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Re: Tablas!? · on 09/19/2013 08:46 PM CDT 2323
Just so no one panics, this is only live in TF at the moment.

>With 1550 Performance, I'm unable to play even off-key scales (the least difficult play style) without getting the "You fumble slightly" messaging. Are they intended to be THAT difficult? For reference, with bagpipes (which I believe are the next most difficult instrument) I get the "You effortlessly begin" messaging with a masterful concerto, the most difficult play style. Even with a capped ECRY and a PRACTICE bonus, I'm still only able to get "You begin an off-key ruff on your silver tabla," with off-key scales.

>Not complaining, just curious if they were meant to be that much more difficult. I don't think it would even be possible to play a concerto with 1750 ranks, buffed!

They are meant to be difficult. With the way the system works (possibly it uses voodoo, I don't know for sure) the trade off for being able to learn at higher ranks is never being able to play it well. I did some extensive testing myself, but the reason I threw it out to you guys in TF is that I need more practical testing to see if it is doable, learnable and feels comfortable from a player standpoint. I can sit there and test it all I want before release, but when it comes right down to it, I'm not playing as you guys would.

The jump in difficulty versus learning has to be extremely higher (than bagpipes as you noticed) in order for you guys to actually LEARN something at those higher ranks. If I take it down too much more, you aren't going to be learning as efficiently (at least, as efficiently as I hope you're learning now, still would like some feedback on that. You can email me directly with that if you'd like.)

Voodoo. Really.


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