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Re: Race change · on 09/24/2017 04:58 PM CDT 5301
Here's a comparison on the difference between Empathic shifting and changing race in Elanthia.

Empathic shifting is, you take your red monster truck into the shop and tell them to change the mirrors, give it a new paint job, and change the oil. The guts stay the same, all the numbers stay the same, the new mirrors and paint fit, and you roll out of the shop happy when they're done.

Changing race is, you take your red monster truck into the shop and tell them to turn it into a clear plastic Smartcar. There are similarities in that each of these items has a frame and uses parts, but none of the parts you rolled in with fit onto the other frame, and you roll out with a whole new vehicle that they lied about converting, or you've got something that doesn't work.

GMs change race on our work bodies all the time - and sometimes on NPCs. Even WE can't change races and not have random things broken. We end up with Elves who are short for Halflings, Gor'Togs that have Elothean voices, and Gnomes who have "a face" instead of eyes and nose and other features. (And those are just examples that don't involve violating my NDA that happened within the last couple of months.)

If the time ever comes that we're rewriting Elanthia from the ground up, I think it'd be fine to ask if we can write support into all the systems that look at race of characters to be able to change them later. I would not guess that this is a project that would even have a dreaded "soon" label.

I'm sure this is not the answer you want, but it is the answer we've got right now.

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