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SAY Updates · on 6/27/2009 8:37:19 AM 2827

I'm about to release some updates to the SAY verb. The updates include the following

-- You can now use a default emotion (type SAY or SAY -HELP for more info)
-- Auto punctuation has been added back in. Also, the first letter will be captilized.

SF Users have a few extra goodies

-- Two new windows have been added: Talk and Conversation
-- Speech will go to the talk window first. If the talk window is closed then it will go to the Conversation window
-- Speech will always go to the story window regardless if the talk and/or conversation windows are closed.
-- The conversation window will capture speech and Whispers
-- The Talk window will only capture speech
-- The Whisper window will only capture whispers (If the whisper window is closed whispers will go to the conversation window)

There was a lot of rewiring, but other systems that use emotes should still work properly. If they do not, please post to let me know.

This is already live in Plat and if nothing 'splodes it will go to TF in a couple of days
GM Turmis

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