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Tiv goes for a walk. · on 1/29/2010 10:54:35 PM 11763
walking down to the ilithi meeting, multitasking....

[Outside the Fortress, Obsidian Doors] The door to the volcanic fortress is comprised of two enormous obsidian panels, both ornately carved. The slender path, chiseled from the lava, leads to a large stone staircase descending to the ground below. Embedded in the dense rock above the entrance rests a crystal hand encircled by angular runes. Also here: Guildleader Tiv. Obvious paths: none. Guildleader Tiv climbed down a large stone staircase.

Tiv nods to a white-tailed leopard. A white-tailed leopard growls ferociously deep in its throat. Tiv says, "Hello, leopard." You notice as a white-tailed leopard sniffs the ground. The white-tailed leopard growls, "hello Master Tiv" Tiv asks, "What brings you this way?" The white-tailed leopard growls, "love the scenery, beautiful views of the magma" Tiv says, "It is beautiful." The white-tailed leopard growls, "going for a walk?" Tiv says, "Exploring a bit." The white-tailed leopard growls, "ah would it bother you too much if I followed?" The white-tailed leopard growls, "I enjoy exploring" Tiv says, "Not at all." The white-tailed leopard growls, "thank you" A white-tailed leopard growls ferociously deep in its throat. Guildleader Tiv just went north.

Tiv just touched a slab. Tiv says, "Seems to be a busy area." The white-tailed leopard growls, "fair amount of traffic, I'm surprised noone's noticed you though." Tiv says, "I am not. When people are traveling they rarely notice anyone about." Guildleader Tiv just went southeast.

Tiv just stuck his hand in the stream.

Tiv ponders.

You notice a white-tailed leopard sniff at Tiv for a moment. You notice a white-tailed leopard begin a careful search of the area. Guildleader Tiv just went northwest.

Tiv picks up a small object lying near the slab and slips it into his robe. The white-tailed leopard growls, "anything in particular you're looking for?" Tiv says, "Not anymore. I found it." Grand Inquisitor Smegul just arrived. Grand Inquisitor Smegul just went southeast. The white-tailed leopard growls, "well congradulations sir, that's always good to finish a task."

Tiv says, "Well, now that I found what I was looking for, I suppose it is time to return." You notice as a white-tailed leopard gazes around with large yellow eyes. The white-tailed leopard growls, "ah i should be off as well then" Tiv says, "I thank you for your company." The white-tailed leopard growls, "thank you for the time sir" The white-tailed leopard growls, "be well Master Tiv." A white-tailed leopard growls ferociously deep in its throat. Tiv says, "My pleasure, entirely." Guildleader Tiv just went southeast. You sense that your familiar is traveling.

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