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Re: Spinneret - ruazin cloth - 3 yards? · on 11/11/2014 12:38 AM CST 774
Cmon guys, these discussions always spiral out of control. It is only a week into the festival, and once I catch from breath form RL business-running - I do intend to review the cloth numbers.

As a rule we MUCH prefer to start low and uptweak along the way. Your feedback is important but please try to remain calm and understanding of how difficult it is to balance these mechanics. Getting the Engineering and Forging dudes out was a big accomplishment in light of everything else going on. Our goal was to ensure the spinneret isn't the only game in town and to provide a more inclusive atmosphere this year.

And the other systems are still capable of dropping everything from Tyrium, to Senci to Diamond-hide. As far as I know, only cloth was touched because we had many thousands of yards of the rare stuff go out last year. I'm somewhat floored folks still want it!

There will also be a pair of monster rare materials making their debut soon (it even tried to sneak out before it was supposed to, oops!)

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