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Re: whats wrong with melee? · on 09/15/2013 06:21 PM CDT 4191
>>I think I got my question answered.

That's nice. But it doesn't help me any... How is a 20th circle Paladin, 4-shotting blood wolves using min-prep STRA with only 40 ranks of TM? Can you please give me a list of your stats, buffs, and how you are fighting them?

I am seeing a 60-80% chance to hit, only doing about 8-10% of its vitality per hit. That is somewhere in the ballpark of 100-140 seconds to kill one using just magic.

In comparison I hit them >90% of the time with 80 ranks of broadsword, and it takes me 10 hits of SLICE/CHOP. So about half as long with twice the ranks. Blood wolves have 60 or so defense, so this makes sense. 80 ranks is going to learn well against something with 60 defense, and 40 TM should have trouble killing them.

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