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weer telescope repaired · on 12/15/2008 3:17:04 PM 2255
i meant to post this here, i swear... there was a vision about moonies looking at their telescope then a loud roar behind them, I figured let's check out either the tower out the west gate, or the guild tower, we went to the moonie guild first and found Banii outside, we were heading up anyway and asked if they wanted to go too. Took them up careful to avoid Kssarh and stood around while it got repaired, she took the old lens and eyepiece with her. Walked her back down, then she took off back for Theren.

anywho, from the zoluren events a week or so ago...

helped the guy repair the weer telescope in the moonie guild.. now it's the strongest in the realms...

Banii loosens the band that holds the objective lens in place.

>look banii
You see Apprentice Lensmaker Banii, a Gnome.
Banii has green eyes. Her golden brown hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn braided. She has fair skin.
She is young for a Gnome.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a large crystal objective lens in her right hand.
She is wearing a rough leather tinker's pack, a faded chambray shirt, a belted leather vest, some homemade patchwork leggings and some scuffed pale blue slippers.

Banii polishes the lens with a soft cloth, and then carefully slips it into the end of the telescope.

Banii tightens the band to hold the lens in place.

Banii removes the brass cover from the eyepiece

Banii gets a telescope eyepiece from inside her tinker's pack.

Banii slips the new eyepiece in place.

Banii tightens the eyepiece.

tumn sky above is a bright, cheery blue. > Banii picks up a large wooden sign.
You grin.
Banii drops her wooden sign in a small bubbling cauldron of viscous gloop.

Banii says, "It is now the best telescope in all of Elanthia, I believe."

Banii says, "We could not figure out how to do that. Then someone stopped by the lens shop and asked if Clarify Gem could be cast on a telescope."

> Banii says, "But I pointed out that the lenses are crystal." > Banii grins.

Banii says, "I just suggested that perhaps it could be cast on the lens itself." >nod

Banii says, "Master Konezu was happy and angry at the same time." >

Banii says, "Happy that the problem had been solved, and angry that he did not think of it before this." >

Banii says, "I believe the other guildleaders will want the telescopes in their guildhalls upgraded. " >

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