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Stranger in a strange land... · on 10/05/2013 10:51 AM CDT 2203
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Found a few logs about a stranger that had been seen in Ilithi from a few months back. He claims his intentions for visiting are to study the Adan’f. He mentioned something about some trouble out to the West, but the Tower wasn't able to confirm anything. His first visit was just after a Visions Meeting on 5/29, and the second a few months after, on 7/10. He’s on the mysterious side, but he pegged Osus with a snowball, so can’t be all that bad? We've not been able to place his guild, (No discernible mana from perceiving) but judging from his sense of direction, I'm going with Ranger.

The logs are edited for relevance.

You see Gordaer Sib'Meliyge, an Elothean Scholar. Gordaer has an oval face and slightly pointed ears. Tilted crystal blue eyes peer through thinly framed spectacles. His platinum hair is straight and neatly trimmed. He has pale skin and a lithe build. He is slightly tall and carries himself in a proud stature. He is an adult. He is in good shape.

He is wearing an Elothean longbow with a wrapped handgrip of grey silks, a black leather quiver trimmed with grey fur, a sleeveless robe of voluminous lapis nightstalker silk, a blackened steel armband embossed with a howling wolf silhouette, some steelsilk handwraps, a silvery-grey silk sash clasped with a black onyx brooch, some lapis raw silk pants, some steel-toed footwraps with dark steelsilk straps and a blackened steel parry stick inlaid with thin bands of animite.

Gordaer just arrived. Miskton nods politely to Gordaer. Gordaer nods. Atazai says, "I get so used to recognizing all the Elos back home, I forget there are so many I don't know over here." Gordaer smiles. Gordaer says, "Don't mind me. Please carry on."

And so, the Visions Meeting continued on and came to a resolution with relatively little interaction from the stranger.

Gordaer straightens the hem of his robe. Gordaer says, "I concur that this was an interesting meeting." Traim says to Gordaer, "Learn anything you didn't know? I always count that as a good meeting for my part." Gordaer says to Traim, "It was very hard to say. I find the most interesting part was the numerous interpretations." Gordaer says, "I can't say I know much about visions. Much less the analyzation of them." Traim says to Gordaer, "Ask five moon mages what color the sky is at noon, and get ten answers." Traim flashes a quick grin. Gordaer grins. Atazai sniffs at Gordaer. Atazai sniffles. Atazai says, "No." Atazai says, "You don't smell too lunar." Gordaer asks, "Out of curiousity, what does lunar smell like?" Aislynn quietly says, "Cheese." Atazai says, "Lunar smells like." Atazai says, "Um." Dianelle says, "Moondust." Atazai says, "Yeah." Atazai says, "Moondust." Gordaer says, "It sounds like something that would make me sneeze." Gordaer asks, "Have you ever looked back at visions after something major has happened?" Miskton nods to Gordaer. Traim says, "Lyras. I did a lot, then." Miskton says to Gordaer, "It's often only in retrospect that we actually figure out what the vision was about, sadly." Gordaer asks, "Would one think that it is possible to study the symbolisis to search for any patterns?" Vahlissa nods to Gordaer. Gordaer asks, "Or would you say it is still a massive range of interpretation?" Vahlissa says, "Patterns would be logical. Dianelle says, "I think the nature of symbolism makes it dangerous to assume one symbol would remain the same." Miskton says, "I've had some interest in doing that. I've got records of visions going back for years now, that I keep meaning to go through and analyze. It's a fairly large endeavor, though." Dianelle says, "I think the nature of symbolism makes it dangerous to assume one symbol would remain the same." Gordaer asks Dianelle, "Interesting. How do you come to that conclusion?" You tenderly say, "It has been a massive range, that I would say. Some visions are practical and literal, actual glimpses of the past or present. Some are clouded in layers of symbolisms." Gordaer says, "Interesting." Gordaer says, "Sorry, I hope I do not come across as rude." Dianelle says, "But I'm no moon mage either." Dianelle says, "Oh please, everyone tosses in their thoughts at these meetings." Dianelle smiles at Gordaer.

The Moonmages realized that some different things were happening at the pillars when travelling the ways, started gating all over the place and taking trips through the ways.

Gordaer says to Vahlissa, "People seem to be getting awfully animated." Vahlissa grins at Gordaer. Traim says to Gordaer, "Changes in the Astral Plane are rare, and often deadly to us." Skaen says, "And usually signify a greater reaction on this plane." Miskton says to you, "I occasionally hear screams... I've taken them to usually be other travelers who have had something unfortunate happen." Gordaer says, "Interesting." Vahlissa says, "Not all is bad.. the sound of hissing whispers doesn't sound promising though." Gordaer asks, "How long has this been going on?" Skaen asks, "The vision meetings, or the whispers?" Gordaer says, "Whatever is causing this excitement." Skaen says, "This is the first trip I've ever sensed anything like it." Skaen frowns. Vahlissa says, "The whispers are new as of a few moments ago.. I believe. Unless others have heard them and did not say anything." Vahlissa says, "Well, I can try. I will let you know if I run into anything too." Gordaer says, "I am very curious to see if you find an immediate source." Gordaer nods. Gordaer says, "But please, do not kill yourself." Skaen says, "I would be very surprised if we did but it would be nice to have confirmation."

I slipped a way for a walk on the ways as well.

Gordaer says, "Excellent. Thank you." Skaen says to you, "While you were gone Atazai visited the Pillar of the Shrew." Gordaer goes south.

Then, later at the Western Gate

Atazai exclaims, "We don't have to kill anything!" Atazai says, "Yeesh." Atazai says, "I'm not a savage." Atazai says, "Besides the times I savagely javelinate things." Atazai says, "But you all know what I mean." Atazai folds her arms across her chest. Osus says, "So.. all the time." Atazai says, "I haven't javelinized a single living thing today." Atazai says, "I used my mallet." Atazai leans on her mallet. Atazai gives a steel throwing mallet a hug! Atazai says, "Well." Atazai says, "You could hit the books." Gordaer asks, "Is that... tissue? ...On the end of your mallet?" Atazai nods to Gordaer. Atazai says, "And I'll go kick some shins." Atazai frowns. Atazai gazes at her mallet. Atazai puts her mallet in her pitch-black bag. Atazai says, "That's not the point." Gordaer says, "Well no, it is rather blunt." Traim smirks. Atazai nods in agreement. Osus chortles softly at some secret joke. Miskton chuckles. Atazai says, "Exactly." Kemosiris flings her snowball at Osus but misses so badly she nearly hits a passing peasant! Traim flings his snowball at Atazai but misses so badly he nearly hits a passing peasant! Atazai says, "Whoa." Kemosiris flings her snowball at Gordaer but misses so badly she nearly hits a passing peasant! Osus flings his snowball at Kemosiris and manages to land the snowball right inside her mouth! Whitewash!! Kemosiris says, "I'm terrible thrower." Gordaer says, "Those poor women." Traim says, "Kureta is likely to arrest us all with aim that poor." Gordaer grabs some snow and makes a snowball. Atazai says, "Fisticuffin Adan'f is no more dangerous than this place." Kemosiris flings her snowball at the Sentinel Kureta and smashes snow all over it! Osus flings his snowball at Atazai and manages to land the snowball right inside her mouth! Whitewash!! Osus says, "I havent missed yet." Atazai says, "Eeeeo." Osus flings his snowball at you and manages to land the snowball right in your mouth! Not particularly tasty! Gordaer flings his snowball at Osus and manages to land the snowball right inside his mouth! Whitewash!! You splutter. .... Hmmph! Traim laughs! Osus mumbles something under his breath. Traim says, "Not bad for a historian." Kemosiris says, "Good throw." Gordaer says, "That was rather cold. I will not do that again." Osus fades out of hiding. Osus flings his snowball at Gordaer and hits him right between the eyes! Brilliant! Traim says, "Ambushed." Gordaer traces a finger down the bridge of his nose. You hear a voice exclaim, "Frozen brain of a Scholar, 2 dokoras!" Osus flings his snowball at Traim and hits him right between the eyes! Brilliant! Gordaer says, "Yes. Very cold." You hear a voice exclaim, "Two for one special!" Traim says, "I have a cold sphere Osus...." Atazai says, "You tell 'em." Osus flings his snowball at Miskton and manages to land the snowball right inside his mouth! Whitewash!! Atazai says, "Pweeple." Traim flings his snowball at Osus but misses so badly he nearly hits a passing peasant! Osus says, "I do believe that is perfect aim." Osus says, "6 for 6." Atazai says, "He says as he does not throw at survivalists." Osus says, "Your poor life decisions dont decide who I hit with snowballs." Gordaer says, "I don't believe you would discriminate at all." Atazai says, "Man, I swim like a puffer." Atazai says, "And that's really good by the way." Light snow begins to fall from the sky. Atazai exclaims, "Snow!" Atazai asks, "Should I scuffle with Adan'f or have my Shrew Pillar Picnic Revisit?" Traim says, "Revisit." Atazai says, "Right." Atazai says, "Okay." Osus asks Gordaer, "So who hired you?" Atazai says, "Someone summon a healer." Kemosiris says, "Which ever starts more trouble." Gordaer says, "No one you know." Gordaer smiles. Atazai belts out, "Medic!" You tenderly say to Atazai, "Try Triage." Miskton says to Gordaer, "Oh, yes. What brings you to Shard? Don't believe I've seen you around before." Osus says, "I suddenly feel like I've shard way too much." Atazai says, "Triage is for war." Gordaer says, "I've come to study the adan'f." Gordaer says, "Though I admit I've been waylaid by studying Ilithians." Traim asks, "Is this your first time here?" Gordaer says, "Second." Gordaer says, "But the first was a stretch of time ago." Traim asks, "Has much changed?" Miskton says, "Well, certainly no shortage of adan'f to study, unfortunately." Dannrik says, "Sorry." Dianelle says, "Sorry. Father got lost." Gordaer says, "Not really. I saw a new building or two." Gordaer says, "The one a few doors down looks rather ominous." Dianelle says to Atazai, "Thank you." Gordaer motions toward the east. Traim asks, "The trader's plaza?" Osus sarcastically asks, "The plaza?" Atazai says, "Thanks." Atazai says, "Trips lunar." Dianelle asks, "While I'm here, who else wants healed?" Gordaer says, "It is nearly dawn. I ought to retire." Traim says to Dianelle, "I'd appreciate some healing." Dianelle says, "Sure thing." You tenderly say to Dianelle, "I am well, but thank you." Gordaer asks, "You said the Inn was on the northern road, correct?" Atazai says, "Yeah, who works during the day? Squares." Dianelle says, "I work when there is work to do." Traim says, "Silver Eye, there are others, but I recommend that one." Atazai exclaims, "Well, I didn't mean you!" Traim says to Dianelle, "Thank you." Dianelle says to Traim, "Happy to." Kemosiris says, "I'll keep my eye open on any mysterious magics from them.." Gordaer says, "I would appreciate that." Dianelle says, "Ah, thank you." Atazai says to Gordaer, "If you need some bait or somefin, hit me up....somehow which I'm not sure about." Dianelle says to Dannrik, "Alright. Now we can go see to your whatever." Gordaer says, "Very well." Dannrik says to Dianelle, "So kind." Traim says, "Certainly, anything we can learn about the adan'f is always welcome." Traim says, "Or strange magic they might be using." Gordaer smiles. Gordaer gives a slight nod. Atazai says, "I would like to know how they feel about the Gods and the Dragon." Gordaer says, "I hope you all have a wonderful day." Kemosiris says, "Likewise." You tenderly say to Gordaer, "Farewell." Atazai says, "Yup yup. I have a date with the Expanse." Gordaer goes east.

A few months later...

[20:43] Gordaer says, "Good day, folks." [20:43] Marssi says, "Hello." [20:43] You tenderly say to Gordaer, "Good mornin." [20:44] Gordaer asks, "Quiet morning so far, eh?" [20:44] Marssi says, "Quiet can be good." [20:44] You tenderly say, "Aye. Nice and peaceful." [20:45] Gordaer asks, "No afan'f attacks in the recent weeks?" [20:45] Marssi says, "I haven't been here in Shard much lately. I haven't heard of anything." [20:45] Gordaer says, "Most excellent." [20:45] You tenderly say, "Nae for over a year. I've not seen anything odd out there either." [20:46] Gordaer says, "Unfortunately, my studies have yielded no new information." [20:46] Gordaer says, "It will be time to move onto something else, soon." [20:46] You tenderly ask, "Are you doing research for your guild?" [20:47] Gordaer says, "No. Mostly for my own purposes." [20:47] Gordaer says, "There's been rumor of strange magic used by them." [20:48] Gordaer says, "But. That is now a long time ago." [20:48] Marssi asks, "Do you have any idea what you wish to study next?" [20:49] You tenderly say, "I've heard said that there tends to be a pattern, and it is likely they will stir up again eventually." [20:49] Nurvembarr says, "There was a foul Adan'f that rose from their ranks." [20:49] Nurvembarr says, "Xerasyth, he went by." [20:49] Nurvembarr says, "He's been purported to be working with the Philosophers lately." [20:49] Gordaer says, "Yes. I read of him." [20:50] Gordaer says, "I've also heard rumors of activity to the east." [20:50] Gordaer says, "Nothing substantial or proven, though." [20:50] Gordaer says, "Not the east." [20:51] Gordaer says, "That way." Gordaer pointed at the West Gate. [20:51] You tenderly ask Gordaer, "I've not heard of much else trouble aside from the Elpalzi of late. What had you heard?" [20:52] Gordaer says, "Livestock getting killed." [20:52] Gordaer says, "Couple of children disappearing." [20:53] You tenderly ask, "Out in horseclan?" [20:53] Gordaer says, "I don't know." [20:53] Marssi says, "That's scary." [20:53] Gordaer says, "The information I've been hearing is very vague." [20:54] Gordaer says, "Who knows. Maybe something will come of it." [20:54] Gordaer says, "Maybe not." [20:54] Marssi says, "Hopefully before more children disappear." [20:55] You tenderly say to Gordaer, "Hopefully just some wild animals or something..." [20:56] You tenderly say to Gordaer, "I didn't see much of the magic they used. I remember there being a ruby with an inscription." [20:57] You tenderly say, "Or etched..." [20:57] Gordaer asks, "Do you recall who carried it?" [20:58] You tenderly say, "I forget the girl that first picked it up, but Starlear, our Vanguard Lieutenant, destroyed it." [20:58] Gordaer says, "What a waste of a potentially good ruby." [20:58] You tenderly say, "Perhaps, but I think to agree that it was likely for the better." [20:59] You tenderly say, "It was wholly unnatural." [20:59] Gordaer says, "I am sure it would have made an excellent study." [21:00] Casserah says, "I think, given the way they corrupted the fire maiden, it was best destroyed." [21:00] You tenderly say to Gordaer, "I could see the benefit, especially if it happens again. Perhaps there is a way to break the spell without harming the one bound to it." [21:00] You tenderly ask Casserah, "Did you see what happened to her, after he destroyed it? Was she just, dead?" [21:01] Casserah says, "I was not there. The reports indicated she had already been driven mad." [21:01] Gordaer asks, "An insane fire maiden, eh?" [21:02] You tenderly say to Gordaer, "More than usual, aye. She'd spoken plainly a few times before, but under the enchantment, turned on those who she recognized as friends before." [21:04] Gordaer asks, "Not much is making sense. You speak of a fire maiden and of the adan'f. Was there any tie to any of it?" [21:05] Marssi asks, "Hadn't she claimed to have been kidnapped by the adanf?" [21:05] You tenderly say to Gordaer, "They were abducting maidens, firecats, and fire sprites. There was a scorched cart in their cave once, and I'd spied one moving down a tunnel..." [21:05] You tenderly say, "I was not able to sneak by the dancers to follow it, though." [21:06] Gordaer says, "Interesting." [21:06] Gordaer says, "I wonder why the adan'f are so interested in fire magic." [21:07] You tenderly say, "I wonder if there is much reason to it. The seem rather insane." [21:09] Gordaer says, "Excellent. I think you have given me a potential lead." [21:09] You tenderly say to Gordaer, "I'll be glad to hear what you discover. I've not learned terrible much about them, except that I think Damaris curses them when they steal my things." [21:09] Gordaer says, "I shall be on my way. Much to think over." [21:10] Gordaer says, "A pleasant day to you all." [21:10] You tenderly say, "Take care Sir."

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