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TM and Ranged Adjustments · on 01/04/2014 12:10 AM CST 482
Howdy folks. Ok, spent my whole evening on this but I think we are making progress.

There was a bug affecting all ranged combat, and it was penalizing TM to a large degree and bows to a very small degree. Fixing it required some changes to ... too many things, so essentially here is where we ended up -

* Ranged weapon POWER will now be factored in more heavily to the damage cap.

* High quality bows and all crossbows should deal about 5-10% more damage at the high-end.

* TM spells overall should do about 80% more damage.

* The damage cap on multi-shot spells was increased by 33%.

- Multi-shot spells should now message a wider range of damage types despite doing less damage per shot than a normal TM spell

- Was necessary to prevent multishot spells from never messaging above "light hits". May need some uptweaking still.

- Multi-shot spells should do:

~ Better damage than single-shot TM versus lightly armored targets
~ Similar damage to medium armored targets
~ Worse damage to heavily armored targets

- Multi-shot spells appear to take 50% longer to target

- Multi-shot spells have a small accuracy bonus built in, and a moderate defensive penalty to the defender

- Multi-shot niche is accuracy, more-easily killing stuff lower circle than you, and annihilating things with little armor.

- This is all subject to change. My testing just revealed it was not working well and I'm trying a hail mary here to make it do something fun.

* Min prep TM damage should be about 70% of a capped bow shot.

* Max prep TM damage should be about 125% of a capped bow shot.

The way armor and damage mitigation works, 25% comes out to more in the end. It also increases chance to stun and cause physical wounds. It may need to go higher, but I want to test this level out first.

Please let me know what you think. Any numbers you can provide will be helpful. I also would like some feedback to make sure I didn't change Ranged combat too far in the either direction.

Numbers on pulsing, or cyclic TM will also be helpful. I have no energy left to test those in depth.

This message was originally posted in Dragon Realms 3.1 Test \ Magic, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.