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Xerasyth in Crossing · on 11/27/2009 2:03:04 AM 4520
Here's a giant log for you all of Xerasyth showing up in the VIP Lounge of the Raven's Court, along with a healthy prequel of lorewonking. If wading through the latter bothers you, you are free to ctrl-F for Xerasyth until you get to the right bit and start reading there. Note that I do not guarantee the factual correctness of any of the theories or statements made herein.

Let the lorewonkery begin!

[The Raven's Court, VIP Suite] A large bar, fully stocked with an array of strong and exotic liqueurs, dominates the back side of this member's suite. While plush stools are available,

there are also an elegant fireplace and large ebony table surrounded by high-backed chairs on each side. Sharply dressed waiters attend to each patron's

needs immediately, weaving their way around priceless vases and past ancient paintings, simply another example of the opulence afforded to the Raven's

Court's members. You also see a heavy red satin curtain, a polished ebony door and the bar's menu. Also here: War Healer Sarkranis, Brother Ventuul, Szrael. Obvious exits: north, west.

You ask, "You hear about the word from the temple already?"

Szrael says, "I have not been in the city for a few days."

Sarkranis asks, "What word, star-prophet?"

You say, "During the charging the other day one of Tallis's Handmaidens, Mavinga, visited the group there."

You say, "She said she was tasked to deliver a message to Annael, and then came back to give us an announcement."

Szrael asks, "Annael?"

You say, "Tallis has had some kind of revelation, and says the Immortals have told her that the key to Lyras's destruction rests with the Empaths."

You say, "So they're arranging a meeting with the Khalen."

Szrael says, "My, my."

Sarkranis says, "I always knew that the key to destruction lay in Empaths, but Lyras's? That is some news."

Szrael asks, "Lyras alone, I wonder, of all Necromancers. Was there no more information?"

Szrael says, "That is exceedingly vague."

Szrael says, "And the Khalen deliberately cripple themselves..."

You say, "I don't blame them, if my re-interpretation of our visions is correct."

Szrael asks, "How do you...what do you see, then?"

You say, "It is not unfair at this point to assume that this is in fact the meaning of the second arrow. That sunlight in actuality symbolizes Empathy."

You say, "This puts many of my visions in a new context."

You say, "It puts the Old Man in a new context."

Szrael asks, "What do you mean by that? That he is an -Empath-?"

You say, "Was."

You say, "Not is. Was."

Szrael asks, "One of the original Empaths?"

Szrael says, "Ah."

You say, "The Transcendent Ones are not people anymore, after all."

You say, "No one's really sure what happens to them after they Ascend."

Sarkranis asks you, "I hope you'll pardon my sinful ignorance, but could you summarize some of the recent visions and your new interoperation?"

You say, "A summary would be incredibly difficult. I spent an anlas the other night just describing a single one to Venda'tuul."

Szrael asks, "And he is helping the Necromancers?"

Szrael asks, "This Transcended one?"

You say, "The Necromancers view him as a guide. But no, he doesn't seem to be helping them, at least not in the way you think."

You say, "He acknowledges what they are pursuing. But he also tells them it is a pointless endeavor."

You say, "He is almost always associated with sunlight, or dawn."

You say, "The visions that show sunlight -without- him are almost always violent in some fashion."

You say, "Not just the arrow..."

You say, "But the grey man and the winged beings."

Szrael asks, "Grey man...?"

You say, "It's the latter vision..."

Szrael asks, "Can you Show Sarkranis?"

Szrael says, "Some of those."

Szrael says, "You've shown me some."

You say, "I cannot. They have passed from my reach in the Web."

You say, "I have described them in as much detail as I can in my notebooks."

Szrael says to Sarkranis, "I understand that the seers keep, well, seeing the Necromancers going to an Old Man for advice."

You say, "Even Lyras knew of the Old Man."

Szrael says, "But he keeps basically telling them that ... they can't get to where they want to be from where they are."

You say, "And the funny thing is, he does not fear her. He does not fear Xerasyth - he outright stated that Xerasyth is weaker than him, and Xerasyth

acknowledges this."

Sarkranis asks, "The question I have is this: where are they now, and where do they want to be?"

You say, "Immortality. Transcendence..."

You say, "Mastery over nature, life."

You say, "Killing hunger, disease, suffering, death."

You say, "That is what Xerasyth said."

Szrael says, "He is a psychopath."

You say, "I'm simply repeating what I heard."

Szrael says, "He sows disease, suffering and death in his footsteps."

You say, "Well, that is the thing..."

You say, "And what the Old Man has addressed twice now."

Sarkranis says, "When the world is dead, those things will technically be true."

You say, "He called it building a cathedral out of their sins. They think that can do better, you see."

Szrael asks, "Did Xerasyth not -release- a disease, a consumptive plague?"

You say, "They think they know how to order creation better than the Immortals."

Szrael says, "Fools."

You say, "They think that they can do more with what they've been given."

Sarkranis asks, "I am sure that the Thirteen beg to differ. And what have they been given?"

You say, "The Old Man addressed this once before as well, in the vision of the person on the slab. The one that reflected the Seer."

You say, "He said, if you recall, that the moral dilemma is not that necromancy demands a horrible price, but that they are not the ones that pay it. 'Are

you worth someone else's life?'."

You say, "The vision of the grey man..."

You say, "A nude man with a sickly grey pallor, bruised and burned. He had a jagged black aura, which gave way around his head to a crown of sunlight."

Sarkranis asks, "And you think this sunlight represents empathy?"

You say, "Around him on a flat plain were floating creatures made of fire and sunlight, each tethered to the ground below them."

You say, "One attempted to raise a fiery sword to him but did not have enough slack."

You say, "So the man smirked, lowered his head, and sat among the creatures."

You say, "That is the vision. Perhaps you see where it is leading me."

Szrael says, "I am not sure. It is all very metaphorical."

Sarkranis asks, "I do not pretend to know your mind, but if I may be so bold, do you think those creatures are Empaths?"

You say, "I wonder."

Sarkranis says, "We certainly could use more ... slack."

Szrael asks, "The man...what was he, then?"

Szrael says, "If the creatures made of fire and sunlight are Empaths."

Szrael asks, "Was he a Necromancer?"

You say, "I suspect so."

You say, "The other creatures are tethered. He is not."

You say, "Isn't that their whole goal? To remove themselves from the natural course."

Sarkranis asks, "Are we to be elevated, or he brought down?"

Szrael says, "I do not know what to think of that."

Sarkranis says, "I was thinking of tether in the more literal sense of the limitations of empathy as it is currently practiced."

Szrael asks, "Do the tethers make us creatures of fire and sunlight? Or are they what prevents us from combining to remove the taint from our plane?"

Szrael asks, "If we remove that binding, are we then, what we despise?"

Sarkranis asks, "Or from rising?"

You ask, "If it turns out that Empathy is a fundamental part of necromancy, how do you think the temple might react?"

You ask, "If the Khalen know this, as I suspect they do?"

Szrael asks, "What they do requires a -lack- of Empathy, in every sense, does it not?"

You say, "Keep in mind that every sentient creature possesses Empathy."

You say, "It's always there, just suppressed."

Sarkranis says, "In many cases, I believe, irreversibly suppressed."

Szrael says, "Yes, but my lack of suppression is why I cannot punch Xerasyth without falling over in agony. Even -Xerasyth- of all the creatures I'd least

like to Empathise with."

Szrael says, "What they do -- what Xerasyth alone has done."

Szrael says, "He cannot have an iota of Empathy."

You ask, "Then why would they care so much about what the Old Man says?"

Szrael says, "Yearning for Empathy does not mean they have any."

Sarkranis says, "Perhaps necromancers have found or seek a way to leverage the power of empathy without the detriments of shock."

Szrael says, "But their works are perversions, where Empathy tends to bolster and buoy what is already there."

You say, "Jomay."

Sarkranis says, "But maybe it has not always been thus."

Szrael says, "She was no Necromancer, whatever else you may say of her."

You say, "But she wasn't good, either."

You say, "She knew where the line was and how to not cross it."

You say, "Just because someone is bad doesn't mean anything. Empathy isn't a moral thing. You know that."

Szrael says, "Yes, but the line -existed-, for her."

Szrael says, "What Xerasyth did to me harmed me."

You say, "Xerasyth has done things that five, ten years ago I would have said were impossible for any creature to accomplish."

Szrael says, "I could not do that, never. Even if I wanted to."

Szrael says, "I cannot cut off a living being's arms without suffering extensively, and he acted as if he was carving a roast."

You say, "It would be beyond foolish of me to simply say it's not possible just because it contradicts what I know about an art that is frankly not very well

described or defined even by the people that practice it."

Sarkranis says, "In any event, if Annael is delivering messages, you can be sure they're not to help Empaths transcend their current limitations. You know

she won't even speak of..."

Ventuul says, "Of course they're not, but that's not the point."

You say, "Yes, but Annael is just a Wen."

You say, "The Modien will probably be the ones to decide."

Szrael says, "You know she does whatever they say."

Szrael says, "Doubtless the edict against shifting was handed down from those above her."

You say, "Not all your Khalo are in accord."

Szrael says, "They will stay in line though."

You ask, "Or are you unaware that some Khalo have supported shifting?"

Szrael says, "They'd not have risen that high if they would not."

Szrael says, "I know that Empaths who deviate too far dissapear."

Szrael says, "I've heard the story of how we learned to link."

Sarkranis says, "Their very means suggest that they deliberately keep us (and perhaps themselves) in the dark about certain things."

Szrael says, "I just don't think they can be -terribly- radical if they have managed to get so far and stay in the guild."

You say, "Well, Ven wanted me to tell you so you could be prepared to go into hiding if necessary."

Ventuul says, "It's important."

Szrael says, "Peri'el favors me, and any half-train Cleric can see that."

Ventuul says, "That's not the problem."

Sarkranis asks, "At the risk of being deliberately obtuse, why would Szrael, specifically, need to go into hiding?"

You say, "I would say, but he'd hit me."

Ventuul says, "Favors or not, if the Inquisition is finds that there may be come connection between Empathy and Necromancy, or this Old Man, or that your

Empath leaders have any knowledge of any of this and haven't been sharing it."

Ventuul says, "There is no telling what they'll do. There has already been visions of war against the Church while Lyras encroaches."

Szrael says, "If the Inquisition comes for me, I will stand until I can stand no longer, and then there are many other places I might go."

Sarkranis says, "Surely, Khurek cannot be that dense. It would mean that we'd all have to go into hiding, even those most hopelessly lacking in potential."

Ventuul says, "Killing blasphemers isn't enough to start a battle, but killing Empaths the city would likely not allow."

Szrael says, "I don't mean to allow them to drive me out of my training however. The guild will need steady representatives to prove that there is not


You say, "But if there is..."

You say, "Then that will hardly matter."

Sarkranis says, "There are not that many rat holes for us all, even if we wanted to scurry into them."

You say, "Look..."

Ventuul says, "That is easy to say, but that does not mean one should run headlong in the tip of a sword."

You say, "My guild is not beyond throwing apprentices under the proverbial caravan to appease people, if it comes to that."

Ventuul says to Szrael, "You should be careful."

You say, "And frankly, I'm going to assume yours isn't either."

You say, "You're both high profile and unpopular."

Sarkranis says, "But the entire guild? I would marvel at that."

You say, "So keep that in mind before you go screaming about agendas."

You say, "I'm beyond niceness at this point. This is reality. If the Empaths have to make a sacrifice, I imagine Empaths like you are at the top of the


You ask, "After all, the whole goal of the First was to suppress Empathy and make it only about transferring wounds, right?"

You say, "To turn you all into lowly healers."

You say, "Low-profile. Keep your heads down. That's what it was about. You're not doing that."

Sarkranis says, "Indeed."

Ventuul says to Szrael, "It is speculation but you should be wary."

Sarkranis says, "I've not made any foolish public remarks about the Temple, the gods, nor Necromancy."

Szrael says, "That was not the first, I do not think."

Szrael asks, "Was it not the founders of the 'Empath' guild?"

You say, "No, but you're exactly the kind of Empath your guild tends to make disappear."

Ventuul says to Szrael, "I don't want you to be hunted down, no one has been very successful against the Inquisition yet."

Szrael says, "I should be the least of their targets, keeping up the Temple, crusading against Necromancy, bringing suspects to Khurek. But I suppose people

are irrational at times like these."

You say, "I'm talking about your guild."

You say, "Y'know, as much as Braun dislikes me, I don't think he'd dare move against me at this point. But you don't have the same footholds I do. And your

guild is, well, frankly a lot meaner than mine."

You say, "Your people would have no reason to keep you around, if it came to hand-picking the Empaths that cause the guild the most trouble as far as public

image goes."

Szrael says, "So the entire PHA goes under the proverbial caravan."

Sarkranis says, "For the mere act of charging a willing customer."

Szrael says, "I will keep your cautions in mind."

A hissing whisper echoes beside your ear, "So, solved the puzzle, have we?" (OH DIP)

You scowl.

You say, "You..."

You ask, "Watching?"

Szrael says, "But I will not let them just."

Szrael asks, "What?"

Szrael closes her eyes for a moment and grows still.

Szrael says, "No one is here."

You say, "Perhaps not physically."

Szrael says, "Unless they are -dead-."

You say, "Yes. I believe I have."

Szrael says, "And I can sense that too."

You ask, "Talk to any nice old men lately?"

Ventuul searches around for a moment.

Szrael asks, "Who?"

Szrael says, "Oh."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth ask, "And if I have?"

Szrael says, "Powders."

Szrael says, "Kill him."

You ask, "Wasn't very fruitful, now was it?"

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "I suppose it would only be fair to allow you to notice me."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth ask, "Would you like to punch me again?"

Szrael says, "I will keep trying until I end you, SCUM."

You hear someone chuckling.

You say, "You looked worried in that vision."

Szrael says, "You were not always so powerful. What can be gained, can be lost."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Of course it can."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "And yes. If you all die, I suppose she'll be more assiduous in coming after me next."

Szrael says, "Someone will steal your power like you stole what you have. And then I will be waiting for you."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "That would be irritating, since I would lose."

You say, "I wonder what percentage of what comes out of your mouth is a lie."

You say, "You aren't Transcendent, though you like to call yourself that."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "More than none, less than all."

Szrael says, "Every bit, his tongue is just as foul as the stolen body he wears."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Mm.. no, I have not fully mastered it."

Szrael says, "His words corrupt the mind like the diseases he propagate corrupt the body."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "However, I have Transcended, at least partially."

You say, "But you're missing something."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Indeed."

You say, "He's right, you know. You won't find it."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth ask, "Mm.. so convinced you know what it means, aren't you?"

You say, "I think I have a very good idea."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "His words were a great help."

You say, "To more than just you, yes."

You ask, "But I have to ask. He knows your endeavor will not take you where you think it will. Why do you all seem to see him as a guide?"

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Perhaps. I often wonder who decides what you Seers get to poke your noses into."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Because he is a guide. A good guide does not always tell you what you wish to hear."

Sarkranis asks, "What makes you so sure that he wants to help you, Smo'zhra?"

Szrael says, "Come out, scum."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "If he didn't want to talk to me, I have no way to force him to."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "That he speaks to me is enough proof."

You dryly say, "How benevolent of him."

Sarkranis asks, "So you equate the act of speaking with the desire to guide?"

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Please. If I'd wanted to kill anyone, they'd already be dead."

Ventuul says, "Then why did you come? You know we are not comrades."

Szrael says, "We wish only to see you die the final death."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "You keep talking about me, I was curious."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "And it amuses me to watch the Empath quiver."

Szrael says, "You know my 'limitations' would not prevent me from killing you, if I did not lack the skill."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Like a rabid animal, almost."

Ventuul says, "I question how much you will quiver if the Temple discovers the weakness to other Lich."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Very little. I am not a lich."

You say, "And it seems to me that they have."

You ask, "Not a lich?"

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "I have a soul."

Szrael says, "What you have is not a soul, foulness."

Sarkranis asks, "What makes you so sure?"

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "A most lovely Cleric assisted me."

You say, "All the same. The Empathy bit - it is correct, isn't it? And it doesn't matter if you have a soul or not. You know that her weaknesses are also

yours. You've said as much."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "His spirit manipulations were functional."

Szrael glares at you.

Szrael says, "We are -nothing- alike."

Szrael says, "Empathy, he has not a jot of -that-."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "By her I assume you refer to the Devourer."

You say, "That would be the one."

Totenus and Fintrial are escorted in through the door by a staff member. (hi friends)

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "To an extent, perhaps."

Totenus bows to Szrael.

Szrael exclaims, "Xerasyth!"

Szrael says, "He hides."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Obviously a Necromancer is a Necromancer."

Totenus says, "What may I..."

Szrael says, "We need greater numbers."

Totenus says, "Ahh."

Ysselt and Mordimer are escorted in through the door by a staff member. (hi friends x2)

Szrael exclaims, "Show yourself, infidel!"

Szrael says, "He is still here."

Mordimer says, "What's the matter."

Szrael says, "It, I suppose."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "A popular place tonight, perhaps I should take my leave before you ruin another drinking hall."

You quietly say, "I was right."

Ventuul says, "It is not us ruining it, I assure you."

Totenus says, "Perhaps this isn't the moment for confrontation." (TOTENUS IS A NECROMAohwait)

Szrael says, "He will not leave his hiding place anyway, choosing only to defile our ears with his lies and deceptions."

Xerasyth reveals himself. Xerasyth gestures. Greasy black mist rises from Xerasyth's scales and expands outward to create a miasmatic sphere.

J>l xera I could not find what you were referring to. (dude is fast :()

Totenus asks, "I don't suppose he's here for a drink then?"

You say, "This is a poor time for joking."

Ventuul says, "Only to taunt."

You hear the dry voice of Xerasyth say, "I'm not the one that attempted to blast down an entire inn."

Totenus says, "That was a slight lapse in judgment."

You hear the wry voice of Xerasyth say, "In any case, I think the poor Empath will collapse from pure rage if I stay any longer."

You say, "I daresay leveling Darkstone would be an improvement."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "You may have a point, Seer."

You hear the voice of Xerasyth say, "Enjoy your drinks."

Totenus says, "Oh, I thought he meant the inn in Shard."

Totenus says, "Nevermind then."

Szrael closes her eyes for a moment and grows still.

Szrael says, "Gone."

Rev. Reene

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