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Re: Ticket Items and Raffles! · on 11/09/2013 03:44 PM CST 3134
>>Can you say what crafting tier (AKA difficulty to craft) katanas are?

I was going to make it Tier 12, and then had a change of heart. It is Tier 10 and good for two uses. The skill range for master-crafting a weapon at that difficulty will be 500 ranks to 1200 ranks depending on a multitude of factors. Not easy, but not impossible either.

As for stats, I tried very hard to make it close to what your 2HE/HE katanas have been in the past (minus the enchanted screaming noises). I forged a few myself, and could in some instances get a level higher on the balance, power and puncture at a lower weight. Granted, I know how to eek the most out of each mix... you'll just have to experiment :P

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