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Ranger meeting IC · on 2/3/2010 9:19:57 PM 16854
You see Guild Leader Paglar Gretlef, a Gor'Tog Ranger.

He has piercing steel eyes and dark green skin, a long scar runs down the left side of his face. He is wizened for a Gor'Tog. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat, a thigh quiver, a shoulder-slung satchel woven from twined threads of bamboo, a carved ironwood spear with a spirit feather tassle, an osage orange flat bow with a rough hemp grip, a calfskin pouch, a rough grey leather poncho with a deep hood, some faded stalking leathers and some rugged forester's boots showing faint stains.

[Ranger Guild, Cavern of Gathering] Petrified peregan trees stand at even intervals down the length of the massive cavern, arching upward as if seeking the sky. Hung with small lamps and thousands of brass leaves, their branches twine overhead and create a forest bower deep in the earth. The metallic foliage seems to flutter in the breeze as the shifting lamplight dances over it and slight vibrations cause them to clink together musically. You also see a wide doorway and a speaker's list.

Also here: Aleyden, Hunter Hanryu, Dafo Siobhannic, Pathfinder Taliath who is sitting, Woodsman Trarbolos, Recusant Kaiylen, Paglar, Alpha Alexii, Veela, Sekoria, Navigator Niktoahl, Archer Bryiana, Ranger Gauth, Rogue Kesava, Wildflower Laeorna, Lilithshade, Gyar, Linessa, Wind Talker Xerina, Apothecary Tsarenzi, Woodswoman Zinaca who is sitting, Arch Huntress Taljin, Nightstalker Erlo, Spider Jalika, Nature Sentinel Xelten. Obvious exits: none.

Paglar says, "Good evening." Kaiylen says, "Evenin'." Paglar says, "I am not going to silence this place, that is silly." Sekoria says, "Evening Paglar." Paglar says, "I am here to hear your words, not speak myself." Zinaca says, "Uh oh." Paglar says, "Thank you all for coming." Alexii says, "Thank you for taking a moment to hear us, Guildleader." Paglar says, "Lets get all the classes going and the eating done and try to be as quiet as we can. I'll give you a fdew roisan to get settled if you like." Xelten asks, "What caught your face, Grandmaster?" Paglar says, "That is a story for another time. Just please do not ask Marion about it. He tells it all wrong." Sekoria says, "Weve learned not to listen to the guild leaders gossip." Paglar says, "Good plan." Xelten says, "Here I thought Tolle finally hit you." Kesava wryly says, "Some of us hardly even listen to guild leaders." Alexii says, "Some of us rarely see them at all." Trarbolos quietly says, "I bet it was a jealous husband...." Siobhannic says, "Some of us live where guild leaders are afraid to set up an office." Paglar says, "Tolle only wishes." Paglar says, "Tolle knows all about balance, but he sometimes forgets the balance between too much and not enough ale." Siobhannic says, "Ah well. ale is important." Paglar says, "I do agree on that account." Zinaca asks, "Do you know that if I ask Tolle about Kalika, his wife, he replies "Huh?" Alexii asks, "Ale makes good treatment for longbow wood carving?" Kesava says, "Nothin wrong with impersonating a bard here and there." Xelten says, "He is getting on in years, of course." Aleyden asks Paglar, "Did you ever get my report from Tomma?" Paglar asks, "Well, what do you expect? He is a man and she is ... well she can nag now and then, can't she?" Paglar says, "Please don't tell her I said that, I admire her greatly." Zinaca says, "Mmmm I think they need a vacation together to the islands for a bit." Paglar says, "I did Aleyden, thank you." Zinaca says, "Together." Paglar says, "I am sorry I did not act on it in a more outward manner." Paglar asks, "Are we ready then?" Xelten asks, "In a similar vein, did Mistress Tomma forward my potential discovery and thesis??" Paglar says, "Xelten, she did mention it in her haphazard way, I plan to speak with ehr more in depth about it when we convene. She is hard to nail down sometimes." Zinaca wryly says, "Just show her a rare plant." Paglar says, "Which brings us to why we are here. It is rare for the group of us to get together - I leave the number vague because I hope to see Roop and his son as well - and I want to make sure that I can bring as much information to the table as possible, via you all." Paglar says, "We do not get out and about as much as you, sadly, so I look forard to hearing what you have to say." Paglar says, "I think the foremost threat in all of our minds is these blasted undead, disrupting the balance." Paglar asks, "Any thoughts on this?" Kesava says, "The undead are just a symptom of the problem." Sekoria says, "They encroach on our gates we need to get them back out on the roads so our gates everywhere are safe." Alexii says, "I've been somewhat taken aback by our limited ability to combat them. Few of our spells will work on some of the stronger undead." Siobhannic asks, "Compost should know when to lie down and rot. Will we see any spells coming our way to encourage this?" Paglar asks, "Kesava, what is the real problem, in your mind then? The creators of the unnatural bodies?" Xelten says, "I would suggest the problem lies further beyond even those who animate them." Kesava says, "The undead just keep coming....matters not how many you kill." Zinaca says, "There have been many hunts of them." Kesava says, "Err....release." Paglar says, "Alexii and Siobhannic, you make good points. We are working hard to find more ways to harness the enegies to aid us in this cause. But it is not always as easy as we'd like, as you all know." Zinaca says, "And still they come...I had thought the makers of these vile things had to be near them for them to function." Alexii says, "The problem would likely be in the ability to animite those who should be resting." Paglar asks, "Xelten, what do you mean?" Alexii says, "Its the corruption of the natural flow which should be focused on, individuals will come and go really." Alexii says, "History has shown us as much." Xelten says, "I mean that defeating every Necromancer would not end the ability for such profanity to be employed by someone again. To end the threat would mean ending the possibility for Life to be so corrupted in the first place. It is a problem without an achievable solution. Thus, focusing on the problem is likely not to yield results. Let us treat the symptom, and at least give Nature an opportunity to maintain Balance." Paglar says, "Well spoken Xelten, that is the main thing we must keep in mind. Maintaining and perhaps regaining, the balance." Paglar says, "So in treating the symptom..." Aleyden says, "The Balance can only be maintained two ways. Lessening the undead and the corruption, or by increasing the power of that which opposes the corruption." Paglar asks, "The first, I know that we are all doing our best to make happen. How do you suggest we go about the latter?" Xelten says, "I concur, Aleyden. And to reach both ends, Nature must be allowed, or made, to rise against the tide of perversion." Siobhannic says, "When I find some thing putrid that is not decaying properly, I expose it to the healing of sun and wind and rain. We need to get to the heart of this and do the same." Paglar says, "So we need spells." Sekoria says, "Our spell effects for one plague of scavengers would have helped in days of yore we have naught to battle them with." Xelten says, "Spells, perhaps. Nature can be manipulated in more ways than magic." Trarbolos quietly says, "I have a question..." Siobhannic says, "Or beseeches." Paglar says, "Finding more ways to attune to nature and gain its aid." Aleyden says, "Or to create a beseech capable of tipping the balance in the favor of rangers." Alexii says, "Well in some places the udead are crawling out of lakes and rivers, plaguing forests to get to the roadways. Perhaps these areas are somehow affected by the interaction with the dark forces." Trarbolos quietly asks, "...has anyone fond anything specific these undead are suscipitable to?" Xelten asks, "We have for so long been channels through which the power flows, but the amount of power to be gained remains static through our present methods. But what power can be gained for those of us who have Nature's faith? Can we convince it to rise more significantly than it would normally do?" Taljin asks, "We have the ability amongst ourselves to call upon Elanthia to bind our wounds, could we not call upon Elanthia to bind and decay that within its grasp?" Zinaca asks, "My scimitar?" Xelten says, "The very term 'Beseech' holds us back. We serve Nature, and Nature serves us. We yield to its commands. Controversial though it is to suggest, perhaps it should yield to ours, when it is necessary to wield such power indeed." Siobhannic says, "We need to be able to align better with nature and then work with it to restor its balance, magically, through our beseeches, or even by mechanical or alchemical means." Alexii says, "Yes, ways to increase the power of nature in a given area or location." Siobhannic says, "Collect and plant trees even." Zinaca says, "Sadly it is hard to forage and fight." Alexii says, "More simply to pour our energy into the act of growth." Paglar says, "Interesting." Siobhannic says, "These blasted lands could be clensed and replanted." Kesava asks, "Something to perhaps how well they seem to resist our life magic?" Kesava says, "Reduce that is." Taljin says, "Perhaps our spawns could be more helpful in this type of situation." Aleyden says, "Right now we face problems unlike before. We are skilled hunters, we have fought to defend the balance for so long." Zinaca says, "Aye my spawn are always willing to fight." Alexii says, "Something more to bind them and disable them like Curse of the Wilds perhaps." Paglar says, "Demandiong nature respond to our requirements has a lot of potential for both good and bad, but I am concerned that it would be abused by the less savory of our guild and disrupt the balance further." Alexii says, "That will weaken their resistance." Aleyden says, "Before the wilderness had a bit of order we could understand, now, you can encounter undead nearly everywhere you are." Kesava says, "Even somethin to make it where I can cast that on one without twitching." Kaiylen asks, "Why does it have to be magic?" Kaiylen asks, "Isn't that sort of the problem in the first place?" Alexii asks Paglar, "A trade perhaps, does not nature bargin. The bodies of the dead for the growth of the new?" Xelten asks Paglar, "I concur, Grandmaster. It is a double edged sword. But is there not faith in the Guild that by the time a Ranger attains so much of Nature's faith, he will have learned restraint?" Paglar asks, "Have any of you heard of any Rangers who seem to be trying to follow the path of Lyras?" Zinaca exclaims, "Ewww!" Paglar says, "Corruption is everywhere, I am not so blind to think it could not happen to some of us." Kesava says, "I heard from another of someone who claimed to be a necromancer but was able to cast Harawep's Bonds." Aleyden says to Paglar, "No, but I can see how it can happen." Niktoahl says, "I have seen a few of necromatic taint around the crossing guild." Siobhannic says, "I believe though that Tiatra of the Claw of Tenemlor is or was once a ranger." Aleyden says, "I have reports of Clerics who agree with Necromancy, and even have supported it." Paglar says, "If you find any who you hear talk of such blasphemy and are known to belong to the Ranger guild, please forward their names to me." Zinaca asks, "Excuse me please, but being we befriend Life magic and growth, shouldn't we be able to sense a necromancer?" Xelten says, "There is so much corruption of late, it has become difficult to sense much of anything." Trarbolos says to Zinaca, "You have a point." Paglar says, "I have heard word that they seek to pass themselves off as "scholars" and gain acceptance with the townsfolk." Tsarenzi says, "A lot seem to be indifferent, but none so far as supporting it. That have voiced it in my presence anyway." Kesava asks, "In combination with scouting and awareness perhaps?" Laeorna says, "Don't they also use life magic." Aleyden says, "That is another problem..." Alexii says, "I dont know about being able to sense they are a necromancer, but we might be able to attune ourselves to sense if others have the connection with nature that we do." Sekoria asks, "If someone is purged by the hounds does that mean they are positively necromancers?" Aleyden says, "Here in the clan there is no Guard to report Necromancers to. I've seen a few taking refuge here." Aleyden says, "I've removed them, but it gets bloody." Paglar says to Zinaca, "Interesting, I think that we may need to work on deepening our perception to that end." Alexii says, "They may be able to immate our magic, but they could not immate our bond with nature itself." Alexii says, "We've all spent years with it..." Zinaca says, "I would think their very corruption of Life forces would make us sense them." Trarbolos says to Zinaca, "Right again." Sekoria says, "I would think our companions would at least sense them." Paglar says, "One would hope." Zinaca says, "Heh Lucky would lick em to death." Paglar says, "Please feel free to speak freely here, Celitha." Xelten says, "The Outcast raises a point. It may be possible to learn to follow the lines of Nature through others who see them." You ask, "Well my concern there are guards in towns to deal with them, can we not report them to someone when they are in our domain, is killing our only recourse, Guildleader?" Alexii says, "I mean perhaps not in the youngest of our guild, but after enough time following our ways..." Sekoria says, "We are limited in that aspect." Niktoahl says, "Necromancers seem to require alot of survival it would be likely we will often see them in the field along our paths the guards will do us no good." Paglar says, "It is a good point, and a tough question." Zinaca asks, "Couldn't we be the guards as we were a long time ago?" Sekoria says, "Perhaps we could use the journeyman in crossing." Alexii says, "Despite the percieved freemdom we enjoy, most lands are claimed by someone. To attempt to police them without authority runs personal risk." Sekoria says, "Station a journeyman or ranger in each area." Zinaca quietly says, "I meant that necros in our domain, we could be the guards if we could sense their corruption of Life forces." Niktoahl says, "He can assault them with tomatto's." Derivan says, "These lands here are wilder than most, as well." Taljin says, "And the beginnings of a witch hunt, look at Theren." Trarbolos says, "Or tell them 'nice try, but I don't think so'..." Siobhannic asks, "Perhaps an order like emerald knights, where those that pass could accuse them outside of a town and bring justice to them where ever?" Paglar says, "I would worry about the corruption of the guards out in the middle of no where. They would be very easy to get to." Zinaca says, "We are anyway." Paglar says, "The Emerald Knights is an interesting idea." Alexii says to Paglar, "Yes but they have a more focused goal." Kesava says, "I would like to see the Wolf Clan guard a little more active." Alexii says, "Sorta..." Kesava says, "I've seen some suspiscious folk out there." Xelten says, "Necromancers are somewhere between the problem and the symptom. Inconveniencing one briefly does not stop them from sowing corruption. That is all killing them does, and all that a guard can do." Kesava says, "Besides me." Trarbolos asks, "Has anyone experimented to see if anything specific seems to work better against these undead than others? a blessed weapon? fire? anything?" Laeorna says, "Extend the Shadow Clan to all of Kermoria." Kaiylen says, "So instead of the Emerald Knights we set up something else. Something similiar." Zinaca says, "Why not use the Emerald Knights which are already in place." Alexii says, "Again without proper authority to do so, would be a grave mistake." Xelten says, "Shadow Clan has its purpose. Its purpose is the Dark Hand. Granted, at this rate, we might one day find the entirety of the continent under the dominion of the Hand." Aleyden says, "We dont' have enough Guards on the Wall as is, given the breech, and those who were briibed not very long ago." Kaiylen says, "Because their fight is Corik's Wall, that's their purpose." Siobhannic says, "Because that quest is for Shadow Clan's purpose. We would need an order specific to this need." You say, "I would like to research trails and foraging more extensively, for new uses and new plantlife , short cuts and so on." Paglar says, "It is an intruiging idea but Alexii is right, we get into possible unlawful teritory ourselves." Alexii says, "Ya dont wanna be seen as brigands and thugs, its a tough rep to shake." Aleyden says to Paglar, "You have all the authority in this area though." Siobhannic says, "An order though could perhaps be supported by the various rulers." Aleyden says, "Boar Clan I mean." Paglar says, "We also do not want to be the vigilante." Alexii says, "Perhaps if we focus on ways to enable ourselves, we can be better able to assist current efforts." Alexii says, "Seems several clerics and others are taking up the charge in various regions." Kaiylen asks, "What about having the authorit to arrest then, if not kill, to bring them to a judge or law keeper of some kind?" Paglar says, "I could cetain;y station a guard outside, someone hopefuly more competent than Kalika's journeyman, if you think that it would help." Kaiylen says, "Let them be judged in that fashion." Paglar says, "And I am sure that Tolle could bribe someone with his ale..." Kesava asks, "An order of deputies?" Alexii asks, "And Tomma with the tea?" Paglar says, "I would support you if some of you wanted to begin an Order to work toards maintaining the balance in nature." Paglar says, "But again, you would have to be very careful in what lines you crossed." Niktoahl says, "If we had a way to sense they're curruption and somone to report to we'll could help." Kesava says, "I'm sure more than just rangers would appreciate someone more vigilant than the journeyman...all he does is point at kids." Siobhannic asks, "I would see the order more like the old ranger guardians, but perhaps if they could accuse those they find to a journeyman at a guild then justice could be brought to necromancers outside of cities?" Aleyden says, "There are political limits to what the Ranger Guild can do without premission of the Rulers." Paglar says, "Its definitely an idea with merit. I will talk to the other Guildleaders about it and see what we can come up with." Derivan asks, "Has the conclave deemed the threat great enough to meet?" Tsarenzi says to Aleyden, "But there is no reason that that permission couldn't be achieved. At least in some places." Paglar says, "Oh I do not know about the other guilds, I am just speakign for the Rangers." Sekoria says, "Being better able to protect ourself also would help immensely our sphere of protection doesnt last long enough making us more vulnerable than other guilds with stacking safety spells." Tsarenzi says, "Once there was a respectable group, it could approach those with the ability to give permission in each of the provinces." Xelten says, "I again suggest that worrying about individual Necromancers is a loss of focus." Siobhannic says, "Our sphere of protection should be especially effective against undead and it's not." Aleyden says, "We need a way to stop Lyras, still." Paglar says, "Xelten is right, however. I think that all that we can do is helpful, but we do need to focus on the overall big picture and balance." Paglar says, "That is what we must not lose sight of, as Rangers." Alexii says, "Our ability to aide nature and call upon it for assistance." Trarbolos asks, "Let's just light up an arrow and shoot the undead?" Trarbolos says, "An incinerated corpse can't come back..." Xelten says, "If we briefly turn away from the corruption being spread by necromancy in general and focus on our one tangible threat, then we do come to Lyras. Aleyden speaks the truth - Lyras really must be stopped. We have the duty and power to aid in bringing this about." Zinaca says, "'I have noticed blessed weapons still work on the them, thankfully." Sekoria asks, "Why doesnt the sun affect them more ? making them weaker stronger at night ?" Kesava asks, "Are paladins able to sense necromancers?" Siobhannic says, "More like kill it at the root so it can't grow." Zinaca says, "I have asked clerics if they can sense necros....they can't." Zinaca says, "Which to me, sounds odd." Siobhannic says, "I'd love to be able to turn beseech the sun on them and turn them into dust." Paglar asks, "Has anyone taken the time to study them as individuals, in order to gain more power over Lyras herself?" Aleyden says, "From the reports from the Claw of Tenemlor, the balance in the western land has nearly been destoryed. Things just don't grow, the land itself is in a decayed state." Zinaca asks, "Or petrify those old bones?" Alexii says, "While holy magic seems to purify the evil, I would think if we could empower nature enough we could extiquish it insted." Xelten says, "I did not intend to make this notion at this time, as it was going to be something I mentioned if my application was accepted, but regarding again our ability to manipulate Nature directly... it is a logical theory that a group of Rangers together can produce more significant results than a single Ranger alone." Paglar says, "We certainly can not allow that to happen here." Aleyden says, "It's happening now wherever Lyras Camp is in Forfedhdar." Derivan says, "I have heard many tales, many of them seem to have the flair for the dramatic." Paglar says, "Well thats certainly true. It would be an unprecedented state of being for us as a Guild, but I can not imagine a force more likely to defeat Lyras." Niktoahl says, "Perhaps we can ask elanthia to uncover the shadows that hide the war camp and with a large enough group attack it." Siobhannic says, "That's why I want a way to cleanse the land and heal it." Paglar says, "So we need to go at it for two reasons - stop the source, and cleanse the aftermath." Zinaca says, "But healing will only be a patch job until they are erased...and I fear they never will be." Xelten says, "At some time, those with a connection to the Divine will need to face Lyras, or more directly, the thing behind Lyras. It is not a tangible entity that we can fight, but we can clear the path. I posit that enough of us together could halt the corruption, even if briefly. Put a halt on all of her minions and their ability to function." Aleyden says, "There will definately be areas decayed that we need to restore." Aleyden says, "Somehow." Sekoria says, "You would think our tending of the earth we do with foraging would help the lands." Alexii says, "Yes, simple force over force." Xelten says, "Nature over Corruption." Paglar says, "The individuals will have to go more underground if we take away their main source of power. I would hope at least." Alexii says, "But a large force would have to be gathered." Zinaca says, "If would help if we could join each other and pool our Life magics to stop them." Aleyden says, "A strike on Lyras camp is just suicide." Alexii says, "Either a great amount of energy or a great many sources, or both." Paglar says, "If you find a way to do so, Zinaca, please do let us know." Aleyden says, "Without a way to stop Lyras, she'll just kill us and make more undead." Zinaca says, "Well, I was thinking, if we could learn to manipulate beseeches together while could help." Aleyden says, "The Prydaen and Rakash had the right idea, just no way to execute the plan." Zinaca says, "But as it is now, our magics aren't enough to do anything." Zinaca says, "Nor our beseeches." Xelten says, "I do not suggest fighting. I suggest, again, raising Nature through our cries to, if briefly, halt the ability for necromantic entities to function. Then the Clerics and Empaths can do whatever it is they are trying to do." Aleyden says, "We weren't really organized into guilds s such to even ponder creating spells or such." Alexii says, "I'm along Xelten's line of thinking, I doubt the power to stop her lies in our hands. However, the power to usurp her corruption of the natural flow perhaps could be accomplished. To find methods which to better empower nature to assume its normal corse." Zinaca says, "If I were smarter, I would search for a way nature could help...but I'm not the brightest leaf on the tree." Paglar says, "We have much to think about and to work on." Trarbolos says, "I agree with Aleyden...we're not a magic primary guild. There must be other ways we could fight the undead." Aleyden says to Paglar, "The best thing would be for us to try to think of a way to bind her movements greater." Kesava says, "Magics are not useless...just difficult against them." Kaiylen asks, "That leads to interesting problems. What about those of us who use magic as a hand back up tool, but it's not our focus?" Aleyden says, "If we cannot kill her, restricting her might be the only way." Paglar asks, "What is her greatest defense when attacked?" Alexii says, "Her connection to demonic power." Aleyden says, "The fact that our webs, do not hold." Aleyden says, "She doesn't stay dead." Paglar asks, "Does she hide? Ignore you? Simply attack back?" Zinaca says, "Ponder." Paglar says, "Thats definitely aproblem." Aleyden says, "Lets see." Alexii says, "She attacks back, without mercy." Siobhannic says, "Take the barier from her perhaps. cut her off from anysupport she draws from the other side of it." Xelten says, "Hordes rise around her - they must be unable to rise. She resists affects upon her - she must be bound." Aleyden says, "First time she tried, to just cut us down, she was stopped." Zinaca asks, "I have never hunted her or had the opportunity, has anyone here?" Alexii says, "If you're close enough to get near her, she will strike you down quickly." Aleyden says, "Then she hs taken to hiding more, which she isn't that great at for me, but for others it is rather effective." Zinaca asks, "How does she strike us dead?" Kesava says, "I've only seen Tache." Laeorna says, "Ther would have to be a balance between life and chaos, that's when there is less mana." Paglar says, "But our webs do not affect her." Aleyden says, "They do." Aleyden says, "Briefly." Alexii says, "But she is able to piece together monsters, which the strongest are not affected by our abilities." Aleyden says, "She and her minions break them rather fast." You say, "She has a third arm , a graft or something unnatural perversion." Alexii says, "We're left to brute force." Derivan says, "The songs tell of her draining the life out of foes as well." Siobhannic asks, "Can she be cut off from her power source?" Aleyden says, "They try to reassert themselves, but still doesn't work for long." Paglar says, "So a team effort, concentrated and completely planned out, web after web after web." You ask, "Perhaps we could help to have that malfunction?" Paglar asks, "Could that hold her for a few seconds?" Aleyden says, "Not much." Alexii says, "If she were in the wild, other spells could be used." Zinaca sadly says, "You know, there was a time when 80th guild meant you could hunt the strong but it isn't anymore...and I fear now, only rangers 90t and above can do any good fighting." Aleyden says, "I've tried really all our spells." Alexii says, "But shes able to dispel spells." Alexii says, "Send some flying back at their casters." Paglar says, "Don't underestimate the power of determination and craftiness, strength and skill does not always equate to the most power." Aleyden says, "Nothing I could think of currently had much effect beyond a slight moment of advantage." Zinaca says, "Heh yeah tell me when I have died for the 6th time in 15 roisaen." Aleyden says, "Which i took, but it still isn't enough." Xelten says, "We do not know how long the Clerics will need. A slight moment may be it." Aleyden says, "Honestly... the best spells we have are Bear Strength and Cheetah swiftness to fighting her.. well for me." Zinaca says, "It would seem that Life forces, if not corrupted already should be waiting and willing to rise up and attack and waiting for us to tell it what to do." Alexii says, "I agree a group effort would be needed, and our function to somehow disable her and her powers. However, I'm not sure as to a method which to do that." Sekoria asks, "But if we could get 10 people to web her back to back to back and 10 archers and 10 bladesmen ?" Paglar says, "It sounds like a battle meeting should be planned. Perhaps we can meet witht he Clerics and the Empaths ... see what sort of battle plan we can forumlate together in a team effort." Aleyden says to Paglar, "Oh I can admit we need a better spell to aid our perception, wolf scent isn't really doing that great." Sekoria says, "Along with clerics paladins magic users." Siobhannic asks, "We need a way to cut off her power, so when she depleats herself she will be vulnerable. But I know too little of how she draws power to fuel what she does. Can we get nature to rise us and reject her, cut her off?" Kesava says, "Paladins...good with the Emerald Knights." Paglar says, "So to make sure that I have everything straight." Xelten says, "Lyras's power comes from beyond her. That is not a job for us. The effects of her power on Elanthia, however... that we can change." Niktoahl asks, "Have necromances in the past ever truely be defeated?" Alexii says, "At least we should be able to impact that effect, yes." Aleyden says, "Of course." Paglar says, "We need to find a way to enhance our perceptive abilities so that we can sense the unnatural dead more easily, as well as those who create the unnatural dead." Zinaca says, "Only contained I think." Paglar says, "Some more guards outside of the ranger Guilds to help in keeping our areas clean." Zinaca asks, "And perhaps at nearby trail ends?" Zinaca says, "So I don't get killed immediately when I leave the trail." Paglar says, "A finer attunement to nature through magic or beseech that will aid us in both restoring the harmony in the lands but also in ridding us of the undead once made." Kesava asks, "What about a guard outside the tent by Riverhaven?" Zinaca says, "Aye that tent area needs a guard." Siobhannic says, "Yes please don't forget Riverhaven." Xelten says, "Or in the meantime, a return to the Plague of Scavengers." Paglar says, "And you all will meanwhile be attempting to hit the source, studying her and trying to attack her as ateam. perhaps with holy and empathetic aid." Kesava says, "There are a lot of youngsters there.....and Alexii and I both saw a necromantic construct there went away." Sekoria says, "That would be an immediate help while the other is worked on." Kesava says, "Lucky for it." Alexii says, "We was about to drop the hammer." Paglar says, "I will say it again, please be sure to send me any names of Rangers you find that seem to have some sort of affinity or empathy for the necromantic arts. We do not need to allow that sort of blasphemy in our guild." Siobhannic says, "Please get us a trail to Muspari from Theren so that we do not have to go blind on the barge." Paglar says, "That is a lng trip." Siobhannic says, "Very." Paglar asks, "Have I missed anything?" Alexii asks, "If not that, perhaps a Ranger cache in the Velaka? Something where Rangers can escape the city?" Kesava asks, "Is Tomma ever gonna teach us how to feed fish to wolves?" Alexii says, "I can point out a few good places." Aleyden says, "I would say finding a way to ward a wilderness area from undead even encroching into a limited space." Zinaca says, "Aye Muspari does seem to get overlooked." You say, "I would prefer an avian." Paglar says, "Tomma is a good person and an excellent ranger but she baffles me." You say, "A wolf is better than nothing though." Aleyden says, "Currently, there is no safe place for rangers in the wild." You say, "We just are not very good a team." Zinaca says, "Oh good, I'm not the only one who doesn't understand her." Aleyden says, "Before the forest used to be home, now... there isn't real safety." Jalika asks, "No safe places?" Zinaca says, "Aye none." Alexii says, "Nothing special, little trail and a sandstone cave or something. I can find a few landmarks that would be suitable to travel to without getting lost in the sand." Paglar says, "There is no safe place for anyone in the wild right now, always stay wary." Sekoria asks, "Our ranger trail in langen?" Siobhannic says, "I want a way to make a sanctuary in the wild. I don't understand why I need to find a war mage to make an ice fortress to make a safe place in my home." You whisper to Aleyden, "good suggestion" Xelten says, "A shame, really, that the Boon is unable to affect undead as it affects beasts." Zinaca says, "Or a cleric to make holy." Jalika says, "The undead may abound but I do not believe this is a lost cause, that all of the wilds have been overrun." Alexii says, "Given the near mindless state of some undead, one would think we could extend the power of boon to affect them." Xelten says, "Achieving that goal would require more than the pattern can do, I would think. But then, patterns can be rewritten." Tsarenzi says, "It does seem like it has a lot more potential." Paglar says, "I am hoping that Roop attends the meeting. As he travels constantly, I am eager to hear what news he has and what new things he has learned to teach us." Alexii says, "It can be extended perhaps." Jalika says, "Those who want to seek power always search near the cities." Paglar says, "I am certain that his mind would be working on just these things." Alexii asks, "A question if I may. Do you think he'll have news about trapping?" Zinaca says, "It is sad that many invasions involve the cities where our magics fail us and nature bonus fails us." Aleyden says, "Of course being careful and defensive is always the best way to survive. I was more leaning towards what Xelten suggested." Paglar says, "One can always hope." Alexii says, "Trapping undead might give us a chance to disable them better." Aleyden says, "Say if I was bleeding to death, currently it would be rather foolish to try to Cradle, because it leaves us defenseless." Alexii says, "Without having to rely heavily on magic." Paglar says, "I like Xeltens plan, and will assuredly bring it up. I am just not sure how to make it happen." Zinaca says, "Point." Aleyden says, "Infact... a lot of our restorative beseeches leave us defenseless." Xelten says to Paglar, "If the Council deems it appropriate to pursue my proposals, I would like to either join or form a research corps. I would suggest the Dark Hand as an excellent proving ground for any discoveries. I will discuss the matter further with Mistress Tomma as needed, being that these are her areas of expertise, unless you would prefer I confer directly with you, Grandmaster." Siobhannic says, "Personally I want to be able to use caltrops so slow their advances while speading up mine in the shadows." Kesava says, "I like both ideas...going after the problem and the symptom.....we need to be able to do something." Alexii says, "Yes, and some are lacking in duration." Paglar says, "No no, continue to go through Tomma. She will understand it better than I, likely." Paglar says, "The problem is easier to attack right now, the symptom will take some planning but I think that it can be done." You say, "Find a place of perfect natural state, not underground on in water to use them can be very hard too." Paglar says, "You have all been very helpful with your ideas." Aleyden says, "The land is not as far gone as the west or the Dark Hand." Aleyden says, "So hopefuly we'll find a way to restore it." Siobhannic asks, "Can we have the ranger table set up in the guild now with ale on it?" Paglar asks, "I must get back to work, is there anything else of import that we should discuss before I do?" Trarbolos asks Paglar, "Housing?" Aleyden asks Paglar, "Make me a Guildleader?" Zinaca asks, "Aye....can we invite guests to the pub in the tree?" Zinaca says, "Would love to invite friends there." Aleyden says, "I'll take some work off your hands." Paglar says, "Very interesting questions." Sekoria says, "My wolfs young and full grown life needs to be much longer." Paglar says to Aleyden, "I will get back to you on that." Siobhannic says, "Oh yes, Please make more long houses here for rangers! I need my home back. My kids are moving in." You say, "We should have a cart with tea and ale and natural foods in the guild." Sekoria says, "I should have many years with my wolf." Jalika asks, "State of affairs of the guild besides undead?" Zinaca asks, "Aleyden what will Evetraill say?" Xelten says to Aleyden, "Assistant Guildmaster Aleyden, I suppose it has a certain elegance." Derivan says, "Ale, certainly." Niktoahl says, "It's so sad to see the wolf's go." Paglar says, "Celitha, that is a good idea, as big as the guild is, I will see what i can do. There should be ale." Kesava innocently says, "Aleyden could replace the journeyman." Paglar says, "Housing .. well, that is not my area of expertise, but if I see the landowners association around, I will ask." Derivan says to Paglar, "Yaziyi could help you with that request I'm sure, he has a good stock." Trarbolos says to Paglar, "Thank you." Sekoria says, "Aye we are lacking in ranger friendly housing everywhere." Zinaca says, "There are several unclaimed longhouses even here." Alexii asks, "Perhaps the canteen could have a keg service?" Zinaca says, "I was disappointed to find friends gone." Siobhannic says, "But they are all deisgnated for Gor Tog, not Rangers." Trarbolos says to Zinaca, "Yeah...but you have to be a Gor'Tog to occupy them." Zinaca asks, "Oh they are?" Paglar says, "State of affairs on the guild as a whole. Well .. I'd say right now, we are concerned about the overall balance of the lands." Siobhannic says, "And we could not get anyone to consider rezoning." Trarbolos says to Zinaca, "I want that house by the pump so bad I can taste it." Paglar says, "Once we have this under a bit more control... then we can focus elsewhere." Zinaca says, "Well I know Meadbh and she has a house and she is no Tog." Kaiylen says, "There are one or two houses.." Kaiylen says, "For simply rangers." Kaiylen says, "The rest..." Zinaca says, "Her house is near the pump." Zinaca says, "Ah I see." Alexii asks, "So as a guild we should focus on ways to restore or improve that balance?" Aleyden says, "A reverse transfer beseech." Zinaca says, "And making chew toys for our wolves and coons." Alexii asks, "Bessech nature to be nature?" Paglar says, "I don't want to pigeonhole anyone to any one task. But balance is what we are all about, as a whole." Aleyden says, "My Prydaen nature keeps telling me to Claw Lyras face off." Siobhannic says, "I'd love to find a nice algae that loves to eat zombies and turn it lose along the shore in Lang for instance." Paglar says, "I must get back. Thanks to all of you for your help, advice and ideas." Aleyden says, "But I will remember the balance as well." Xelten says, "Thank you for your time, Grandmaster." Alexii says to Aleyden, "Didnt work for the last Prydaen who tried." Niktoahl says, "Visit anytime." Sekoria says, "Thank so much Paglar." Aleyden says, "It worked, she just got a new one." Paglar says, "I am sure that we will be talking firther, perhaps with more of the Guildleaders present for further exploration." Trarbolos says, "We need to talk to Kalika about a rule about companions in the guild. So that the younguns don't have to sift through racoon poop to find twigs..." Siobhannic says, "Thank you." Alexii says to Paglar, "Its been wonderful talking with you, Leader." Paglar says, "Wonderful to see you all as always. it gets lonely out here."

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