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Re: Questions about Dragons - Aaron Albuam on Dragons · on 3/29/2011 1:40:08 AM 12869
>>Can a dragon be corrupted? sorcery necro doom dragon bone zombie dragon, or would it just become weak and turn into a s'kra?

Albuam's host stated that while dragons have the capacity to do Sorcery, it's as poorly regarded among them as it is among Humans. Perhaps even worse, since in addition to being an Act of Terrible Evil, Sorcery can damage a dragon's domain.

>>Are there any physical characteristics that clearly define the appearance of dragons who use life versus elemental?

Albuam focused on it as a social distinction, with the Life Dragons above the Elemental Dragons. His host claimed that scale color is irrelevant.

>>Are all dragons good? In a land of dragons, surely there are some that mean ill.

Dragons are incredible majestic creatures that are above the pursuit of base evil!

Bbuutt they do place the health of their domains far beyond any interest in Human life. Loggers, homesteaders, and wandering Moon Mages could all happen to earn the ire of a dragon by inadvertently damaging a domain.

>>Are dragons immortal?

Albuam's host was ancient and wise among dragons... and was having trouble hunting due to his age. Albuam claimed that the average "common Dragons" can live upwards of 2,000 years, and Life Dragons multiple times that.

A dragon's lifespan is bound very tightly to the health of his domain. This is the primary reason Albuam cited for the intense interest dragons have in keeping Humans away.

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