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Re: Senci Maul and Shards · on 08/21/2014 11:50 PM CDT 1798
I must be bored to be spending time on this...

* Katanas and Tekkan - Tier 6+, generally considered one of the rarer types of weapons

* Slaughtersword, Super Elven Iltesh, Kneecapper, Prydaen Predator Spear, etc - Tier 6+, almost rarer than katanas in some instances

* Chakrel weapons - Tier 6 IIRC, extremely rare

* Masamune - Tier 2?, extremely rare

* Mirror weapons - base Tier is like 4 or 5, with buffed balance/suitedness they are Tier 8.

* Arhat's sword, other misc weapons and quest prizes - Tier 6-7. Rarity varies.

* Sterak Axe, misc rare crafting instructions - Tier 7

I know of no special case for mirror weapons that dictates they must be adhere to any special rules. They are actually more common than some of the other weapons I have listed.

Mirror weapons were overpowered in 2.0 because they had power/balance 4x higher than anything else, which also corresponded to 4x more to-hit and damage. This wasn't originally intended. Players didn't have 99 stats when they were written. Someone forgot to put in a cap and boom, exponential math problem at its finest.

I'm working hard to make balance and suitedness matter more in 3.1. Mirror weapons will be the most accurate of all weapons when wielded by someone with high stats. At the cap, they will have twice the chance to recover on a miss even when capped.

Also please keep in mind that Tier 6/7 weapons across the board will NOT be extremely enchantable. They may be upgradeable someday through special mechanics specifically aimed at high level content and PvP. But in terms of enchantments you will want to get Tier 2 and 3 weapons made of highly enchantable materials to enspell. And yes, we will likely release some quest/auction level items that are more enchantable than normal. But no, not mirror blades.

This message was originally posted in Lore \ Carving Discipline, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.