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Re: Title Notification · on 07/02/2011 01:40 PM CDT 863
To bring up some numbers...

There are currently approximately 3500 titles in the system. Because of how they are stored, I'd basically have to run a request on the entire set before something changes, then after something changes and take the difference.

Title can change based on the following (and this is not a comprehensive list):

Skills going up (or down)
Stats going up (or down)
Obtaining or losing a boat
Becoming an Estate Holder
Obtaining Circle X
Obtaining/Losing a spell.
Doing something guild specific (resurrections, predictions, etc...)
Changing gender
Adding or removing money from a bank
Committing a crime
Paying a fine
Changing number of favor, deaths or departs

And others.

Even as a GM, I have to confirm that I really want to evaluate all titles for a character to get their full list. To make it automatically tell you would be approximately 24,000 checks every single time anything changed.

So, yeah...

-GM Obseden

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