be common. Be it a practice of skill, or little known

ritual among them.. I cannot say."

You ask, "Gah, but what if there is a chance or was a chance she retained a bit of herself?"

You rub your neck.

The black panther growls, "Fools...."

Zamidren says, "I cannot say for certain that it is not the case, my son. But my feeling is that it is merely a shadow."

Zamidren gazes at a sapphire-eyed black panther.

Depressing, isn't it?

Legian says, "I believe most there had good.... intentions, but intent without wisdom and lacking much of the knowledge we do can lead to folly."

The black panther growls, "Sorry.. not you Zamidren."

Legian gazes heavenward with a long-suffering look and murmurs a prayer to Tamsine for patience.

Zamidren says, "And good morning again to you, my feline friend."

Zamidren gives Legian a slight nod.

Zamidren says, "Do not discredit the attempt out of hand, however folly-ridden it is percieved to be."

Zamidren says, "Much of my own information comes from many of the same... attempts."

The black panther growls, "A good day to you as well. My mistress apologizes that she can not meet with you in person, but she had to travel."

You ask Zamidren, "Do you have any thoughts on what might be behind her? This presence that my guild senses?"

Zamidren says to you, "Many, my son. Many. Everything from our High Priestess' demon to any of the myriad plane-walkers. Or perhaps it has simply grown powerful enough that... "

Zamidren says, "It has simply ceased being anything we can express in logical terms."

You make a grunting noise.

Zamidren asks, "Quite helpful, no?"

Legian grins.

You say, "It certainly hurts my head trying to wrap my mind around what I perceive."

Travalon flashes a quick grin.

You say, "It is helpful though. Always more questions though and never a clear place to start."

Zamidren says, "Trust me when I say that this is significantly more frustrating for me. The bruising my ego takes when the self-proclaimed necromantic expert has no difinitive answers is.. difficult to take."

Legian asks Zamidren, "I've heard before that Lyras was in search of a weapon of some kind or other, might you have any knowledge of what she means to use that weapon against?"

You say to Zamidren, "Well it makes us all feel better."

You flash a quick grin at Zamidren.

Travalon asks, "But at least "mere conjecture" is entertaining even if the topic is pressing, eh?"

You chuckle at Travalon.

Legian grins at Travalon.

Zamidren says to Legian, "I've pondered that quite extensively. I don't know that it searches for a weapon to use against us, but rather a weapon that we might use against it."

Legian ponders.

Zamidren gives Travalon a slight nod.

Legian nods.

You say, "Klusarlaik claimed that the weapon was in Sahfra, the new creation of Lyras."

You say, "Of course if Lyras was just toying with us... that's sort of a moot point."

Zamidren says to Travalon, "Though the entertainment wanes thin when you're neck deep in rotting body parts."

Travalon asks, "Didn't someone ramble on the other day in the temple about some object that the Inquisitor has?"

Zamidren says, "The shard that must not leave the Temple grounds..."

You nod.

Legian asks, "What is the shard?"

Travalon says, "Tilling the earth would be difficult with a few extra thighs and heads in the way."

Travalon winces.

Zamidren says, "If you find a difinitive answer to that, my son, please share your findings."

Legian nods to Zamidren.

You frown.

Legian says, "I've wondered if the Temple's defenses were meant to protect it, or to offer haven to the faithful."

Legian says, "perhaps both."

Travalon ponders.

Zamidren says, "Both, assuredly."

Zamidren asks, "How better to ensure the continuation of your particular brand of worship than to provide a significant defensive stronghold, that only allows its brand of worshipers in?"

Zamidren says, "A brilliant design, quite honestly."

The black panther growls, "Not really effective if anyone can just gate in"

Travalon says, "Still that would make for a pitiful existence if your life was spent sequestered on temple grounds."

Zamidren says, "Ah, but not just anyone, my child."

Zamidren raises an eyebrow in Travalon's direction.

Zamidren asks Travalon, "Or on monastic grounds, perhaps?"

Zamidren smiles slightly.

You grin.

You tap a bricked-up doorway.

Travalon says, "But you are not quite trapped by a plague of undead."

Travalon gazes off to the south.

Legian says to Zamidren, "When the alternative is a seemingly painful, tortuous existence as someone or something's pawn, you don't always need the stronghold."

Travalon says, "Well not quite."

You say, "It looked pretty cozy in there."

Legian says, "But then there always are the Y'Shai."

Legian shudders.

Legian licks his lips. > You say, "I'm not gonna bloody hide in a temple while the world dies around me. There must be a way to stop her."

Legian gets a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from inside his spidersilk sack.

Legian gazes at his sandwich.

Legian takes a bite of the sandwich.

Legian ponders.

Zamidren says, "That is the hope, my son."

You ask Zamidren, "Have you studied the Barrier at all, sir?"

Zamidren says, "And while some may choose to hide, many of those are also working against that force while they are hidden."

You nod.

You say, "Aye, people knocking on your door probably interrupt that studying."

You glance at a bricked-up doorway.

You clear your throat.

Legian ducks his head.

You look around, trying to appear nonchalant.

Legian takes a bite of the sandwich.

Zamidren says, "The Barrier was a spectacular bit of magic. When I had visited, there was no corruption within."

Zamidren says, "Not visibly, at least."

You say, "I've wondered if that might be the source. If it er, took on a life of it's own some way, but again it's speculation."

Zamidren says, "Perhaps."

Zamidren furrows his brow.

Zamidren says, "Though, the more likely answer is that it had managed some way to corrupt it from the other side."

You nod.

You say, "Perhaps another study of it's corrupted state would be beneficial."

Zamidren says, "Perhaps it was simply the sheer number of decaying corpses pounding against it that began the corruption."

You wrinkle your nose.

Zamidren says, "I fear that only one 'person' will know the answer to that. And I don't imagine it will give that information freely."

(Travalon picks at the grass in front of him. He listens intently to the conversation, but no appearance of comprehension now graces his face.)

You say, "More then likely. I'll still give it a shot though."

You grin weakly.

Legian says to Zamidren, "The creation of the undead, does it require flesh?" he asks around a mouthful of peanut butter sandwhich,"I've noted that while often quite decayed, I haven't seen anything that was completely skeletal.""

Zamidren shakes his head.

Zamidren says, "And they needn't be a sentient race, either."

Legian nods to Zamidren.

Legian says, "The mutts."

Legian ponders.

Legian says, "Well that's sentient I suppose."

Legian scratches his head.

The white-tailed leopard growls, "is there anything on the other side of the barrier still living?"

Zamidren says, "Dwarath nearly had his leg gnawed off by a pack of skeletal cats one scourge had sent at us."

Legian winces.

Zamidren gazes at a white-tailed leopard.

Zamidren says, "Not that we had seen, my feline friend."

Zamidren says, "Having found no way to penetrate the barrier, we redirected our efforts back east."

You ask, "Have you encountered this new Lich? Xerasyth?"

Zamidren asks, "Someone else had mentioned that name. The A'danf, no?"

You nod to Zamidren.

You say, "He made a few creations to protect the Adan'f and then headed north."

Zamidren says, "Based upon descriptions, no, I have not come across him."

You say, "He was last spotted in Dirge. Fully restored to as a healthy looking Skra and much more powerful then before."

Zamidren says, "The last necromancer we destroyed was but a minor annoyance. Nothing of the power the A'danf should wield."

You ask, "How did you destroy the last one?"

Travalon frowns.

The black panther growls, "Have you worked with Khurek at all?"

Zamidren says, "A steady stream of prayer and fire, courtesy of the Greater Fist."

You blink.

You ask, "The Volcano?"

You ponder.

Zamidren says, "No, the Inquisitor and I have not met."

Zamidren gives you a slight nod.

Travalon chuckles.

You say, "Interesting."

You gaze at Zamidren in awe.

Travalon says, "So there's your answer on how to defeat Lyras."

You say, "That must of been some fight."

The white-tailed leopard growls, "people throw the most rediculous things into that volcano"

Zamidren says, "Getting him to the temple in Dirge was becoming problematic."

Zamidren says, "The volcano was... handy."

Legian says, "Huldah be praised if we were able to trick Lyras into a trap in a volcano."

You say, "Oh we can get her there."

You rub your hands together.

You ask, "Prayer you say, any god in particular?"

Zamidren asks, "Whom do you worship, my son?"

You say, "Peri'el and Kuniyo."

Travalon folds his arms across his chest.

Zamidren says, "Then those Immortals in particular. Those used to listening for your voice. Your need."

You give Zamidren a slight nod.

You say, "I like plans."

You rub your hands together.

You say, "We can at least try."

Travalon says, "Sounds easier then growing crops when you say it like that. Pray. Push Lyras into volcano."

You nod to Travalon.

Zamidren says, "Do remember... I spoke of necromancers not of a scale to the Devourer."

You say, "Simple plans are the best."

You say, "Er, right."

Travalon flashes a quick grin.

You sigh.

Zamidren says, "Though I will heartily agree that simple plans are always the best."

Zamidren says, "I was a foolish young man when I first started out. I would lay complex networks of traps, one compensating for another. Overly clever designs."

The white-tailed leopard growls, "or bring the volcano to Lyras"

You say to Zamidren, "Will you write a book on it? I'd love to hear all about your travels."

Zamidren says, "Dwarath simply tackled our first encounter and bade me to bind it."

You grin.

Legian chuckles.

Travalon asks, "Do you mean he physically tackled them?"

Zamidren gives Travalon a slight nod.

Travalon chuckles.

Zamidren says, "He's a... simple man."

Zamidren says, "Much to be learned from that."

Legian nods to Zamidren.

You nod in agreement.

You get a leather diary from inside your traveler's pack.

You need a free hand to pick that up.

You get a sleek raven feather quill with a thin platinum tip from inside your traveler's pack.

You mutter something into the air about things to try..

You jot down some notes.

You mutter something into the air about Step one. Tackle..

You jot down some notes.

You squint at a leather diary.

Zamidren says, "The lesser creations will always be the easiest to remove."

You clear your throat.

Zamidren says, "Though, calling the things the Devourer created 'lesser' seems a bit nonsensical."

You say, "You're not jokin'. Those Hulks are viscious."

Zamidren says, "I have never seen or heard of a more intact servant, let alone several of them."

Legian says, "And servants seemingly able to create even more lesser servants."

Zamidren says, "Beyond the mindless beasts. The 'Risen' are what I mean."

Zamidren says, "Never have I seen or heard of one wielding necromantic power to such a level."

You say, "Ah yes. Tachids a mean little bas.. erm fellow."

Legian says, "Hopefully it will be the last time to hear of one."

You nod in agreement.

Zamidren says to Legian, "From your lips to the Immortals ears, my son."

Zamidren gazes up at the sky.

Zamidren kneels.

The black panther growls, "I got the impression from your books that you were of the Warrior Mage Guild, when did you join the Monastary?"

Zamidren stands up.

Travalon furrows his brow.

Zamidren says, "After..."

Zamidren gazes off into the distance.

You ponder the meaning of Zamidren's existence.

Zamidren says, "After the accident left Dwarath injured and beyond my help."

You frown.

You ask, "Is he alive sir?"

Travalon asks, "Excuse me, but do you have any copies of these books here on the grounds or know where I could

find them?"

Zamidren says, "He is. Though..."

Zamidren says, "He is not always the man he was."

Zamidren sighs.

You frown.

The black panther growls, "Ah, I apologize for stirring up hard memories."

You ask, "I'm sorry to hear. How was he injured?"

You say to Travalon, "The Undying Threat can be found in the Library in Throne City. It costs 2 plat to go inside though."

Zamidren says to Travalon, "I am not ashamed to say that the books can be found in the Academy Asemath library. Or could the last I checked."

Zamidren says, "They had some concerns about the information being overly public, however."

Legian says, "To those that find power seductive."

Zamidren nods to Legian.

Zamidren says, "Indeed, my son. That is nearly their words exactly."

Zamidren says, "That my tomes would provide a roadmap to, rather than a deterrant from the horrors."

Legian nods to Zamidren.

Travalon says, "Hrmm... that sounds like that Ehon fellow."

Zamidren says, "As to how Dwarath was injured..."

Zamidren says, "Because I was careless. And overconfident."

You frown.

Zamidren says, "She was not meant to be that powerful..."

Zamidren gazes off into the distance.

You say, "You shouldn't blame yourself. It's not like your line of work is safe."

You ask, "She?"

Zamidren gives you a slight nod.

Zamidren says, "She got the better of me. Of us."

You ask, "Erm, she being?"

Zamidren says, "A nameless horror."

You nod.

Travalon nibbles on a twig thoughtfully.

Legian says, "I would hope she wasn't meant to be at all."

You say, "It's a dangerous line of research you're in."

Zamidren says, "An excuse. I did not listen and it cost him dearly. I was The Great Zamidren Book." > Zamidren smirks.

Zamidren gazes up at the sky.

You quietly say, "Such is life. We live and learn."

Legian says, "I pray it will be so, a great help your knowledge may still prove to be."

Zamidren sighs.

Zamidren says, "That is my hope, my son."

You say, "And if you need any help at all."

Zamidren gives a slight nod.

You say, "We can provide it."

Legian nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

You say, "Just ask..."

You smile.

You say, "It was a pleasure to meet you sir."

You ask, "Erm. Would you mind?"

You point at a leather diary you have.

Legian stands up.

You offer your feather quill to Zamidren, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Type CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

You say, "They wouldn't let me take a copy of your book out of the library."

Zamidren has declined the offer.

You shift your weight.

Zamidren says, "Were that I worthy of such an honor..."

You say, "Oh."

You say, "You do these lands a great service, sir. Never forget that."

Zamidren says, "I fear I've gone on longer than anticipated. Dwarath will be expecting the noon meal. Pray and hope, my children."

You nod.

Travalon nods politely.

Travalon stands up.

Zamidren bows slightly.

You bow to Zamidren.

Zamidren whistles a few warbling notes. A moment later, the arched doorway slowly swings open. Zamidren hastily steps through as the door swings closed with a solid thunk.

The black panther growls, "Have a good day, and thank you for your time."

You glance at a sleek raven feather quill with a thin platinum tip.

Legian says, "Much to ponder"

You sigh.

Legian bows.

Student Legian just went southeast.

You say, "Well that was enlightening."

You say, "So, we sneak up and shove her in."

You pat Travalon on the back.

Travalon says to you, "Much more entertaining then I had first expected walking to badgers."

Travalon flashes a quick grin. > Travalon says, "Yes, that will work."

Travalon gazes up at the sky.

You nod in agreement.

You say, "I best get back north."

You say, "Erm."

Travalon says, "You'll just flirt and woo her into a lovely meal at the ridge."

Travalon grins.

You grin wryly.

You say, "Oh that's a horrifying thought."

You ponder.

You say, "I should give it a try."

Travalon laughs at himself.

You grin wryly.

Travalon says, "He seems to know a lot about the subject though, I hope the books are good reads."

You say, "They are very good."

You say, "I wish he would of signed my book though."

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