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Re: The State of Targeted Magic · on 3/3/2009 12:56:02 AM 2184
>>Are multi-shot spells pulse spells? Are they two different things? Is CL subject to the pulse-spell problems?

>>Pulse spells are TKS, new Shadow Web, Fire Rain, etc. Anything that's instant is a multi-shot spell.

The 'Pulse Spell System' is a subsystem of magic that is used by spells that either generate effects independent of the CAST verb (such as Dragon's Breath, Fire Rain, or Crystal Spike) or generate multiple identical effects with a single CAST (such as Frostbite, Gar Zeng, or Chain Lightning).

The system is used to preserve important values so that each new effect of the spell is treated like a fresh cast and the victim doesn't benefit from the resistance or barriers of others. (Among other things, which I can't reveal.)

Any type of spell (contested, beneficial, or targeted) can use the pulse system, but targeted spells encounter a unique problem: the target time (used to calculate accuracy) isn't preserved. This led to the static penalty workaround that is now causing spells with an instant (and usually multi-shot) effect to become more accurate than spells that don't use the pulse system.

Multi-shot, delayed-effect, and area effect spells all use the pulse system (if they don't, they tend to break the magic system). The only spells that shouldn't use it are single-target, single-effect spells.

Area effect spells can be delayed-effect (Fire Rain) and multi-shot (Chain Lightning). Multi-shot spells can be delayed-effect (Harm Horde). They are all considered 'pulse' spells.

Delayed-effect spells that are neither area effect nor multi-shot, because of the delay between effects, will not require additional target time.

Area effect spells, because they have the potential to affect multiple targets, will require additional target time.

Multi-shot spells, because they create multiple strikes, will require additional target time.

- GM Wythor

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