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Re: Tentative Empath Magic 3.0 Spell List · on 2/9/2011 3:22:20 PM 4748
>>I don't think "harder" should mean "impossible" at the higher levels. Again - 75th circle "fighter" with a 35th circle avenger means I could be laying down with the critter in my grips, lethargized and/or sleeping, paralyzed, and anything else you want to stack on top...that avenger will be whiffing.

This is where manipulation will fit in, unless you are fighting a construct (then just attack it yourself) or the undead (here you're just out of luck).

As I said before, many of the spells in the new list are designed with an eye to making manipulated creatures or not-quite-there-yet avengers useful even if they are fighting something on par, or even outclassed by a fair margin.

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