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Re: Super Old player, just returned with one SUPER old COMPLAINT · on 12/12/2011 09:17 PM CST 2673
<<So whats the downfall? It won't be directly linked to your billing account, so people will still be able to participate in conversations when they're accounts are suspended/deactivated?>>

That, plus there'd be no stopping anyone from signing up with your account or character name and "stealing" it from you before you could snag it. Or a GM's name/account. Or mine. There'd be no way to prove anyone was anyone without a pretty serious amount of integration into our Billing System, which no off the shelf forum system has, meaning we'd have to write it and re-write major portions of the Billing System to accommodate it. Basically, there's a myriad of reasons, most of which relate to account/billing database security and authentication integration that's pretty much mandatory with the way our access controls work.

Going further, when your account was closed or locked out, there'd be no easy way to pass that information from the game/billing system to the forums. Also, there'd be no easy way to verify you even HAD an account, much less no easy way to stop someone from creating account, after account, after account, after account to spam, troll, flame, or otherwise be disruptive. We'd lock one out and they'd make another and another and another.

<<That was one of the reasons the google search was squashed, because it kept searching GM boards and such.>>

It was pulling up hidden/deleted posts, too. :\


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