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Re: Sorcerous Backlash rates · on 05/27/2013 05:25 PM CDT 1163
>> the backlash rate for 300 sorcery isn't any different than 1500 sorcery

>> I saw no notable decrease in backlash rates for any of these spells when I tested them, whether it be min prep or borderline a backfire.

Maybe it's not just sorcery, but your other magic skills or stats which are the issue? Individual spells also differ in backlash rate, even among the same mana type and difficulty.

I went to TEST, set my sorcery to 1500 and cast MAPP 94 times at 60 mana. Holy & Lunar are supposed to be difficult for life users (or at least more difficult than elemental), and MAPP is an advanced spell. I was originally casting it at the cap but that was making my testing take too long. I finally backlashed on cast 94. I cast the spell successfully 6 more times, giving that a backlash rate of 1%.

In prime, I have about 300 sorcery, and I normally cast MAPP at 25 mana. If I do more than 25 mana, I occasionally backfire, which would have made my testing take longer. I stopped to heal and rest between backlashes. Both tests were done with no other spells or buffs up.
I backlashed 3 times in 30 casts, giving me a backlash rate of 10%.
I backlashed 4 times in 50 casts, giving me a backlash rate of 8%.
I backlashed 6 times in 75 casts, giving me a backlash rate of 8%.
I backlashed 8 times in 100 casts, giving me a backlash rate of 8%.

I would say that there is definitely a noticeable difference in the rate of backlash between 300 and 1500 sorcery. Both in the rate of backlash, and also in the amount of mana you can put into the spell without backfiring.

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