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Starglass - new item! · on 01/21/2018 18:08 1545

Crafted by a Gnome inventor to be virtually unbreakable these are different sizes spheres of glass that use chemicals and magic to create various colors of burning gas within their hearts. The starglass is cool to the touch and does create enough illumination to light a dark room. The size of the sphere cannot be altered, if someone has a small ball of starglass, it must stay small, etc. There can be a mix of colors inside though the more hues the harder it is to make and the rarer it is.

Starglass comes in different sizes:

Tiny (50 charges)
Small (75 charges)
Medium (100 charges)
Large (125 charges)
Huge (150 charges)

Charges drain at the rate of 1 charge every 2 minutes. If starglass is configured to be wearable, it can still light a room while worn. You can double the maximum charges in a starglass item with a potency crystal (For example, if you use a potency crystal on a "huge" starglass item, its maximum possible charges will be 300 charges, or 600 minutes aka 10 hours, permanently).

Starglass can be recharged via infuser stones, or an elemental magic user can recharge them without using a stone at all.

To turn a starglass item on, RUB it.
To turn it off, TAP it.

There are several other verbs with starglass as well, which look different depending on how many colors are contained within the spheres.


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