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Re: Shoplifting Information Gathering · on 02/26/2016 08:36 PM CST 3472
>I was under the impression that subsequent thefts reward the same exp but have increased risk, and that that increased risk does not reward bonus exp

>You're right.

Hate to say it, but you're wrong. You get less experience for subsequent steals in the same shop, and the difficulty goes up. This penalty stacks to infinity, and can be very large initially. Right now, stealing multiple times in a shop makes no sense, except maybe for pawning/binning.

>Which I kind of hope they do, because stealing 4+ times in a shop is ridonculous.

Right now I'm just collecting information. But I've yet to see people steal things that the system considers moderate risk very often. There just aren't enough items in each range. After looking at the code, and watching people do runs, and looking at the information from the poll and from e-mails, I have several ideas on things both big and small I can do to help the system not be so painful.

That one guy

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