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Show and Tell Alterer Q&A - Parts 1&2 · on 09/19/2013 04:37 PM PDT 2045
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Pardon a bit of a delay, but I’d like to share a bit about the first and second Show and Tell meetings that have come to the Theatre. The discussions were long, with lots of great designs shown around. You'd have to be there to get all the good details, but here is a portion of the night’s Q&A sessions with the alterers, Tildi and Fritha!

(Disclaimer, these may be slightly truncated or missing small portions due to other events, but are generally acurate.)

Show and Tell - Part 1

Zeteivek asks Tildi, "Which berry is your favorite?" Tildi quietly asks Ruea, "Should I talk about my work?" Tildi says, "Blueberries. And strawberries and those round ones." Ruea says, "I've had the pleasure of working with Tildi many times and I can tell you she's an absolute treasure." Ruea says to Tildi, "I'd love it if you did." Zeteivek says, "These are good berries." Ruea says, "Now please give Tildi your attention." Tildi says, "My work! Oh, I do flowers. With petals and leaves and you can wear them." Tildi exclaims, "And some you can wear in your hair!" Tildi exclaims, "I can do a little work with gems and wires, but mostly I work with all sorts of fabrics!" Tildi exclaims, "Silk and cotton and velvet are very good!" Tildi exclaims, "And I fold them and tuck them and mold them into flowers!" Ruea says to Tildi, "Sesi and I are both wearing some of your work tonight if you'd like to use them for examples." Tildi says, "And berries and a few other things." Tildi exclaims, "Oh!" Tildi exclaims, "I've started learning to work with glass!" Tildi says, "I have to be very, very carerful with it." Tildi exclaims, "It could burn me!" Dianelle asks, "Ooh, glass flowers?" Tildi quietly asks Ruea, "Was that good?" Ruea says to Tildi, "That was wonderful." Sesi asks, "I think I have your snowbells from the most recent shop, which I believe were glass?" Ruea asks Tildi, "Are you ready for some questions?" Tildi exclaims, "Yes! To both!" Sesi says to Tildi, "You just be extra careful. Glass can be so fickle." Tildi says, "It breaks easy." Ruea says, "Before we begin, please remember to treat Tildi with respect and to consider the tone of your questions before you ask them." Sebrahn asks, "Do you ever make things with real flowers or only fabric?" Tildi says, "Real flowers don't really last with my work, so just fabric." Tildi says, "But if you have a really, really are flower, I'd need an example." Tildi says, "Er, rare." Sesi asks Ruea, "Like the Damaris bloom you got done. Dream rose or somethiing?" Tildi says, "I know lots and lots of flowers, but not all." Ruea says, "It's a Damaris's dream rose, and it's amazingly realistic." Starlear says, "What makes someone an ideal customer for you? That is, what helps you get through lots of people quickly." Tildi says, "Oh. Umm. Well you have to explain what you want really well. I don't understand a lot of really big words." Sesi says, "Big wods are, also, highly overrated." Tildi says, "And it really helps if you don't try to give me lots of metal and wood and stuffs. Because I don't know what to do with them." The black leopard growls, "Agreed." Sesi says to Ruea, "Well they are. Words, too." Tildi says, "And, and my work can take some time. Ruea says to Sesi, "Words are our job, dear." Tildi says, "I'm sorry I'm slow sometimes, but it can be hard to get things just right." Sesi says to Ruea, "Doesn't mean we always need to use defenstrate when 'tossed 'em out on their ear through the third story window' is more colorful." Ruea says to Sesi, "Point taken." Sesi says to herself, "Defenestrate? Defen... whatever." Tildi asks, "Don't you already know everything?" Ruea asks, "Tildi, do you prefer to help design pieces from scratch for people as they come into the room with you or do you prefer it if they have a firm idea in mind that they've worked out on their own or with your assistant?" Tildi says, "Oh." Ruea says to Tildi, "I do, so I know which questions are the most helpful for others." Tildi says, "I like both. Ruea does a wonderfuls job helping. She has a good eye for flowers and stuffs. But it's also fun for me to help you." Tildi exclaims, "Sometimes it takes more than two heads!" Tildi says, "I always want the person to be happy." Ruea asks, "So perhaps to come in with a good outline for their idea, and then to let you help them perfect it?" Tildi exclaims, "And there was another lady who helped me really well too!" Tildi exclaims, "But sometimes, you just don't know. And that's okay too!" Ruea exclaims, "Absolutely brilliant, thank you for your answer!" Sesi says, "Which leads us to our final question... for now." The black leopard growls, "I will be asking for Redeth" Sesi asks Sebrahn, "Back so soon?" Ruea exclaims, "Oh, the kitty knows!" Sebrahn says, "Let the leopard go ahead. Redeth was before me." Sesi says, "Alright, then the kitty speaks." Tildi exclaims, "I have a kitty at home!" Tildi says, "He's very small though." Tildi says, "And he doesn't talk." The black leopard growls, "Do most trades-people leave their mark on the items they create?" Tildi says, "I don't know. Maybe some? I figure people will know my flowers because it's very me." The black leopard growls, "And very pretty." Sesi says, "I'd say you've cornered the market on those, Tildi." The black leopard growls, "Thank you" The black leopard growls, "I knew a craftswoman that was insane for turnips." Tildi says, "Mama makes me eat those." Tildi says, "I don't like them very much." Sesi quietly says to Tildi, "Little butter, salt and pepper. Alright, a lot of salt and pepper." Kyrse says, "Olive has tarts..." Zeteivek says, "They are better than the city foods made of only sweet things." The black leopard growls, "Thankfully, mothers know best." Tildi says, "Mama says it'll help make me bigger." Olivette says, "Not turnip tarts, though! Everyone seems to not like the ones that aren't sweet." Sebrahn asks, "What flowers do you make besides the ones for your hair?" Tildi says, "But when I asked if I could get as big as Kaldar she said 'Don't be silly, Tildi, you're a Gnome!'." Sesi says to herself, "Stilts." Tildi says, "And then sent me to my room when I asked why I had to eat them then." Dianelle says to Olivette, "I like the ones that aren't sweet." Tildi says, "I can make a circlet of flowers." Tildi says, "Or one you can wear on your clothes." Sebrahn asks, "What is your favorite flower?" Olivette says to Dianelle, "I'll keep picking them up then." Tildi says, "And uh, I guess anything that could be made out of flowers." Tildi exclaims, "I couldn't pick just ONE. There are too many pretty flowers!" Zeteivek says to Tildi, "If you ever learn to carve wood, I would enjoy a flower like this." Tildi says, "Carving wood makes my hands hurt. I do it only a very little, little bit for stems and stuffs." Tildi says, "Stems are simple though. All straight." Ruea says to Tildi, "Have a snack, dear." Tildi exclaims, "Thank you!" Tildi asks, "Did we get everyone?" Ruea says, "One more." Ruea says, "If anyone else has questions, this is the time to join the list." Tildi quietly says to Ruea, "I'll save this until after I'm done talking. It's polite." Kyrse asks, "Just tae clarify, what special materials must we provide tae the crafters like yeh?" Sesi says, "And perhaps questions, even if they aren't specifically for Tildi? These are all about being informed." Tildi says, "Anything hard to find. Special fabrics and gems and woods and things like that." Tildi asks, "Like in the spider? You know that BIG one, with all the shops?" Tildi says, "They have these pretty fabrics." Tildi says, "And you can't find them anywhere else." Kyrse asks, "There is a spider shop?" Ruea says, "For example, starlight velvet, gemfire rubies, molten-core diamonds..." Tildi exclaims, "It's a big mechanical spider!" Tildi says, "With shops inside it." Kyrse exclaims, "I want tae see it!" Tildi says, "It's BIG." Kyrse says, "I love spiders..." Tildi says, "Papa says I can go do work there again." Sesi says, "I should send your Papa a basket of booz... er, cupcakes. As thanks." Kyrse says, "I must find this shop..." Tildi exclaims, "He likes cupcakes!" Ruea asks, "Well who doesn't?" Casserah asks, "What advice would you give to people getting their first alterations?" Tildi asks, "It was you! Wasn't it?" Tildi asks, "I think?" Tildi says, "Oh, first alterations? Well. I think." Tildi says, "Be nice. To everyone. If there is a helper helping, be nice to them. And be nice to me or anyone working! We're doing our bestest and sometimes we just can't do exactly what you want." Tildi says, "You need to be able to change and work with us because we are trying. Well I am." Zeteivek says, "And bring food. They offer nothing worth eating in the waiting place." Ruea asks Tildi, "What are the things that make you not want to work with someone?" Ruea says, "It's okay, you won't hurt any feelings." Ruea says, "We want to know so we never behave that way." Kyrse says, "Aye, we dunnae hae feelings." Tildi exclaims, "I don't like mean people. I don't like it when people yell or complain. It's really, really hard work making things just right. It's okay to explain WHY you don't like what I did but do it nicely. I have feelings too!" Ruea says, "You absolutely do, and everyone should treat you kindly." Sesi says, "I think everyone forgets to stop and breathe sometimes. Or they get so excited over their first alteration, perhaps, they forget just how much work is put into something." Zeteivek says, "Or she will call the Witch." Ruea asks, "Does anyone else have any questions for Tildi?" Ruea exclaims, "She's very sweet so don't be shy!" Arkisyela says, "I do think that I should be getting Tildi home." Tildi says, "Awww." Ruea says, "Thank you so much for attending, Miss Tildi. We very much enjoyed your company and we appreciate all the information you shared with us." Arkisyela says, "I promised your father we would not keep you out too long." Tildi exclaims, "Thank you for letting me talk! I had lots of funs!" Sesi says to Arkisyela, "And thank you so much for escorting her here." Arkisyela says to Sesi, "My pleasure." Arkisyela says, "Thank you all for behaving yourselves." Tildi exclaims, "See you at the festival!"

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