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Roleplaying Awards · on 4/13/2009 6:58:24 PM 4590
The roleplaying award system has just been updated in Prime. The main points of interest are as follows:

1. Converted RPA storage from an awards-based system to a points-based system. Enough low-level awards allow you to activate higher level RPAs.
2. PIRP points no longer "add up" to a single award. They are instantly received as 1 RP point.
3. Players can give each other up to 20 RP points at a time from their own supply as long as they have more than 50 current points. There is a 1 hour timer on repeat gifts to the same recipient.
4. RPA duration should now decrement properly. (No more 50 minute per hour RPAs) RPAs last about 1 hour per level of rpa.
5. Players may now pause/unpause their RPAs using the command RPA TOGGLE. While paused, rpa time does not decrement and no exp bonuses are enjoyed. RPAs do not lose time while logged off either, as before.
6. The INFO verb now shows you your number of remaining PIRP points to bestow, if you are a member of the PIRP system. At the moment, this doesnt include additional points provided for hosts or mentors.

Note: We're looking into "cashing out" your remaining 1-4 PIRP points if you have them stored up still.

GM Lohkrian

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