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The Eternal Climb · on 10/24/2007 08:57 PM CDT 560

As of tonight, a few things have changed about the Aesry stairs. Before I get into the details, let me preface by saying that there's more to come later. The following changes are currently live in Prime and Platinum:

(1) It is now possible to reduce the time required to climb the stairs with sufficient climbing skill. There is a cap on how low you can reduce the time, but it's still a substantial reduction.

(2) When travelling with a group, the climbing skill of the group leader is used to determine the climb speed. This means people with high climbing skill can lead less skilled individuals up faster.

(3) The base experience per climb has been increased. However, the experience per climb is based largely on the time required to make the climb (and this is actually how it has always been), so the faster you can get up the stairs, the lower the experience. However...

(4) The stairs will now award experience indefinitely, instead of cutting off after a certain point as they did before. However, since the exp drops as the climb speed increases, once you cap out the climb speed you'll be at a much lower experience award, but at least you'll be getting something, unlike the present situation at higher skill levels. Note: even though the experience drops as the climb speed increases, you still come out ahead, since by the time your speed drops to where you are below the old experience levels, you are past the point where the old system would have cut you off completely.

(5) Because the base experience has been raised, and because the speed can be trained down, we also put in an experience timer to discourage long-term scripters on the stairs. Once you've hit a certain number of climbs over a given period of time, you'll no longer receive experience from the stairs for a while. To make this simple, if you just use the stairs to get from Point A to Point B (the docks to the gate, or visa versa), you'll get full experience. If you try scripting up and down the stairs continuously, you'll be waisting your time. The goal here is basic; reward people for using the stairs to get where they are going, discourage mindless scripting of the stairs for experience.

Please post replies, comments, concerns, and bugs in the DragonRealms>Places, Cities, and Provinces>Aesry folder.

TF will follow on Friday if nothing major breaks.

- GM Dartenian

This message was originally posted in Places, Cities and Provinces of DragonRealm's Elanthia \ Aesry Surlaenis'a, by DR-DARTENIAN on the forums.