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Re: Possible to update some critters? · on 04/25/2013 10:22 AM CDT 1360
While the QC process can be time consuming and cause delays, it is not the major hold up for creature changes. Simple manpower to scope out and make the changes and/or write new creatures is. That complicates the QC (Since it's the same manpower doing that).

Is updating an old creature faster then writing a new one? Nominally - except consider most of the creatures you're talking about are extremely old. Any proper attempt to work on them would start with a conversion to modern standards, additions of natural shields or special attacks if they were moving up the ladder a long ways, a handful of other technical clean ups plus restating the creature which can be rather time consuming to get balanced right now.

Never mind that many of the old hunting areas themselves have significant flaws in how they were designed that we don't do anymore (Mostly having to do with how they spawn or how we lay out hunting areas to optimize creature movement) so they frequently get revamped as we clean up old hunting areas.

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