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Re: Some SvS changes · on 03/02/2015 03:04 PM CST 1901
>>The only way I could see something like that being fair and fun for everyone is if every guild had at least some debilitations powered off of a primary or secondary skill (e.g. roars worked off expertise, ambushes worked off of backstab, etc.) and the defense part of the contest were distributed where it made most sense.

Well, no. I am totally willing to let guilds live and die based on their skill set placement. Whenever someone suggests a Thief or Barbarian use a non-magic skill to power their let's-not-kid-ourselves-this-is-magical abilities, I counter-suggest giving Moon Mages generous +tohit +dmg bonuses to moonblades.

Being exceptionally focused at smashing someone's face in should be worth approximately much as magical trickery. And if it isn't, that means we should address a fundamental design problem, not that we should make everyone equally focused at magical trickery.

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