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Temple Meeting (Log) · on 4/25/2009 7:00:22 PM 4008
For those that don't read the Forf folder, here is a log of the Announcement (wasn't really a meeting).

Also, now that the system is active, the cambrinth orb requires recharging the mana. Was down to "a lot" when I checked this evening.


[Ve Aevan Gaenan, The High Altar] The gentle touch of the sun is caught by the temple's great skylight high overhead, falling in rays of prismatic light upon a large metallic altar poised on this pale granite platform. The varied colors cast down from the domed Eyes of the Thirteen add to the day's brush of illumination, melding softly upon the altar's reflective surface. From this sacred point, the massive chamber sweeps majestically upwards, stairways and benches rising to meet the archways and domes of light that circle above. Also here: Prince Vorclaf, High Priestess Tallis, Temple Inquisitor Khurek. Obvious exits: north, northeast, southeast, south, southwest, northwest.

Tallis nods with a quiet sigh. Tallis gazes up to the sea of benches surrounding the high altar platform. Tallis says, "Welcome, good citizens." Tallis smiles. Tallis says, "Let us begin." Vorclaf gives a slight nod. Tallis says, "It saddens me beyond words that the deluge of western Undead continues to threaten our world." Tallis says, "But all of us must remember..." Tallis says, "There are battles going on beyond our ken, my faithful. The gods have their own battles to fight, and so do we. As Rutilor rises to face the menace which the Bloodworm heralds, so must we." Tallis says, "Our esteemed sister Denizelva came to us with her invaluable wisdom in the past month, and has very recently departed for her distant temple. I say this to assuage the worries of any Forfedhdarian brethren that may be present with us today." Tallis opens her arms in a sweeping gesture. Tallis says, "The enlightened purpose and insight that went into rebuilding this bastion of faith have shown themselves once again at this time of great jeopardy." Tallis says, "Dear Prince, you have our deepest gratitude for the immense support you have given us in reinvigorating the temple defenses. May Chadatru's light never fade from your dynasty." Tallis smiles at Vorclaf. Vorclaf says, "You will continue to have that support. Merely speak the words." Vorclaf gives Tallis a slight nod. Tallis says, "We stand now underneath the protective gaze of the Eyes of the Thirteen, and soon their protection shall extend to the entirety of the temple." Tallis turns her gaze upward to the great iris of the dome. Tallis says, "By Lemicus's grace, the Temple Beacon now shines bright so that refugees from distant lands may find solace within our walls." Tallis says, "May our Moon Mages make the best use out of this boon." Tallis says, "We are going to erect the Temple Shield after this meeting so as to allow you citizens time to obtain the sacred glass orbs you will require to enter its shelter." Tallis says, "Now, I should introduce Khurek here, the temple inquisitor I am appointing with the approval of Ulf'Hara." Tallis gives Vorclaf a slight nod. Khurek bows to Tallis. Khurek bows to Vorclaf. Vorclaf gives Khurek a slight nod. Tallis says, "I do not wish to try and soften the graveness of this matter. He is officially tasked with actively hunting and executing Necromancers in our city, employing whatever means necessary." Tallis says, "The proofs I have been presented with proofs of such corruption have been enough. They cannot be dealt with benignly any longer." Tallis says, "Khurek, you have my blessing to travel to other provinces as needed, but you will seek the respective ruler's acknowledgement before attempting anything drastic." Khurek nods slowly. Vorclaf gazes at Khurek. Tallis says, "Please, my faithful, do not get in his way. Let him do his job, and the innocent will hopefully be spared." Tallis glances at Khurek. Vorclaf says, "You've officially gotten mine. If you run into any... concerns..." Vorclaf says to Khurek, "Deal with them." Khurek says, "I will, Your Majesty, I will. Thank you." Tallis says to Khurek, "I am providing you with a most valuable relic to aid your mission." Khurek's eyes twinkle with interest as he leans forward. With a glance from Tallis, one of the waiting acolytes hurries forth to reverently hand Khurek a shard of cold metal wrapped in black gossamer layers. He quickly returns to his place, wiping his hand on his robe. Tallis asks Khurek, "Do you know what this is?" Khurek says, "Yes, I do, yes. Karszen's..." Tallis gives a slight nod. Tallis says to Khurek, "It is yours for the time being. However, it can never leave the temple grounds." Khurek says, "But of course, Mother." Khurek bows. Tallis scrutinizes Khurek's olive-hued face for a few moments, then turns her back. Tallis says to Vorclaf, "My apologies, Prince, I wish to retire to my quarters for a much-needed meditation now." Vorclaf says to Tallis, "Thank you, High Priestess. And good luck. I do believe we'll need it." Vorclaf gives Tallis a slight nod. Vorclaf glances at Khurek. Tallis smiles faintly. High Priestess Tallis steps down from the platform, heading northwest. Khurek lowers his head, his face hidden by the shadow of his cowl. A black-robed priest steps onto the platform and announces, "The Holy Mother is weary and will not be accepting questions at this time. The Temple thanks you all for coming and remaining cognizant of such important matters." G'nar Pethian Vansiil just arrived, stepping up onto the platform. Vansiil whistles a merry tune. Vansiil gets a shot of Thunder Mule whiskey from atop a metallic altar. Vansiil says, "Fergot me whiskey.." Vansiil nods to Vorclaf. Vansiil nods to Khurek. G'nar Pethian Vansiil steps down from the platform, heading southeast. Vorclaf gives Khurek a slight nod. Vorclaf says to Khurek, "Good hunting." Khurek bows to Vorclaf. Prince Vorclaf steps down from the platform, heading southwest.

~~ You see Temple Inquisitor Khurek, a Gor'Tog Cleric. Khurek has ale-brown eyes. He has dusky olive skin and a thin build. He is venerable for a Gor'Tog. He has a tattoo of a fist of dark clouds holding a sword made of lightning on his neck. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a glossy purple-black obsidian vulture symbol, a black silken cowl, a mottled dark grey robe of steelsilk embroidered across the back with a large red spiral, a silver-edged lochaber axe, a belted kidskin baldric tooled with sinuous maiden's tress vines, a sturdy leather pack and a pair of dusty basilisk-hide boots.

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