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Re: Title Saving · on 12/05/2012 12:52 AM CST 647
>>For instance having new bow skill give old longbow skills.

Why? You're still a master at longbow. You're also a master at shortbow and composite bow but that doesn't mean you can't express how much you love longbows with your title. Remember that titles
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are a way for you to express the way that your character is renown.

>>it would make my accomplishment trivial if someone can just use their new athletic ranks and get an escaping title.

I neither intend nor have any way to restrict escaping titles to only people who used to have a lot of escaping. Sorry :-\. Same goes with any skill. We don't have a record of what skills you used to have, so we can't give you titles based on them. The only data we have is the skills you currently have, and that means that if you've got 500 ranks in bows, you get the longbow, short bow, and composite bow titles, and if you have 500 ranks in athletics, you get the swimming and climbing titles. There's no way around it.

This message was originally posted in DragonRealms 3.0 \ General Discussions, by DR-SOCHARIS on the forums.