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Re: Some cleric spell changes · on 04/21/2013 10:33 PM CDT 1338
>>I can't tell what's going on with Harm Horde. It's not hitting anything, and also seems like it's not even trying?

Ok, that should be fixed.

>>I don't understand the change to HH; FoU CAST CRITTER will hit everything engaged to you, and pulse twice. HH now hits everything at melee three times, and everything at missile once... Seems pretty similar, especially considering the time it takes to pulse that third time, most stuff is already at melee...

The second pulse of FoU has a reduced potency. HH has all three at full strength, ignores shield and armor, changes damage types to skirt elemental immunities, but is only for undead. The possibility that most things could end up at melee and get hit by all three pulses is a good thing.

Harm Horde is intended to be the ultimate undead slaying spell. FoU is a solid everyday AOE.

>>Is there any plans to re-add a tweaked version of Kertigen's Will?

Yep, no ETA at the moment though.

>>HH still has the 'undead only' stipulation, correct? Does it lose a spell slot cost because of that restriction?


This message was originally posted in The Clerics \ Responses to GM/Official Announcements, by DR-RICINUS on the forums.