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Re: Umm... Shadow Web? · on 2/22/2011 1:48:50 PM 9514
The problems with the current schema of "A sorcery book is defined by a mixture of two manas" is...

1) We... actually don't have that many manas to make mixtures out of.
2) We cannot under the current rules use Life in a pure Sorcery spellbook, limiting it even further.
3) We want to eventually build up a stronger base of more general, nasty magic to deal with.

Ultimately we were looking at either playing round robin with the three guild sorceries (Blackfire Holy + Ele, Teleo Lunar + Elemental, Anti Lunar + Holy) and completely abandoning our idea of general sorcery, or breaking the system apart and coming up with a new way to define a sorcery book.

The same thing happened in the Necromancer spellbooks a few years ago. The original proposal had each Necro spellbook wired to a specific mana combination, but we ultimately found that to be too rigid and went for a more standard concept-driven spellbook scheme with Blood Magic and Corruption as homages to the old system.


This message was originally posted in The Moon Mages (24) \ The Lunar Magic Spell Books (10), by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.