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Prison Weapon/Ring Updates · on 09/06/2012 03:24 PM CDT 3941
I've just released the expected changes to the Prison weapon/rings.

For those that missed the original post, here's the details, with additional changes:

Here's a rundown of each ring and what types of weapons/shield they produce.

*a gleaming platinum Grey Raven guard's ring*
- a mahogany-handled Grey Raven guard's knife (LE)
- a Grey Raven guard's cutlass with a double-wrapped grip (ME)
- a polished steel Grey Raven guard's longsword (HE)
- a Grey Raven guard's staff with spiked metal bandings (QS)
- a Grey Raven guard's claymore with an acid-etched blade (2HE)
- a gleaming steel Grey Raven guard's shield (Tower Shield)

*a Grey Raven warden's ring crafted in polished kertig*
- an ironwood Grey Raven warden's nightstick (Short Staff)
- a Grey Raven warden's katar with gleaming platinum accents (LE)
- a Grey Raven warden's mattock with a matte black finish (2HB)
- a Grey Raven warden's axe embellished with kertig banding (HE)
- a Grey Raven warden's pike with a mistwood haft (Pike)
- a Grey Raven warden's shield crafted of blackened steel (Medium Shield)

*a make-shift Grey Raven Prison ring*
- a crude Grey Raven Prison chisel (LE)
- a Grey Raven Prison bed-slat (HE)
- a broken Grey Raven Prison table leg (Halberd)
- a make-shift Grey Raven Prison club with a leather wrapped grip (HB)
- a Grey Raven Prison saw-blade with a hammered grip (ME)
- a Grey Raven Prison tray wrapped with leather strapping (Small Shield)

All of these come with their own special LOOK, which I don't need to go into here.

Additional features include:

  • Ring bonds upon wearing.
  • Ring unbonds upon removal. (So you can resell it.)
  • When you die, the weapon/shield reverts back to its ring form, staying worn.
  • When you depart, the ring will stay worn and not go into your grave.
  • If you kill someone and the guards bust you with the weapon/shield in hand, it will revert back to its ring form and immediately return to its worn state, so when you retrieve your items, so it won't accidentally get left behind in a sack.
  • Dropping the weapon/shield, or using any of its verbs (while in its weapon/shield statue) will return it to its worn, ring form.
  • When throwing the weapons at a creature or another player, you will automatically retrieve the weapon back to your hands, regardless of lodging.
  • If you should somehow find a way to fill your hands between the throw and the retrieval, the weapon/shield will revert back to its ring form, staying worn.
  • Lastly, if the weapon/shield should still end up on the ground, after all that, it remains bonded to you, so that others cannot pick it up.

As a final note, regardless of all these features, I would strongly encourage players to register your rings.

=GM Jhustis=

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