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Racial Instruments · on 11/29/2020 13:00 3129

There has been some talk about racial instruments. So, I wanted to clear up some confusion there.

Some instruments in their recall talk about a tenuous connection to a race (x race favors y instrument) -- these are not considered racial instruments. Racial instruments are largely meant to be instruments that originated with/from that race. So far they are these:


Celestina Harp (Celestial Elves)[string]
Lyra Viol (Mountain Elves)[string]
Frost Dulcimer (Snow Elves)[string]
Sistrum (All Elves)[percussion]
Plains Flute (Wind Elves)[wind]
Block Panpipe/Panpipe (Forest Elves)[wind]
Cornemuse (Sand Elves)[wind]
Chalmeaux (River Elves)[wind]


Elothean Web Lyre [string]
Theorbo [string]
Koto [string]
Pini Elipon [percussion]


Ramkie [string]
Sonajero [percussion]
Nguru [wind]


Ghironda(Hurdy-gurdy) [string]
Marimba [percussion]
Duduk [wind]


Balalaika [string]
Kalungu [percussion]
Crumhorn [wind]


Psalmodicon [string]
Alounoun [percussion]
Gremlik Magkwon [wind]


Zuceira (Water Drum) [percussion]

With the exception of Merelew, my goal is to get every race to have at least ONE instrument in each category (wind, string, percussion).

Hope this helps!
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