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Re: Visions Meeting - Fists Erupt, Tiv possessed · on 10/26/2013 12:13 AM CDT 778
Good discussion. I won't, of course, comment on what is right or wrong but I will point out one thing that, I think, is incorrectly causing confusion.

Miskton says, "A slender S'Kra Mur woman lay supine in a cavernous hall of green basalt. The barest echo of a sibilant melody hung in the air for a few moments until all was silent. The woman looked small in the vastness of the cavern, her form pale and still. An archaic man approached, bald and tanned, a nightingale perched upon his shoulder. At his approach, a shrike dove and shrieked, attempting to drive him off, but the nightingale took flight, distracting the other bird. The man knelt at the woman's side, torches limning his features with ruddy, red light."

That vision was suppose to occur before the eruptions, not after. I apologize if it did not, I was forced to automate large portions of the event due to my schedule.


This message was originally posted in The Moon Mages \ Guild Events, by DR-RAESH on the forums.


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