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Re: Tentative Paladin Spell List · on 08/17/2011 10:36 PM CDT 1100
Ok, Going to try and answer all questions asked up to this point :P

Regarding new spells:
There will likely be one new spell, and possibly two. I haven't ironed them out with the magic team yet, so give me some time on those. I wanted to get this out to you guys sooner rather than later, so I opted to post the list without these spells. And one of them on the block is the "yank to melee with no hide/retreat" spell that has no name as of yet. :)

HOW and stance points:
There is a reason for the 'loss' of the extra stance points that this spell gives. In the new combat system, the addition of 60 stance points would be a very large buff, and while it is an esoteric spell, neither myself or any other GM would allow it to be that powerful. Discussions were had about lowering the stance points granted, but in the end it was decided that this would likely be more beneficial than a very low boost to stance points.

Stun Foe:
It will not affect the balance of the target. What happens with combat while the person is stunned may affect their balance, but the spell itself won't touch balance.

This spell basically amplifies the damage you output until the spell fades. So it is different than what it does now, but probably effective in more situations.

Tipping the Scales:
The balance swapping portion of the spell is gone, yes.

>>Like the wisdom buff. The point effect is nice as well. So if I'm understanding correctly, if you see someone mark/stalk/steal with sixth sense, successful up to getting a name at least, you could potentially not have to search them out after?

Correct, this is no longer to transfer a favor to a deader. In this age of DR, it is very easy to get favors, and death isn't the awful thing that it used to be, so this seemed to be a more useful action for the spell.

>>I didn't see any advanced or esoteric Debilitation spells. Also, no esoteric Augmentation. Intended?
For now, yes.

>>I would like to see additional options for basic utility.
Such as? :)

>>Will the intelligence and wisdom buffs have any effect on the learning mechanics?
I believe so, but I'll need to double check this to be sure.

>>Just to be clear: will Divine Armor continue to improve shield protection?

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