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Tiv and Raelyka at the Lesser Fist · on 10/14/2013 01:51 AM CDT 768
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Guildleader Tiv and Ilithian Scholar Raelyka were found inside of the Moon Mage’s guild in the Lesser Fist, offering some insight and discussion concerning some of the recently revealed visions and other subjects.

[On the Catwalk] The dark evening blankets the slender catwalk masking its treacherous positioning as it stretches most precariously over a vast expanse of darkness. You also see a luminous black glass telescope and a rough winding stair. Also here: Saragos, Student Talima, Navesi, Redeth who has a stony visage, Court Advisor Cyiarriah, Court Adjutant Powerhaus who has a fiery visage, Heritage Keeper Raelyka and Guildleader Tiv. Obvious exits: west.

You see Guildleader Tiv Guildermann, a Human Moon Mage. Tiv has amber eyes. He is bald, with tanned skin. He appears to be archaic. He is clean shaven. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a moonstone gwethdesuan, a cut-crystal hand wrapped around an amber jewel, some robes of pure white linen that are belted with a broad scarlet sash and a pair of simple peasant sandals.

You see Heritage Keeper Raelyka, an Elothean. Raelyka has an oval face, tilted almond-shaped brown eyes and a freckled nose. Her brunette hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn pulled back in a loose ponytail bound with a black ribbon. She has pale skin and a slender figure. She is average height for an Elothean. She appears to be middle-aged. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of silver-rimmed reading glasses attached to a slender silver chain, a well worn leather book satchel, a tan cotton robe, an undyed linen tunic, a pair of loose woolen pants and some raw leather sandals with soft soles.

Powerhaus says, "None of it sounded good."
Tiv says, "More visitors."
Tiv asks Raelyka, "Was this your doing?"
Raelyka says to Tiv, "I'm afraid not."
Tiv says, "You are quite right, of course."
Tiv says, "I do seem to be at the heart of some of these recent visions."
Miskton says, "Yes, yourself, and this fortress."
Tiv asks, "Would it be too much to ask for visions of my quiet retirement? Perhaps out on the islands with Lomtaun?"
Miskton says, "Very... unsettling visions."
Powerhaus says, "Apparently people like you for some reason, and worry."
Synamon says, "Maybe the volcano is going to erupt."
Raelyka asks Tiv, "Perhaps they will have some further insight, Guildleader?"
Miskton says, "I hope not, but the idea of something going on underground does seem to feature in a number of visions lately..."
Tiv says to Synamon, "That seems unlikely."
Synamon says to Tiv, "Because fire from underground and visions of a volcano do not indicate erupting at all."
Redeth quietly says to Mazrian, "You've this under control. I leave it to you." Redeth quietly says to Tiv, "Guildmaster."
Tiv says to Raelyka, "Yes, perhaps they will. It is hard when you're so close to the visions."
Talima quietly says, "It could always be something worse than an eruption."
Tiv says to Talima, "A cheerful thought."
Synamon asks, "The dragon?"
Miskton says, "Being exposed to visions tends to do that people."
Powerhaus says, "Lots of red, lots of shadows coming from the ground."
Rifkinn says, "Always the glass is half empty with you lot."
Talima quietly says, "Well, the fire that rises in the wake of a volcano brings life, usually, once it has settled."
Tiv asks, "Apologies, my manners are not what they once were. Since it seems we've rather an impromptu gathering, does everyone know one another?"
Tiv says, "It seems the sort of thing a host should ensure."
Powerhaus says, "For the most part."
Navesi says, "I do know everyone, for the most part, yes."
Mazrian says, "I know most of the people here by reputation, at least. But not your companion."
Angelicamoon says, "I know most but not all."
Rifkinn says, "Will I'm Rifkinn, Rather quiet Olvi, not many people know."
Navesi says to Tiv, "For myself, I am Navesi Osirit."
Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "Excellent, more moon mages."
Navesi says, "I write a bit for the newsletter, so please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like in it, or left out."
Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "Good thing there weren't a bunch fo familiars earlier too."
Talima quietly says, "Talima. Navesi's assistant."
You say to Tiv, "Pleasure to meet you Sir. I am Mistanna, a young mage of the Nomads."
You say to Raelyka, "Tis good to see you again m'lady."
Raelyka says to you, "You as well."
Mazrian says to Tiv, "And I am Mazrian Daemondred. A Warrior Mage."
Raelyka says, "Though I'm not sure I've earned a m'lady."
Saragos quietly says, "I'm Saragos. Nothing to see here."
Cypris says to Tiv, "Cypris, but I'm pretty sure you know me by now."
Miskton says, "For anyone I haven't met yet, I'm Miskton Ramahk."
Tiv says to Cypris, "I am not so old yet to forget our students."
Tiv says to Raelyka, "Have you met everyone here before? It seems you're not a stranger to all of them."
Raelyka says to Tiv, "A few, passingly."
Cypris says, "Not I.."
Tiv says, "Ah. In that case, this is Raelyka. She is a fellow scholar visiting from Ilithi."
Powerhaus says, "Pleasure."
Mazrian says, "Pleasure to meet you."
Zynara says to Tiv, "A very great pleasure to see you Sir."
Tiv says, "I would offer food and drink and finish this show of hospitallity, but I'm afraid I was not ready to recieve so many guests." [19:11] Synamon says to Talima, "I was just telling her she looks pretty and it is nice that she survived the princess." [19:11] Miskton says, "It would be nice if we had more pleasant tidings to draw us here... it's never a vision about somebody throwing a great party or something like that." [19:11] Zynara says, "Some of us are well prepared." [19:11] Tiv says, "So you will need to settle for an offer of shelter and what experience I can offer." [19:11] Navesi says to Miskton, "That would be an excellent way to send out invitations." [19:11] Talima slowly says, "I see. It is . . . always nice when people survive, yes." [19:11] Rifkinn says to Tiv, "Well next time maybe gather in Arthedale, Always ready to host down there." [19:12] Raelyka says to Miskton, "No one tends to note down the happy prophecies." [19:12] Raelyka says to Miskton, "I've oft wondered about that." [19:12] Miskton says to Tiv, "Any knowledge you can share with us is greatly appreciated." [19:12] Mazrian says to Raelyka, "There are happy ones? That's comforting to know." [19:12] Miskton says to Raelyka, "I saw a vision about pie, once. But even that ended with someone throwing it on the ground." [19:12] Raelyka says to Mazrian, "Of course there are." [19:12] Aysta says, "To tiv thank you for sharing your time with us." [19:12] Angelicamoon says to Mazrian, "We are not always gloom and doom." [19:13] Mazrian says to Angelicamoon, "Glad to know it. Sometimes it seems like there would be no tidings at all, but for the bad ones." [19:13] Tiv asks, "Is there anything in particular you seek from me?" [19:13] Talima quietly says to Tiv, "It is quite alright, Sir, a number of us came from having ample opportunity to eat."

Tiv studies the faces around him.

[19:13] Miskton asks, "Have there been any signs of anything unusual happening around the Lesser Fist? Rumblings, odd noises?" [19:14] Tiv says, "The Fist has been quiet, even if prophecy has not." [19:14] Navesi says, "There have been the reports of the sounds." [19:14] Navesi says, "From the Turmar mines." [19:14] Zynara says to Tiv, "The peace and calm that you have in great abundance, for the impressions have me at wits end." [19:15] Tiv says to Zynara, "I'm afraid sereny is a continual quest, not something I can grant to another." [19:15] Zynara says to Tiv, "A great shame.." [19:15] Tiv says, "Serenity I mean." [19:16] Powerhaus asks, "What's your insight into these visions?" [19:16] Tiv says to Powerhaus, "A loaded, and broad, question." [19:16] Saragos quietly says, "Sometimes I think serenity is an illusion more than anything else. A smooth casing over the smoldering innards." [19:17] You ask Tiv, "What is your impression of the visions concerning the guild lately? The pillars crumbling, the different guildhalls succumbing to ruin? The figures that speak in turn, ending with Serenity?" [19:17] Rifkinn exclaims to Tiv, "Bet your thinking you didn't ask if anyone had questions now eh!" [19:18] Rifkinn says, "Wishing i should say."

Tiv leans against the rail. He stands silently for several long moments and it seems the weight of his years is finally settling on him.

Raelyka walks towards the elderly mage, silently placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Tiv slowly composes himself, his mask of serenity once more in place, as he turns to address the crowd.

[19:19] Cypris says to Rifkinn, "Despite his earlier comment, he IS getting kinda old." [19:19] Tiv says, "They're the end." [19:19] Powerhaus asks, "From what though?" [19:19] Cypris asks, "The end?" [19:19] Powerhaus says, "Darkness tinged with red." [19:20] Talima quietly asks, "The End?" [19:20] Tiv says, "Of the Guild. The sects. More. I don't know."

Tiv shakes his head.

[19:20] Tiv says, "They're frustratingly inconsistent with each other." [19:20] Tiv says, "I feel like there's something about these visions something..." [19:20] Powerhaus asks, "Forced?"

Tiv reaches into the air as if trying to pluck something from it.

[19:20] Powerhaus asks, "Altered?" [19:21] Rifkinn asks Tiv, "Have you heard any rumors if the Children of Kalestraum is wrapped up in all of this?" [19:21] Tiv says to Powerhaus, "No. Maybe. It's hard enough to explain to one with the gift." [19:21] Powerhaus says to you, "Like the one about not using your power fully, that sounded weird." [19:21] Tiv says to Rifkinn, "Aside from that one attack, if that's what it was, on Taisgath - no. They've been silent as late." [19:21] Powerhaus says, "Well compared to many visions." [19:22] Tiv says to Rifkinn, "That is rarely a good sign in my experience." [19:22] You say to Powerhaus, "There was one it reminds me of, long ago, of a man in tri-colored robes." [19:22] Asurun says, "Quiet before the storm." [19:22] Raelyka says, "Pelag ai Aldam." [19:22] Tiv says to Raelyka, "You have the right of it, I believe." [19:23] Raelyka says, "The vision you speak of." [19:23] You ask, "With the deep voice?" [19:24] Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "The red head who sounds like he needs a good gut-punch." [19:24] Raelyka says, "It fits what we know of him. It." [19:24] Miskton says, "If he can reach out to us like that, that is... unsettling." [19:25] Powerhaus says, "I wouldn't see why not..." [19:25] Powerhaus says, "It seems it's realm." [19:25] Tiv says to Raelyka, "One day we will need to answer to him. I fear that day." [19:25] Powerhaus asks, "More the reason, why?" [19:26] Raelyka says, "Why does Pelag ai Aldam do anything? It is his nature." [19:26] Raelyka says, "He cannot help himself." [19:26] Raelyka says, "It is all he knows." [19:26] Miskton says, "The way you worded that..." [19:26] Powerhaus says, "Mmm... conceptual extra planar entities..." [19:26] Powerhaus says, "Complex." [19:27] Miskton says, "There was the other vision, with two voices." [19:27] Powerhaus says, "But so simple." [19:27] Talima quietly says, "Apropos of nothing, the Yavash-Katamba eclipse is lovely, tonight." [19:28] Miskton says, "'Because it is my place! It is my only place! They made me so.'... That could be Pelag ai Aldam as well." [19:28] Raelyka says, "Pelag ai Aldan, again." [19:28] Raelyka says, "That is how I read it as well." [19:28] Zynara asks, "Is he talking to himself, or is one of the other entities talking to him.. do you think?" [19:28] Raelyka says, "Harder to say." [19:29] You say, "That prior vision, with the blood that lingered on his hands and the ground? It was... odd. It adds to worries, a little." [19:29] Synamon asks, "Or manipulating the visions?" [19:29] Talima quietly says to herself, "The faintest glimmer of tiny red behind the immense black makes it look like an ember." [19:29] Asurun says, "Maybe he was talking to us." [19:29] Tiv quietly says, "The Arbiter in Darkness." [19:29] Raelyka says to Tiv, "Yes, it could be. It's far from certain - we know so little of it." [19:29] Cypris asks Tiv, "Could the visions be speaking of say, one specific guildhall, rather than the sects, or guild itself?" [19:30] Tiv says to Cypris, "So many visions with such a sweeping scope." [19:30] Powerhaus asks, "Obsidian doors?" [19:30] Miskton says, "There are some that seem specific, but others that seem much broader." [19:30] Tiv says to Cypris, "One must take them in context of one another, but also avoid generalizing and missing the important details in each. Such as it always is with prophecy." [19:31] Tiv says to Raelyka, "It is the Arbiter in Darkness. I am certain."

Raelyka seems to be waiting for something.

Tiv does not elaborate.

[19:32] Cypris says to Tiv, "Should we assume, then, that all of the visions apply to the future- or maybe some to the past." [19:32] Raelyka says to Tiv, "... Of course, Guildleader." [19:32] Tiv says to Cypris, "Prophecy is, generally speaking, forward looking by definition." [19:33] Cypris says, "Generally.." [19:34] Tiv says, "As for the specific visions..." [19:34] Tiv says, "Your readings are likely to be as accurate as my own, if not more so. I'm too close to the subject." [19:34] Tiv says, "It clouds my vision." [19:35] Zynara asks Tiv, "When I happened upon Guildleader Cherulisa and asked her about the Akul'tiz Prophecy, she said she was very vague on her recollection of it, but suggested that perhaps it was one known by another name. Can you lend any further information on it?" [19:35] Tiv asks, "I do not recall it offhand, sorry. Raelyka?" [19:36] Raelyka says, "I don't recall the entire text of it Guildleader, but it's a prophey recorded by the nomads many years ago." [19:37] Zynara says, "The one thing she did say she recollected, was that it had something to do with Dergati..." [19:37] Zynara says, "Perhaps it's a moot point now." [19:37] Raelyka says, "That's correct." [19:37] Powerhaus says, "Anything could be helpful though." [19:37] Raelyka says, "Dergati and some form of dark transformation." [19:38] Powerhaus asks, "Do you think that's related with all these other ill omens?" [19:38] Raelyka says, "All the copies I know of are badly fragmented and not terribly literal." [19:38] Rifkinn says, "It always dark shadowy or death." [19:38] Miskton says, "I hope there are still records of it somewhere in the guild archives. Any details that it might contain may be helpful." [19:38] Raelyka says to Rifkinn, "Dergati doesn't tend to be associated with parties." [19:38] Zynara says, "She also suggested Guildleader Lomtaun might know more.. I haven't been able to get him agree to talk about it lately." [19:39] Talima quietly says, "Oh, Dergati has quite fun parties. ./exp." [19:39] Miskton says, "Though a dark transformation does make me think even more of that Chrysalis..." [19:39] Rifkinn says to Raelyka, "Neither do your visions lately Ma'am." [19:39] Raelyka says, "I will look again, but there are so many other concerns and demands for research into old prophecy currently." [19:39] Rifkinn says, "And i mean no disrespect saying that." [19:39] Cypris says, "We surely need to discern what these visions are pointing too.. I find it hard to believe that we should see so many ill visions and them not be connected.." [19:39] Talima quietly says, "But I believe at the end of Dergati's parties, everyone dies of terror." [19:39] Zynara says to Raelyka, "The vision itself which related to that prophecy did seem to bring us to some of these more dire looking events." [19:40] Zynara says, "Or maybe that's a mistaken perception.. everything is so hard to tell." [19:40] Tiv asks Miskton, "You've seen the visions. You've discussed them. What do you make of them? I see the end. The end of the Monks, the end of the guild. And what am I to do?" [19:41] Tiv asks, "Am I the one to hold back the darkness? Have I not done enough?" [19:41] You say to Zynara, "I think there may be more than one thing below the surface that is making the disturbances at the top." [19:41] Cypris exclaims to Tiv, "You stop it!" [19:41] Cypris exclaims to Tiv, "Or what? End all of us?!" [19:41] Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "Slaves to fate." [19:41] Tiv asks Cypris, "How?" [19:41] Miskton says, "I'm afraid that's the conclusion that's been staring at me as well. As to what to do..." [19:41] Powerhaus says, "Set up to rebuild." [19:41] Cypris says to Tiv, "That sir, is why you are the guildleader, and not me, or any others present." [19:42] Powerhaus says, "Arrange for to ensure the future." [19:42] Rifkinn says to Powerhaus, "Sounds like admitting defeat." [19:42] Tiv exclaims, "I am a guildleader to teach!" [19:42] Tiv says, "That is always why I have lead, to teach."

Tiv sighs.

[19:42] Tiv says, "How am I suppose to stop it? Everyone I look I see death, destruction, failure." [19:42] Cypris asks Tiv, "Do you not see it as your responsibility to protect the guild?" [19:42] Tiv exclaims to Cypris, "Of course it is!" [19:42] Cypris says to Tiv, "Then we find a way." [19:43] Powerhaus says to Tiv, "You're vision is too narrow then." [19:43] Miskton says, "On a smaller scale, it might be wise to prepare an evacuation plan for the fortress. It's not much, but it may save some lives." [19:43] Cypris asks Tiv, "We, as a guild, shape the future of Elanthia- no?" [19:43] Asurun says to Tiv, "All things have their time, and no success ever can be made without failures." [19:43] Tiv says, "Look at the visions. Mortom's tower? Gone. Lomtaun? Gone. Glywyn? Cherulisa? Gone. Even Kssarh." [19:44] Tiv says, "Throne City? The Monks? All gone. My guild in ruins." [19:44] Powerhaus asks, "Literal, or figurative though?" [19:44] Tiv asks, "What hope lies in the visions? A slender thread where I fight off the darkness. Where I offer shelter?" [19:44] Powerhaus asks, "Maybe it's what will happen if you fail?" [19:45] Tiv asks, "The visions are contradictory. They cannot all be true, and thus what good are they? They offer nothing to guide me. What if I believe the wrong one?" [19:45] Powerhaus says, "No pressure." [19:45] Cypris says to Powerhaus, "Maybe you're onto somethin there." [19:45] Asurun says to Tiv, "Maybe you are being too literal, maybe you are right about your vision being a bit clouded." [19:45] Synamon asks, "Visions of two possibilities?"

The anger seems to drain out of the aged Guildleader.

Raelyka carefully shelters the Guildleader in her arms.

[19:46] Cypris asks Powerhaus, "What if we have been neglecting this guildhall as of late, and the visions are showing us that we need to be more unified?" [19:46] Powerhaus says, "Or different aspects trying to bend you in their way." [19:46] Powerhaus asks Cypris, "Perhaps?" [19:46] Zynara asks, "I would imagine having oneself being seen in a vision of that type, might make it too close too home.. yet in that one, you are strength.. so we much ponder what qualities do you possess that would allow you to conquer such a frightening scene as what is in that vision?" [19:46] Navesi quietly says to Tiv, "It seems to me that you should believe in yourself. Your students certainly do." [19:46] Powerhaus says, "I don't know too much of your guilds councils." [19:46] Zynara says, "Err must ponder.." [19:47] Powerhaus says, "It could mark upheaval." [19:47] Powerhaus says, "And not destruction." [19:47] Raelyka says to Tiv, "We'll find a way. This does not weigh only on you." [19:47] You say, "I have a thought, the guide may refer to something you've said already, Serenity." [19:47] Cypris asks, "Perhaps problems between the sects?" [19:47] Miskton says to Tiv, "Whatever the visions may show, your students will stand with you." [19:47] Powerhaus says, "If one falls, then the others."

Tiv slowly pushes Raelyka away.

[19:48] Talima quietly says, "Perhaps . . . perhaps the guildleaders only represent something else. The head taken for the body." [19:48] Rifkinn says to Tiv, "Seems to me, the lack of hope your feeling is made up by your students here." [19:48] Tiv says to Miskton, "Thank you. Of course they do." [19:48] Miskton says to Tiv, "Myself included." [19:48] Cypris asks Talima, "But all of them?" [19:48] Rifkinn says to Tiv, "Maybe you look for hope in that." [19:48] Tiv says, "Perhaps. I need to think." [19:48] Talima says to Cypris, "Yes, that's what I meant." [19:49] Cypris says to Talima, "That is a scary thought." [19:49] Powerhaus asks, "A good look in a mirror?" [19:49] Talima says to Cypris, "No more terrifying than what the visions already are, I think. But it suggests courses of action that do not lie with Tiv alone." [19:50] Powerhaus says, "I think maybe find some little thing of life to enjoy." [19:50] Powerhaus says, "Whatever your hobbies are, to distract you somewhat." [19:50] Tiv says, "Excuse me, but I would like to be alone with my thoughts for awhile. You are all welcome in my guild as long as you like, and I thank you for... everything."

Guildleader Tiv climbed down a rough winding stair.

[19:50] Powerhaus says, "Thank you for the time." [19:50] Talima quietly says, "Well. . ." [19:50] Rifkinn says, "There goes a stressed out fella." [19:50] Cypris says, "And with that, he's gone.." [19:50] Raelyka says, "I worry for him. For all of us." [19:50] Zynara says something in Gerenshuge. [19:51] Powerhaus asks, "Would you have any thoughts maybe he was too troubled to share?" [19:51] Raelyka says, "He's." [19:51] Talima quietly says to Mazrian, "Yes, I do howl. On occasion." [19:51] Raelyka says, "He's clearly troubled, but we can hardly blame him." [19:51] Synamon says, "Thump." [19:51] Cypris says to Raelyka, "There must be SOME preparation we can make for what is quite obviously an impending storm.." [19:52] Mazrian says to Talima, "You have a very sleek coat." [19:52] Synamon asks, "The noises maybe more people should investigate them?" [19:52] Raelyka says, "Yes. It is hard to prepare without more details, but we should make what preperations we can." [19:52] Talima says, "Uhm. . . . er. . . yes, I suppose." [19:52] Raelyka says, "As he said there is something to these visions that..." [19:52] You say to Synamon, "Good luck getting the Turmars to let you onto their lands. They kicked Halfrida out the second she finished talking with the miners." [19:53] Powerhaus asks, "Doesn't seem right?" [19:53] Asurun says, "It's all probability in the end." [19:53] Raelyka says, "Visions are rarely contradictory, though it's not unknown for particularly large nodes in Fate." [19:53] Synamon says to you, "I am kind of used to getting kicked out of places. there are always other ways." [19:53] Raelyka says, "Ones where a single decision can make sweeping changes in the future." [19:53] Zynara asks, "It is hard to prepare for a disaster when we're not really sure what the disaster may actually be.. Look at what happened with Ulf'hara Keep?" [19:54] Cypris says to Asurun, "I think you have a very valid point there, maybe moreso than we are looking at." [19:54] Mazrian asks, "Is it possible the visions are...crafted, I suppose? Some kind of propaganda?" [19:54] Raelyka says, "It is clear that Tiv and the Monks are at the heart of this." [19:54] Powerhaus asks, "A trick?" [19:54] Zynara asks Raelyka, "Is it?" [19:54] Raelyka says to Mazrian, "I've never heard of such a thing." [19:54] Cypris says to Powerhaus, "Exactly." [19:54] You say to Powerhaus, "That is a very troubling thought." [19:54] Powerhaus says to Raelyka, "The Children seem very crative." [19:55] Cypris asks you, "Would it be, if one person or being was creating them?" [19:55] Asurun says, "It would be a mighty to use visions in such a way, to manipluate some unknown response." [19:55] Synamon says, "The keep was destroyed because retreating and regrouping is the battle plan instead of attacking. alret should not be eating chicken while the keep smoldered, that is a travesty. perhaps it is a lesson and everyone should be more proactive and looking for answers before the moon mage guild is rubble too." [19:55] Cypris says, "I know I am not the only one here whom remembers the wars of the old days.." [19:55] Talima quietly says to Mazrian, "Thank you." [19:55] Rifkinn asks, "OR somehow its not directly concerned with the monks, but somehow the monks are just in the middle of it?" [19:55] Asurun says, "Mighty undertaking." [19:55] You ask, "I think that is more like realizing that your neighbor's homes, including your neighbors, have possibly been illusions this whole time. How could you now trust anything you see with your eyes?" [19:55] Raelyka says, "Prophecy can be tricky, but the greatest example I can think of is Tezirah's deception." [19:55] Powerhaus says to Synamon, "I don't believe we ever retreated." [19:56] Raelyka says, "But even then that wasn't raw prophecy, she used a prophecy delievered through another." [19:56] Raelyka says, "Not the whole scale corruption of the prophetic talent of every Moon Mage." [19:56] Synamon says to Powerhaus, "No, people just got drunk. sorry." [19:56] Raelyka says, "Is it possible? Maybe, but it would be unprecedented." [19:57] Miskton says, "I certainly hope not. It would be a potent weapon..." [19:57] Synamon says to Cyiarriah, "That seems like it might be either awful or awesome." [19:57] Talima quietly says, "It would require the corruption of something that would affect everyone's visions at once." [19:57] Talima quietly says, ". . . just a guess." [19:57] Cypris says, "A thought.." [19:58] Miskton says, "Aside from sowing confusion, it's quite possible for a vision to be so overwhelming that it leaves the viewer stunned. If someone could control either of those..." [19:58] Raelyka says, "Essentially. I'm not saying we should dismiss the theory." [19:58] Cypris asks, "What if ONE guildleader has become corrupted?" [19:58] Raelyka says, "Just that it seems unlikely." [19:58] Cypris asks, "Possibly using their influence to cause these visions?" [19:58] Powerhaus asks, "Could the Arbiter or Red-head possibly be swayed somehow?" [19:58] Raelyka says to Cypris, "This is beyond the power of any of the Guildleaders, or Taramaine for that matter." [19:58] Talima says to Cypris, "The guildleaders are powerful, but I doubt any one mage should be faulted for these visions." [19:59] Miskton says to Powerhaus, "Not by anyone mortal, I would think." [19:59] Raelyka asks Powerhaus, "Swayed?" [19:59] Cypris asks Talima, "Then a whole sect?" [19:59] Cypris says, "I don't see it.. not a whole group of good willing mages." [19:59] Talima says, "I am sure if one searches far enough, one could certainly find a thing, linked to prophecy, that would, when warped, produce misleading visions, but . . ." [19:59] Powerhaus says, "I'd imagine if you poked something enough." [19:59] Powerhaus says, "It'd poke back." [19:59] Raelyka asks, "Maybe a relic of the old days?" [20:00] Talima quietly says, "Honestly, the visions that I was exposed to from having Lunar eyes stare into my head reeked of sorcery." [20:00] Cypris asks, "Well.. do we have a member of each sect standing here whom we can trust to answer for their part of the guild?" [20:00] Raelyka says, "Troubling as this line of thought is, I do not know that it's terribly productive right now. Right now we're faced with visions that seemingly cannot all be true." [20:00] Powerhaus says, "Sorcery, some relic, or unknown or lost ability." [20:00] Powerhaus says, "Maybe even the will of the Immortals." [20:01] Raelyka says, "Which leaves us with, really, three options." [20:01] Zynara says to Miskton, "Whatever happened to that tympanum." [20:01] Cypris asks you, "Who are we missing?" [20:01] Raelyka says, "They're all true and we're missing something in reading them." [20:01] Miskton says to Zynara, "That vision is still happening, but I've not noticed any changes in the actual tympanum." [20:01] Zynara asks, "Did anyone ever determine if it had any function?" [20:01] Raelyka says, "That we're at massive inflection point and Fate is not yet set." [20:02] Raelyka says, "Or that, somehow, we cannot trust our visions." [20:02] Zynara says to Raelyka, "After what happened at the Keep, I find myself less trusting, that is for sure." [20:03] Powerhaus says, "Possible." [20:03] Cypris asks, "Do we have a nomad or gnar'pethian?" [20:03] Raelyka asks, "In this room?" [20:03] Cypris asks, "Pethian?" [20:03] Miskton asks Raelyka, "My apologies, but is there a particular point that you feel is contradictory?" [20:04] Asurun says, "All care should be taken not to incite the futures we hope to elude." [20:04] Cypris says, "I believe everyone else is represented.. though I have been asleep a long time and have probably missed much." [20:04] Raelyka says to Miskton, "The contradictions center on Tiv and his Guild." [20:04] Miskton says, "Ah, yes..." [20:05] Raelyka says, "The visions of this guildhall being destroyed, of the monks symbolic destruction." [20:05] Cypris says to Raelyka, "But by whom.. we need to know the source if we are to stop it." [20:06] Raelyka says to Cypris, "I do not have any answers for you." [20:06] Miskton says, "I had not thought of it in that light. I had seen a couple different ways both visions could happen... but neither of them would do much to reassure the guildleader, I think." [20:06] Raelyka says, "And yet, even with fairly clear visions of this guildhall being destroyed." [20:06] Raelyka says, "We see Tiv holding back whatever chaos is to come, standing within a stones throw of where we stand now." [20:07] Powerhaus asks, "Or he's the only survivor?" [20:07] Raelyka says, "We see darkness filling the sky over this very dome." [20:07] Cypris says, "I believe Zynara may have something important to add.." [20:07] Powerhaus asks, "But if they all seem wrong.. maybe it's backwards?" [20:07] Zynara says, "Well.. just seems like it was a natural disaster which destroyed the guild in those visions.." [20:07] Zynara asks, "Unless someone is able to control the volcano?" [20:07] Raelyka says, "There's other visions that imply the Monks are to be our saviors or the last hold outs or..." [20:08] Cypris says to Zynara, "That, however, sounds more like a Warrior Mage, rather than one of our kind." [20:08] Powerhaus says, "Or not." [20:08] Raelyka says to Zynara, "The volcano has been dormant for a long time, there's been no sign of an impending eruption." [20:08] Raelyka says, "Powerhaus has a point, however." [20:08] Cypris asks Raelyka, "What of the noises then?" [20:09] Rifkinn says to Raelyka, "What point was that? i starting to get rather lost." [20:09] Raelyka says to Cypris, "Which? Tiv told us the mountain has been silent. I haven't been here long." [20:09] You say, "I would hope they are possibilities, metaphorical or no." [20:09] Rifkinn says, "Powerhaus’s point that is." [20:09] Raelyka says to Rifkinn, "That if a volcano was going to be controlled by someone, that's more the realm of a Warrior Mage." [20:09] Cypris says to Raelyka, "I've been on the other side of the lake myself, but have heard of strange noises in these parts." [20:09] Digmo says, "Well, no master moon mage ever said much that wasn't at least cryptic." [20:10] Navesi says to Raelyka, "The Turmar miners have reported strange sounds in the mines." [20:10] Navesi says, "Although not noises that suggest eruption, really." [20:10] Powerhaus says, "The mines are between the two fists." [20:10] Zynara asks, "And were they not affected by some sort of gasses?" [20:10] Digmo says, "Not to mention the empath leaders who have been attacked, apparently, and had their eyes pulled out in the mines." [20:10] Talima quietly says, "And the Dai Ru'atin said that the song of Peri'el had changed." [20:10] Powerhaus asks, "Possibly?" [20:10] Navesi says to Zynara, "They were not." [20:10] Synamon says, "The ones in that cave in came out touched." [20:11] You say to Zynara, "Noone knows what caused their madness, or if they gouged out their eyes themselves." [20:11] Navesi says to Digmo, "No Empath leaders were attacked to my knowledge. Ten miners simply disappeared, and when they returned they were raving and eyeless." [20:11] Cyiarriah says, "They didn't disappear, there was a cave in." [20:11] Raelyka says, "This is the first I've heard of this. That is disturbing." [20:11] Rifkinn says to you, "I heard rumor the madness was caused because they came into contact with Evro." [20:11] Navesi says to Cyiarriah, "They simply disappeared. I have this from a good source." [20:11] Zynara asks, "Well.. did any of them say were handled by someone that took their eyes?" [20:11] Synamon says, "But they were in the mine and it collapsed." [20:11] Talima says to Digmo, "Empath . . . leaders? Those were miners. K'Halfbrida was sent to check on them." [20:11] Rifkinn says to you, "Hey im just sayin." [20:11] Powerhaus asks, "And they returned singing praises to Per'iel?" [20:12] Powerhaus says, "After gouging their eyes out." [20:12] Zynara asks, "Has anyone seen the Singer?" [20:12] Talima says, "They were found eyeless." [20:12] Digmo says, "Pretty big coincidence, cave in on the one day folk of importance are standin there." [20:12] Powerhaus says, "She was on her way to the mine I believe." [20:12] Zynara says, "It's these kinds of things she came to investigate." [20:12] Talima says, "Whether they or . . . some monster did it. . ." [20:12] You say, "Aye, last I heard she was going to speak with those miners." [20:12] Miskton says, "I'm hoping to get a chance to talk to her. She might have some insight on things like shadows coming up out of the earth." [20:12] Powerhaus says, "It all seemed related." [20:12] Talima quietly says, "And there was a vision about the song of Peri'el keeping other horrors of the deep quiet." [20:13] Powerhaus says, "And local..." [20:13] Powerhaus says, "And then visions of other horrors." [20:13] Navesi says, "Anyway, the noises heard in the mines do not seem to indicate eruption. They were described as scratching, humming, creaking... sometimes almost voices." [20:13] Raelyka says, "It is an interesting, if unfortunate, time to be a seer." [20:13] Cypris asks Navesi, "Creatures?" [20:14] Navesi says, "Unknown." [20:14] Raelyka says, "Though if the visions are any indication it seems it may be an unfortunate time to be anyone." [20:14] Raelyka says, "So, there's that." [20:14] Synamon asks, "That could be the children?" [20:14] Powerhaus says, "Sounds fun." [20:14] Synamon says, "The voices i mean." [20:14] Talima asks Synamon, ". . . do these children have a hunger for eyes?" [20:14] Raelyka asks, "The Children of Kalestraum?" [20:15] Raelyka says, "Who knows what they want. Eyes have never been on their list to my knowledge." [20:15] Powerhaus asks Cyiarriah, "Was it Botolf?" [20:15] Powerhaus says, "The thing with the Paladin eyes..." [20:15] Synamon says, "I don't know how they feel about eyes, but madness of visions could make some one want to pluck them out." [20:16] Miskton says, "If there's something the Children want in the mines, though, they might go to some lengths to drive people away... Seems like an odd plan, though." [20:16] Talima asks, "What about Botolf and eyes?" [20:16] Powerhaus says to Talima, "Sorcerer I got rid of back in the day." [20:16] Powerhaus says, "He worked with a priest of Botolf, collecting eyes for some monster or demon." [20:16] Powerhaus says, "Nasty stuff." [20:16] Talima says, "How strange." [20:16] Powerhaus says, "You have no idea." [20:16] Navesi says to Miskton, "The mines issue seems to be one related to Peri'el, and not the Children. If you ask me. But perhaps someone is disrupting the Song." [20:16] Raelyka says, "Nothing you've described sounds like the usual patterns, if they can be said to have them, of the Children." [20:17] Powerhaus says, "Just a weird memory." [20:17] Rifkinn says, "Seems like there is to much being discussed. all at once." [20:17] Cypris says, "There is something here that we're not seeing, I'm convinced of it." [20:17] Powerhaus says, "Happens." [20:18] Powerhaus says, "Find what's missing in all of the visions.." [20:18] Powerhaus says, "If they're all related." [20:18] You say to Cypris, "There really is just so little that we are seeing, it is hard to know where to start." [20:18] Cypris says to you, "But on the same coin, we have seen a lot, too." [20:18] Raelyka says, "The web has been very... fluid and loud as late." [20:19] Zynara asks Miskton, "What was the name of that firemaiden?" [20:19] You say to Cypris, "I don't know that it's safe to say that, I've no comparison for what is beginning." [20:19] Zynara says, "Wipka? something like that." [20:19] Powerhaus says, "Wipka." [20:19] Powerhaus asks, "Was?" [20:19] Rifkinn asks, "Didn't the children have something to do with probability and Teleologic sorcery, and intern that would also involve this Pelag ai Aldam fella? i mean maybe put them at odds with each other?" [20:19] Powerhaus asks, "Think it died?" [20:19] Cypris says, "I think, perhaps, we should think more of the comment that Lord Tiv made.." [20:19] Cypris says, "Referring to 'the end'." [20:19] You say, "Wipka has been destroyed, yes." [20:20] Powerhaus exclaims, "Whoosh!" [20:20] Powerhaus says, "That was neat." [20:20] Raelyka says to Rifkinn, "That is a rather simple way to put it, yes." [20:20] Raelyka says, "The Children do have "something to do with probability and Teleologic Sorcery" and, yes, that would put them at odds with Pelag ai Aldam." [20:21] Raelyka says, "Of course, he's at odds with the entire Guild as well." [20:21] Miskton says, "Though it doesn't take sorcery to get on Pelag ai Aldam's bad side." [20:21] Powerhaus says, "Poking too much..." [20:21] Rifkinn says to Raelyka, "And that is what i meant by my earlier statement that maybe the guild is just being caught up in the middle of something." [20:21] Rifkinn says, "But hey, all this is why i'm no Moon mage." [20:21] Raelyka says, "He's... sad, in his own way." [20:21] Cypris says to Raelyka, "Sad? I'd just go with mean." [20:22] Raelyka says to Rifkinn, "Being the messenger tends to draw us into all sorts of messes we otherwise would not be involved in." [20:22] Raelyka asks, "Maybe not sad. Tragic? Unfortunate?" [20:22] Cypris says, "Tragic, yes.. he causes US to be unfortunate." [20:23] Raelyka says, "He doesn't hate us by choice." [20:23] Rifkinn says to Raelyka, "Your preaching to the choir on that one, try being the messanger that Necromancy should not be tolerated." [20:23] Rifkinn says, "But i digress, carry on all." [20:23] Raelyka says to Rifkinn, "That seems a rather common message." [20:24] Rifkinn says to Raelyka, "Not to enough people ive found Ma'am." [20:24] Asurun says, "I think I should take my leave before i lose my beam." [20:24] Talima flatly says, "Sorcery should be put to the torch." [20:24] Zynara says, "Is it possible that the quantity of impressions are such as to confuse or divert us from the one or ones that are." [20:24] Zynara says, "Most important." [20:25] Zynara says, "Darned I sure miss the backtrace ability." [20:25] Cypris exclaims to Zynara, "ME TOO!" [20:25] Raelyka says, "Whatever the case." [20:26] Raelyka says, "It is important that face it united as a Guild." [20:26] Cypris says, "Maybe not just our guild.." [20:26] Cypris says, "This very well may involve many others, and we are the only ones able to see it." [20:26] Raelyka says, "We cannot let ourselves turn inwards as has happened in the past." [20:27] Raelyka says, "That nearly destroyed the Guild once, it could still do so and then it would not matter what force is out to get us - Dergati, the Children, Pelag ai Aldam..." [20:27] Zynara says, "Oy." [20:27] Raelyka says to Cypris, "Of course. There are threats beyond the Guild here, and we can use all the allies we can find." [20:27] Raelyka says to Cypris, "And they need us as well." [20:28] Cypris says, "We, as a guild, will be the first to see the events that may unfold in the future- I think that we should put as much effort into finding out what is coming as possible." [20:30] Vansiil says, "Sure is quiet in here." [20:30] Raelyka says, "Ew." [20:30] Raelyka says, "Melancholy is more the word that comes to mind." [20:30] Synamon asks, "He can't see so well, maybe that is the best way to recognize people?" [20:31] Raelyka says, "I deeply, deeply, hope this is the first time he's learned what I taste like." [20:31] Rifkinn says to Raelyka, "Just be thankful hes not prydaen, if you know what i mean." [20:32] Vansiil says, "I have my own book of secrets." [20:33] Raelyka says, "I wish there was more I could do for Tiv, I fear how much this weighs on him." [20:33] Talima quietly says, "Thank you for entertaining our questions, and for enlightening us, such as you are able." [20:34] Cypris asks Raelyka, "Will you be in the province for much longeR?" [20:34] Talima says, "I do hope the guildleader fares better." [20:34] Raelyka says to Talima, "Of course. Knowledge is meant to be shared." [20:34] Raelyka says to Cypris, "I will be where my studies call me." [20:34] You say, "Aye thank you, and my thanks to the Guildleader as well." [20:34] Rifkinn asks Zynara, "Has the Barron ever mention of opening up that thing west of Theren, that has something to do with Dergati dosnt it?" [20:34] Rifkinn exclaims, "Oh!" [20:34] Raelyka says to Cypris, "You know as well as I do that provincial boarders mean little to us." [20:35] Icorigas says, "I have urgent dispatches from his Grace for the princess or her representitive." [20:35] Cypris says to Raelyka, "A lot more now than they used to, it seems." [20:35] Icorigas asks, "May I place them in your care?" [20:36] Zynara asks, "The Court Adjutant may be able to take them?" [20:36] Cyiarriah says, "Sorry.." [20:36] Cypris says, "To my thoughts for just a moment.." [20:36] Zynara says to Cyiarriah, "Court Herald Icorigas has something for you it seems." [20:36] Icorigas says, "This is a matter most urgent." [20:36] Cyiarriah says, "I can take those for you." [20:37] Icorigas says, "His Grace will await an answer." [20:37] Cyiarriah says, "I will make sure they get delivered." [20:37] Icorigas says, "I am sorry for the interruption." [20:38] Rifkinn says to Synamon, "Hey, in company of the theren court and they didnt tell you to leave or arrest you." [20:39] Synamon says to Rifkinn, "I am not banned. we have talked about this." [20:39] Vansiil says, "They would have no jurisdiction here I think." [20:39] Raelyka says, "We are technically on Therengian soil." [20:39] Powerhaus says, "Seems they were busy." [20:40] Raelyka says, "But, no, borders do not tend to mean much on the Lesser Fist." [20:40] Rifkinn says to Synamon, "And we are technically in Theren aswell i believe." [20:40] Synamon says, "I have been good, so it is silly anyway. besides, there is a lot more important things happening than worrying about an empath." [20:40] Digmo says, "Unless this place somehow is in no one's jurisdiction Therengia would be the governing force here." [20:40] Powerhaus says, "Not really serviceable land." [20:40] Powerhaus says, "Or minable." [20:40] Powerhaus says, "Water boils." [20:40] Powerhaus says, "Too dangerous." [20:41] Raelyka says, "There is little here that is of interest to anyone outside the Moon Mage Guild." [20:41] Powerhaus says, "I like the view." [20:41] Talima calmly says, "People will argue over who gets to control the land, the sea, even the skies can see a dispute . . . but few argue over who is entitled to the fire." [20:41] Raelyka says, "That is, part, of why Tiv likes it so much here I think." [20:42] Rifkinn says, "Well Olvi own it all anyway." [20:42] Zynara says, "Pardon that interruption." [20:42] Raelyka says, "It is full of traces of the sect's past and remote enough to leave him and his students in relative peace." [20:42] Synamon says, "That makes sense." [20:42] Powerhaus says, "I'd imagine a volcano would be a good place for some of Tiv's relics to disappear to as well." [20:43] Rifkinn says, "YEs not like Moonmage Relics havent never caused any damage before." [20:43] Zynara says to Rifkinn, "Don't remind me." [20:43] Powerhaus says, "Depends on what you throw in though." [20:43] Cypris says to Powerhaus, "Maybe a lot of these thoughts that we've been having should be put together.." [20:43] Raelyka says to Powerhaus, "The Greater Fist perhaps." [20:43] Powerhaus says, "I'm curious about the red in the visions." [20:43] Cypris says, "The volcano, multiple visions to distract us, a single guildhall or sect.." [20:44] Powerhaus says, "Red sun." [20:44] Powerhaus says, "Red in the shadows." [20:44] Zynara says, "Red on the staircase." [20:44] Cypris says, "Blood on the hands and ground.." [20:44] Vansiil asks, "Was a new vision seen recently?" [20:44] Zynara says to Vansiil, "Define recently." [20:44] Powerhaus says to Raelyka, "It was that one in fact." [20:44] Vansiil asks, "Mmmm, newer rather than older?" [20:45] Zynara says, "Many." [20:45] Raelyka says to Powerhaus, "You've spent too much time around Moon Mages for someone of your training." [20:45] Cypris says to Vansiil, "Its been a perceptual madhouse as of late." [20:45] Powerhaus says, "I get around." [20:45] Synamon says to Vansiil, "Tiv was talking about his involvement in the visions. it seems like he is a little or a lot, mostly a lot, stressed about their meaning." [20:46] Zynara says, "Which is completely unlike the impression in which he appears so very calm, cool, and collected." [20:46] Raelyka says to Synamon, "Understandably." [20:46] Digmo asks, "Did he say something about Dergati?" [20:47] Raelyka says, "Tiv? No." [20:47] Cyiarriah says, "Cherulisa mentioned Dergati." [20:47] Powerhaus asks, "Mentioned the Kul'datz?" [20:47] Cypris says, "Ah, thoughts a moment.." [20:47] Powerhaus says, "Deagati and transmorphing or something." [20:47] Zynara asks, "Akul'tiz?" [20:47] Raelyka says, "She had the right of it. That particular prophecy is badly fragmented but does speak of Dergati and some sort of dark transformation." [20:47] Miskton says, "Akul'tiz." [20:47] Powerhaus says, "That's it." [20:47] Zynara says to Miskton, "I think that's elemental mage translation." [20:47] Powerhaus asks, "What language is that?" [20:48] Powerhaus asks, "S'kra?" [20:48] Zynara says, "Not sure.." [20:49] Talima quietly says to herself, "It does not sound like S'kra Mur, but then there are the dialects . . ." [20:49] Raelyka says to Powerhaus, "You did have an interesting point about all the red in the visions. It merits further study." [20:49] Navesi quietly says, "Flame and darkness everywhere." [20:50] Digmo says, "When Dergati's Eye swallowed up that star a few months ago, I wondered at the time what affect that would have on the planes of probability." [20:50] Digmo asks, "Could this be connected in some way to that?" [20:50] Liurilias says, "Good morning, all." [20:50] Miskton says, "Darkness oozing OUT of the palace at Throne City is a bit odd, compared to some of the other visions." [20:50] Rifkinn says to Liurilias, "Hello there brother." [20:50] Digmo says, "Certainly could be called a sort of transformation." [20:50] Talima asks, "Ah, morning already?" [20:50] Navesi says to Liurilias, "Good morning, Inquisitor." [20:51] Raelyka says to Digmo, "It could be. Such a rare omen, it's hard to say." [20:51] Liurilias quietly says to Rifkinn, "Good morning to you as well, Brother." [20:51] Cypris says, "Gah.. I thought it was much later." [20:51] Raelyka says, "And the portent around the Wolf has not yet faded either." [20:51] Zynara asks Raelyka, "Has anyone asked what your thoughts on the Wolf and the cloud which is covering it?" [20:51] Zynara says, "Oh there we go." [20:51] Powerhaus says, "I was thinking about that.." [20:51] Powerhaus asks, "What color?" [20:51] Zynara asks, "Red and black I believe?" [20:51] Liurilias quietly says to Navesi, "Good morning to you, too. Please don't let me interrupt." [20:51] You say, "The plume? Purple-brown, I think." [20:51] Cypris says, "It was black earlier.." [20:52] Navesi says to Liurilias, "Not at all. We have just been discussing the visions." [20:52] Raelyka says, "I've searched and found no past references to this particular omen." [20:52] Zynara says, "Thought I saw some red and black on it, but I could be totally mistaken." [20:52] Cypris says, "I believe, as black as katamba.." [20:52] Cypris says to Zynara, "I could also be wrong." [20:52] Miskton says, "It was red and purplish-brown last I checked. But it does seem to have been changing." [20:52] Cypris says to Zynara, "My vision is deteriorating in my old age." [20:52] Miskton says, "The cloud has been getting closer to the constellation." [20:53] Zynara says, "Aye.. the last time I looked, it was nearly fully covered." [20:53] Rifkinn asks, "So the cloud is creating some kind of shadow?" [20:53] Cypris says, "I observed the wolf all last eve.." [20:53] Zynara says, "I looked at it very recently.. I should check my notes." [20:54] Raelyka says, "Forgive me, I seem have lost track of the time... I should sleep shortly, I've been up all night." [20:54] Raelyka asks, "Is there anything else I can do for you all before I take my leave?" [20:54] Talima says, "Sleep well, Ma'am." [20:55] Powerhaus says, "Thank you fro the time as well." [20:55] Cypris says to Raelyka, "Thank you for your time." [20:55] Powerhaus asks Raelyka, "Give us all the answers?" [20:55] Navesi says to Raelyka, "Thank you for your patience and willingness to speak with us." [20:55] Zynara says to Miskton, "You were correct." [20:55] You say to Raelyka, "Thank you for visiting with us." [20:55] Raelyka says to Powerhaus, "I wish I had more to give." [20:55] Zynara says, "Red and purpleish brown." [20:55] Rifkinn says to Raelyka, "Nice meeting you ma'aM remember to stop by Arthdale on your way back south." [20:55] Cyiarriah says, "Thanks." [20:55] Cypris asks Powerhaus, "You really think it'd be THAT easy?" [20:55] Cyiarriah says, "One of my favorites." [20:55] Powerhaus asks Cypris, "Doesn't hurt to ask?" [20:55] Raelyka says to Rifkinn, "I'm unlikely to pass that way." [20:55] Zynara says to Raelyka, "It was a pleasure to meet you." [20:55] Powerhaus says, "Well maybe Kssarh." [20:55] Raelyka says, "I tend to take shorter routes." [20:55] Rifkinn says, "To bad." [20:55] Liurilias asks Rifkinn, "Making friends again?" [20:55] Powerhaus says, "That'd hurt.." [20:55] Powerhaus says, "Windows..." [20:55] Cypris says to Powerhaus, "Getting colder..." [20:56] Rifkinn exclaims to Liurilias, "Always!" [20:56] Rifkinn says, "You miss alot when you take shortcuts." [20:56] Raelyka says, "Please, do what you can for Tiv. He's done so much for the Guild." [20:56] Cypris says to Rifkinn, "We're moon mages, we're made of shortcuts." [20:56] Synamon asks Rifkinn, "Can you take anything but short cuts?" [20:56] Rifkinn says to Cypris, "Yes and look at the visions your having."

Raelyka waves.

Heritage Keeper Raelyka climbed down a rough winding stair.

[20:57] Synamon says to Liurilias, "He made it really easy." [20:57] Rifkinn says to Synamon, "I heard that." [20:57] Cypris says to Rifkinn, "A point not to be ignored, but not necesarrily connected either." [20:57] Synamon says to Rifkinn, "I didn't whisper."

Guildleader Tiv climbed up a rough winding stair.

Tiv studies the faces around him.

[20:58] Rifkinn says to Tiv, "Back again Sir." [20:58] Cypris says to Tiv, "You return, sir." [20:58] Tiv says, "Yes. I have a duty here, there are students counting on me." [20:58] Powerhaus says, "Excellent." [20:59] Tiv says, "If you'll excuse me again, I'll get to that."

Guildleader Tiv goes west.

[20:59] Zynara says, "He's a fast mover." [20:59] Zynara says, "Very spry." [20:59] Miskton says, "Looks like he's feeling a bit better, at least." [20:59] Navesi says, "He is efficient." [20:59] Cypris says, "Well.. he should be." [21:00] Zynara says to Miskton, "Perhaps he meditated some and regained is calm." [21:00] Powerhaus says, "Interesting." [21:00] Zynara says, "So much going on." [21:00] Powerhaus asks Cyiarriah, "Work?" [21:00] Cyiarriah says, "Yeah, guess so." [21:01] Powerhaus says, "Ahh. well it was a pleasure everyone." [21:01] Powerhaus says, "I think." [21:01] Zynara says to Cyiarriah, "Travel well.." [21:01] Powerhaus says, "Good luck with all... this." [21:01] Cypris says, "Pleasure and problems.." [21:01] Liurilias says to Zynara, "With all the visions your folk see, I think I'm glad it takes a bit more effort for us to seek ours." [21:01] Powerhaus says, "N that." [21:01] Cyiarriah says to Zynara, "Thank you." [21:01] Synamon says, "It is pretty in here." [21:01] Powerhaus says, "I'm sure i'll see you around." [21:01] Rifkinn asks Synamon, "Arnt you banned from therengia?" [21:01] Zynara says to Rifkinn, "It's rather a grey area here.." [21:02] Synamon says to Rifkinn, "I am being good and your foot hair is tangled." [21:02] Rifkinn says, "Yes yes, always the foot hair." [21:02] Zynara asks, "Alright.. did we actually learn anything useful?" [21:02] Cypris says, "I like Synamon- Arkarm or not." [21:02] Zynara asks, "Or do we have more questions than when we started?" [21:03] You ask, "Does learning more questions count?" [21:03] Rifkinn says to Liurilias, " oh i actully got one." [21:03] Rifkinn says, "Errr." [21:03] Zynara says to Cypris, "We're going to have to have a conversation or five Recruit." [21:03] Synamon says, "There seems to be a connection really, with the miner and the visions and poor Tiv being stressed." [21:03] Rifkinn says, "And if memory serves, i think the Arkarm gave it to me." [21:03] Liurilias asks Zynara, "Recruit?" [21:04] Rifkinn says to Synamon, "I got that." [21:04] Rifkinn says, "And im no moonmage." [21:05] Liurilias says to Zynara, "Your Lothenai recruit could use more favor with the Immortals." [21:05] Rifkinn says to Liurilias, "Everyone else was whispering." [21:06] You exclaim, "I think it is time to wander back south. Have a good mornin'!" [21:06] Synamon says, "It is really pretty here, even in a volcano." [21:06] Talima quietly says, "Quite beautiful." [21:06] Miskton says, "Have a nice day, all."

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