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Re: Proposed Sacrifice Spells · on 06/02/2014 02:33 AM CDT 1754
Apologies for the second post.

>>This still makes me wonder why there is still so little actual sacrifice in the sacrifice spellbook.

Because for years the spellbook was woefully underdeveloped. This was something they did back in the day, they'd introduce a spellbook and then only release one or two spells for it (Even if there were more plans which, in the case of sacrifice, I don't know of).

For the longest time the spellbook consisted entirely of Alamhif's Gift which, at the time, was a spell that let you give favors to others. That was it. That was the embodiment of the spellbook.

There's a reason one of the last spells released for Paladins under 2.1 was a sacrifice spell, and two of the newest Paladin spells are also both sacrifice spells. And the Paladin TM spell I need to finish writing messaging for so I can release it is a sacrifice spell. I have one or two more sacrifice spells in various stats of proposals/approvals etc but they're waiting on some other development before I move forward with them.

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