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Re: Stone Clan Social · on 11/22/2011 08:27 AM CST 991
History lesson:

Stone clan and it's Militia, lead by Hegemonic, were charged with guarding the entrance to the Clan after it was learned that Sorrow's plan was to invade the Clan and steal the book.

That day the Militia, and assorted others, were in place at the doors when someone suggested they stop standing around doing not a whole lot, but take action and bring it to Sorrow's forces. Most everyone there thought it was a good idea. Led by Lef - the Gor tog Paladin that Marstan raised from the dead - they invade the Reach.

Unfortunately, this left the Sentinels entirely unguarded giving an opening for Prayk and Darkensi to blow them up. The explosion, complete with green magical light from the Sentinels, was felt as far south as Crossing.

The only time Blasword's bomb ever worked was weeks later when Darkensi killed Blasword and swiped his cauldron. Darkensi then used it to collapse part of the road/tunnel within the Reach trapping people for several hours.

... the more you know.

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