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Re: Spinneret · on 11/10/2014 03:00 PM CST 3546
No odds were changed to my knowledge. Last year the mechanics were paying out too much, and we made it clear then (and since then) that it wasn't intended and this year should be different.

Due to an oversight, the mechs WERE fixed in Plat but didn't make it to Prime until this afternoon. Comparing to last year's expectations isn't advised -- they were buggy and unintended.

Ultimately it's up to each game's creator to coordinate with the crafting folks to evaluate odds and payouts. This change will also affect cloth grabs from the Darkbox and crafting tasks.

We'll be keeping an eye on this going forward.

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ Hollow Eve Festival, by DR-ZADRAES on the forums.