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Re: Wizard and random Yellow Highlighting · on 02/24/2013 10:48 AM CST 1409
I'm not in a position to make an official statement on support for the Wizard or not, but I will say basically everything that's been done for in the way of UI development since at least I've been on staff (And to a large degree before it) simply does not work with Wizard, and cannot work with Wizard.

I can't find an exact release date for Stormfront, but we're talking about a UI that's at least a decade old by now (The oldest patch notes I could find were from 2003, and they were above 1.0). If you'd put off upgrading your OS that long you'd be running Windows 2000, ME or maybe XP (Who am I kidding? No one would ran ME, I should really list 98).

I you're still running Wizard... give it a shot. It's going to take some getting use to, but it's not going to be nearly the cultural shock Genie is (Which is not to say Genie isn't a great FE, but there's no doubt Stormfront is a less complex transition if you're moving off of Wizard) and you'd be surprised at the number of features you're missing out on.

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