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Re: Questions of Olde · on 12/13/2011 05:17 PM CST 1409
My Bard Dev time has been fairly limited lately (Heck, my dev time in general) unfortunately, but to try and clarify the current plans:

>>I'm still a little hazy on how Inspiration will flow in combat. Obviously using our supernatural abilities such as screams, bluffs, beguiles, etc will drain Inspiration, but how will we gain Inspiration in combat? Will it slowly regen back up like mana? Will how quickly it restores be based on our Presence?

You have the gist of it correct. Higher Presence will cause a faster increase of Inspiration. Inspiration will recover passively, however the idea is that one of the top tier feats for each Heritage will allow active recovery -- what form that will take is yet to be decided.

>>Any details you could share on this please?

The short version is that it lets you actually perform for the masses, and be rewarded for it.


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